U.S. Ambassador Calls for Peace in Video Message

YEREVAN—U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern published a video message on Wednesday, in which, speaking in Armenian, he discusses the recent escalation of violence across the Artsakh conflict zone and the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

“We once again offer condolences to the families of those killed and injured during the recent incidents,” Ambassador Heffern says in his video published on YouTube.com. “As Ambassador Warlick said, the conflict is not frozen. We call on Yerevan and Baku to take measures to reduce tension and respect the ceasefire. Threats and militant rhetoric will not help to resolve the conflict. There is no military resolution to this conflict.

“We call on the parties to start serious talks. Revenge and further violence will make it difficult to achieve peace.

“The best way to honor the memory of those killed is to stop clashes right now,” the Ambassador says.


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  1. ara said:

    talk to the coward turks= they rape kids and boys-they are ill in the head and their bodies- they stole our land thru the might of the sword only- their brains are a pea

  2. Norin said:

    How come these “peace and love” videos and speeches ALWAYS come out of the US officials in Armenia? What are the US officials in Azerbaijan doing , where are their videos to the Azeri masses? These clowns are attempting to sedated our people while enabling and emboldening the Azeris. Enough with this propaganda tactic!!

  3. Areg said:

    Mr. Ambassador thank you for nice comments, but, America and Russia must stop selling armaments to Turkey and Azerbaijan. This is the only solution to stop these savages to attack Artsakh and Armenia.

    America must also reaffirm the Genocide of Armenians in the hands of Ottoman Turkey. And other things…

  4. zarkim said:

    Barev Hargeli john hefern. Huisov yem vor duk lave yek.
    Barev mer Yazidi hayrenakizner. Huisov yem vor duk el lav yek.
    Im karzikov Americanziner e sksezin ays kotorazner e yev irenk (Amerciazinner e) piti veradarnan yev gorze verjanznen.
    Meyevnoon jamanak Americaziner e piti undoonen vor irenz arazen (Hanzanken) e.
    Toorker e Americazineri zaran yen yev menak Americazinner e karogh yen vor Toorkerin badejen.
    Amerciazinne e piti Syria itz zer kashen yev el che neghaznen.
    Turkey has been encouraged by NATO and America/allies including Israel to fund, train and shelter terrorists. So who should we blame?
    Turkey is a dangerous country. Erdogan like the other Azeri leader dance to both American and Russian tunes by spending money with both. So they have paid their protection money and think they are safe and can get away with genocide.
    American administration and allies are responsible for these atrocities and the truth will come out when Putin decides to do something about it. Until then Turkey will roar like a lion (thanks to the Americans).
    Americans should admit that their policy against Syria was a mistake and their arming of terrorist is and was a bigger mistake. Get off Syria’s back. You are hurting innocent people.
    So, what is the difference between Americans and ISIS?

  5. eddy said:

    why is U.S. Ambassador sending such a massage to Armenians , when the dictator in Baku using twitter threading with war and destroying of Armenians!?????????????

  6. Vagharshuk said:

    I couldn’t agree more that threats and militant rhetoric will not resolve this conflict Ambassador but neither will ostentatious attempts to endear yourself to Armenians. The most convincing way to look like an honest broker of peace in this process is to unequivocally condemn Azeri cross border attacks and help stop the sale of American arms to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

    It’s not theoretical physics. It’s a matter of coming across as genuine versus a hypocritical grandstander. We can all distinguish the later from the former. Truth be told, the time spent learning a minute and a half of Armenian pronunciation could have been used more wisely. For me, this video reinforced how detached and insincere your efforts truly are towards attaining peace.