Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan Discuss Defense Pact

Defense Ministers Irakli Alasania of Georgia, Zakir Hasanov of Azerbaijan and Ismet Yilmaz of Turkey address the press after talks in Nakhijevan

TBILISI—The defense ministers of Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan met Tuesday in the Azeri enclave of Nakhijevan, a landlocked former historic territory of Armenia, to discuss defense cooperation and “regional security issues,” DFWatch reports.

This is the first time defense ministers from the three countries have held a trilateral meeting but the presidents of the three states met in Tbilisi a few months ago.

On Tuesday, Georgia’s Irakli Alasania, Azerbaijan’s Zakir Hasanov, and Turkey’s Ismet Yilmaz discussed defense cooperation and regional security issues.

“We had very fruitful discussions on security and defense issues related to the critical infrastructure that is shared by these three countries and which are very integral to the economic development and well-being of our nations,” Alasania said after the meeting.

Contact.az quoted Hasanov saying that they decided to hold joint military exercises for service members from the three countries in order to “increase combat capability and compatibility, tripartite organization of military-technical cooperation, and military education.”

“The parties will hold a special tripartite doctrine to protect the oil and gas infrastructure, and a meeting of experts of the three countries,” said Hasanov.

The three focused on joint efforts to protect strategic energy-transport infrastructure in the region.

During the discussion, the parties decided to hold such meetings on a regular basis every six months.


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  1. Armenian said:

    “The parties will hold a special tripartite doctrine to protect the oil and gas infrastructure, and a meeting of experts of the three countries,” said Hasanov.

    The three focused on joint efforts to protect strategic energy-transport infrastructure in the region.”

    It’s official. Russia has given the go-ahead for war, and they are taking major preparations to strike and or invade.

    • Karen said:

      How on earth did you reach that conclusion? If anything, the three are trying to create a separate entity that will balance Russia.

  2. Danoog said:

    I hope our good friends from Georgia aren’t counting on Turkey or Azerbaijan to defend them from big, bad Russia. They’re in for a long wait if they think that will happen.

  3. Hratch said:

    This is a very strong message. The Nakhichevan venue is no coincidence. Armenia is being told to forget further territorial ambitions and any Russian military or political cover. It’s also suspicious why Mother Russia is so silent on matters concerning the southern Caucasus??

  4. GB said:

    Very shortly Georgia’s national flag will be printed Islamic moon and star, instead of crosses on it’s 4 corners!
    I am sure most Christian Georgians are well aware of Turkic herds intention!

  5. Kevork Hagopian said:

    Shame on Georgians, they are Christian by name. They have a military alliance with two Muslim countries that commit murders on Armenians. We have our big brothers the mighty Russians. The two jackals can’t do any harm to Armenia. Long live Armenians and Armenia

  6. ara said:

    well they desecrated our cemetaries there-raped our people-children too and in the name of hell these dam mongrels still hold onto our land and claim they are owners of it! well- turkee boys there-get out while u can- they cannot hold onto it much longer- they are cowards-now and then

    • Vindicated Man said:

      Ah, and I do like the picture above their heads. Dynastic dictatorship… Or is khanade or sultanate a better term there?

  7. Arn.Sweden. said:

    Russia(China,Iran) ! – its time to wake up !.

    This is a cover for a Future Pan-Turkish State from the Mediterrainian to the Pacific.

    Georgia is a blind Usefull Idiot and has therefore become a traitor.


    • Armenian said:

      Really? I could think of much bigger “allies” that Armenia could easily swap as an enemy, and Georgia isn’t one of them.

  8. Armenian said:

    As painful as it is to see a fellow Christian nation dealing with these guys, it should give us pause. The Turks had always been in armed conflict with the Georgians, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case; you should ask yourself how bad of a situation we’re that it’s more beneficial for Georgians to turn their backs on a fellow Christian nation than it is to befriend their one-time enemies. The answer is clear: Armenia is a state that is run by and works solely for the preservation of the oligarchy. When our own citizens are rejecting our government via mass immigration, you can’t blame foreign governments for “turning their backs on us”. This is the real world, and Georgia has to do what is in their interests. As much as they are Christian, they have little to no use in dealing with the band of bandits that is the Armenian government. Armenia offers its own citizens nothing, and encourages them to leave. You can’t be mediocre and expect equally weak countries like Georgia to take our side. If Armenia were a democratic country that empowered its citizens, and created real GDP through smarts, Georgia would be much more cautious in banding with these two, and would have feared potential repercussions from a strong Armenia that exported materials or other things to that country. Instead, this is the treatment we will continue to get not just from Georgia, but from all countries around the world. You want to be respected in the world? Don’t have a bunch of despicable individuals who are full-time xoroshi mafiosos representing you at home and abroad. If you’re not willing to do that, then you have no room to complain about people, especially countries like Georgia, disrespecting you.

    • SA said:

      Agreed. We need to take ownership of our own destiny without relying on outsiders. The first change that needs to be made is that of Armenia’s government. Those oligarchs who are destroying the country from within are the BIGGEST traitors – forget the Georgians.

  9. Sokimag said:

    Georgia should not have an alliance with criminal countries such as Turkey and Azerbaijan. It will stain Georgia’s reputation. Armenia must make sure that it does not lose the sympathy of Georgia. We need Georgia to be our side.

    • Armenian said:

      Have the government do something worthwhile by offering them concrete incentives, and they’ll be on our side faster than you can say “khinkali”. Until then, don’t hold your breath. Romantic ideas of “Orthodox brotherhood” only exist in the minds of dumb Armenians who live in and act on the notion that people are good and that countries will do things for the other because they think our flag is cute because we’ve lived next to each other for centuries.

  10. Hagop D said:

    Is it any surprise that all three of these countries have been feeding off of Armenian history and culture, and now have usurped Armenia’s lands? All three of these made-up nations can be classified as occupiers of Armenia’s lands, and any historicity and culture they have is an imitation of Armenian culture.

    • Armenian said:

      Comments like these are used to spread rabid anti-Armenianism in places where we should have an advantage, like Georgia. Georgia is not a “made up nation”, and they have lived side by side with us for thousands of years. Keep in mind that they can easily reverse what you said with “Armenian” and use that as an excuse to be against us in every platform imaginable. This is how conflicts start and are manipulated by foreign parties. Before slinging mud at Georgia, ask yourself: if you were an outsider, how much would you be willing to deal with the Armenian government, knowing the kinds of people that they are and knowing that virtually none of them have anything to offer other people, including those they claim to represent?

      Armenia in its current state of affairs offers NOTHING to anyone, including its own citizens. In this profit and incentive driven world, do you honestly expect people to look at us twice knowing everything you know about the Armenian government and the types of people they are? This is what happens when individuals join the government as a means of job security and profitability. Armenians need to seriously abandon this attitude of “natural” and “historical” alliances because it’s all bullshit– there is no such thing as an “Orthodox Brotherhood” with Russians, and Georgia isn’t naturally going to come to ailing Armenia’s aid (that overtly encourages the depopulation of its own country for its leadership’s own benefit) because we’re both Christians. If anyone believes that, they are incredibly stupid and incredibly naive. As much as it pains me to say this, Georgia is doing the right thing by looking out for its own political and monetary interests. The reality on the ground is that this pipeline gives them a bit of independence from Russia’s backwards ways, and it is profitable to them. If I were Georgian, I’d be sitting on that table with them because that’s what’s good for the preservation of my statehood and independence. Sorry, but having “Christians” like Dodi Gago, Muk, Nemets Rubo and the like on speed dial will have to wait because unlike Armenians, the Georgians are looking out for their own interests and recognize that a state cannot be weakened in the face of a very clear and obvious outside threat.

      • Hagop D said:

        Well, I go by what transpired in history, and I told it like it is. Georgians are an ancient people compared to the newcomers from central Asia, but Georgia is made up just like Azerbaijan, because there was no Georgian state in history as well as the republic of Turkey. The issue I have is how Georgians abused Armenia, and not that they created their new country. Is Armenia made up as well? Technically yes at the expense of the REAL Armenia, wherein lies the difference between all the mentioned countries who have basically usurped Armenia’s lands. And while the Turks committed genocide to prevent the real Armenia from materializing, the Georgians took advantage of it by doing their own bottom feeding on Armenia’s lands at a time when the Armenians were down. If we forget this, and pretend everything is rosy, then we have not done our duty in protecting ourselves and our interests, because if we let our guards down, history will repeat itself on us, as this article clearly demonstrates. Georgia has clearly made its position clear that in another Artsakh war, they will help Azerbaijan.

        You stated Georgia is looking out for its interests with this alliance, so what makes you deny Armenia the same right, even if that means allying itself with Russia? It is true that Russia looks out for its own interests before Armenia’s, and we must be careful to not lose our own heritage, but that is the hand we are dealt with at this point in time and we must deal with it. What other country besides Russia has shown an interest in Armenia’s security? Answer: none. This does not mean that Armenia has to burn its bridges with the west, and neither with Georgia, as I am totally against that, but when a neighbor is starting to get into bed with an enemy who wants to destroy us, then it is time to sober up and prepare for the unexpected.

        • Armenian said:

          If you go by this logic, then every nation in the world is “made up”, including ours and Russia and every one else. Obviously there is no denying that Armenia and Armenians have existed for thousands of years, and we are among the oldest people in the world, but this fact should not blind us from the notion that other people exist and existed, and that accusing someone of being “made up” in this day and age simply doesn’t fly.

          By this template, every modern nation in the world is “made up”. Look at Russia, for example. If we examine the ethnic and linguistic ethnogenisis of the Russian people, you can see that most of their presence was concentrated in what is now Ukraine and Europe. Russians have nothing to do with the far Eastern lands that they’ve conquered, and Kiev has more relevance to Russian identity than, say, Vladivastok. Now what?

          You do realize that most ethnic groups that exist in today’s modern framework did not exist ~1000 years ago, or were not unified by a political force that can be pointed to such as the boundaries of a nation state or a passport. By your logic, the entire world should be split up between 10 or 15 ancient nations. This would be dandy, but the problem is, the world doesn’t work in this way.

          And as far as your second statement, it is not in Armenia’s interests to align itself with Russia to the extent it has. It is in no country’s interests to have virtually everything from infrastructure, to gas, to border patrol be controlled by a foreign country. Even Georgia in its dealings with the Turks and Azeris is very cautious to not give them too much control over their own territory. Georgia works to develop its own infrastructure and uses the Turks and Azeris for very specific purposes. We could have been this way with the Russians, too, but the problem is, we gave them everything they wanted and more, including the keys to our home and every thing else we owned for a brief period of time. Russia is important, but not to the extent that it dominates Armenia today. This is equivalent to a loss of statehood. I wish you understood that.

  11. Vahagn said:

    Russia is the only true ally left in the region. It is clear that the west supports their NATO ally Turkey and their Europhile Georgia and oil producer Azerbaijan. If Armenians have any sense they should understand what’s what and look at the reality. But no worries because Armenia is in the CSTO with Russia and it won’t let these vultures and traitors destroy what is left of the Armenian homeland.