Armenian Embassy in Iraq to Issue Passports for Citizenship Applicants

An Armenian passport

BAGHDAD (Mediamax)—People applying for Armenian citizenship in Iraq can receive their passports at the Armenian diplomatic mission.

The decision was approved at a government meeting on Thursday, Mediamax reports.

“The decision envisages making changes in the list of the countries whose citizens, by receiving Armenian citizenship, can get their passports not just in Armenia, but at the Armenian diplomatic mission in those countries. The list currently includes Syria and Lebanon. The draft decision proposed to add Iraq as well,” said Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Shavarsh Kocharian.

According to him, it’s not the only privilege that the Armenian authorities are giving due to the situation in Iraq. “People receiving the Armenian citizenship will be exempt from fees for getting or exchanging a visa, residence permit, or passport.”


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  1. bigmoustache said:

    this is great news. I hope more yazidis come to Armenia. it will help make Armenian a more pluralistic nation and bring us closer in relations to kurds. Iraqi Kurdistan is already boasting of their multicultural nation from the shia, christian, and yazidi refugees fleeing from ISIS. this is boosting their image worldwide demonstrating to the world that a Kurdistan would be a secular, modern, multicultural nation.
    Armenia needs more muslim allies especially considering our war situation with Azerbaijan.
    in the event of a future war, kurds in Azerbaijan might be more unwilling to fight for the azeri army against us because of our good treatment of the yazidis. and who knows maybe in the future our good relations with kurds will help us in getting some of our properties back in western Armenia. after all they are the ones living there now, not us.
    no regional country is helping the kurds now. turkey, iran, Syria and Iraq have all oppressed the kurds in the past and are weary of helping them for fear of losing territory. we should fill this vacuum. our good deeds will be remembered.
    Id like to also add, the Armenian government should allocate more funds to the yazidi communities in Armenia. help them build schools so they don’t forget their language. they will be grateful for that. there are some who already served our nation during the artsakh war.

    • Hratch said:

      Will never in larger scale. The two different religious beliefs will eventually clash. Issues such as intermarriage and traditions will unravel and polarize the nation. It will lead to Lebanonization of Armenia.

  2. Lusik said:

    Is there a proper checking of the applicants background before the citizenship is granted?
    Armenians of proper Armenia have a real problem getting citizenship – “checking background data in OVIR”!!!

    This humanitarian gesture can serve lavishly to the enemies of Armenia. Are all the workers at our Armenian diplomatic mission thoroughly trained for such extreme cases?

  3. Armenian said:

    Good first step. Armenia should be a home for all Armenians, regardless of political, religious, or other social factors. The key should be getting them to stay there after they’ve arrived.