France Condemns Destruction of Armenian Church by ISIS

The ruins of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, Syria after its destruction by ISIS

PARIS—French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Laurent Fabius has issued a statement condemning the destruction of the Holy Martyrs Armenian Church in Der Zor.

“I condemn the destruction of the Holy Martyrs Church in Deir ez-Zor, which has great importance for the Armenian community,” Fabius said in his statement.

“France welcomes the commitment of religious leaders of all faiths to fight for tolerance and respect for sacred places, despite attacks and threats.

“The national heritage in Syria and Iraq is at risk. The failure to protect cultural heritage is viewed as a war crime and those responsible should be punished by the International Criminal Court. Together with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), France supports the fulfillment of the agreements on the protection of cultural heritage, especially under armed conflict.”

Forces of the Islamic State (ISIS) destroyed the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, Syria, which contained remains of Genocide victims who died in death marches in the nearby Syrian desert. The bombing of the church incidentally took place on Sept. 21, on the 23rd anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

Thousands of Armenians from Syria and neighboring countries gathered at the memorial every year on April 24 to commemorate the genocide.

Many refer to Der Zor as the Auschwitz of the Armenian Genocide. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians perished in Der Zor and the surrounding desert during the genocide. In the summer of 1916 alone, more than 200,000 Armenians, mostly women and children, were brutally massacred by Ottoman Turkish gendarmes and bands in the region.

Members of the U.S. Congress were quick to condemn the destruction of the church by ISIS.

Representatives Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Jim Costa (D-Calif.), Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) issued statements or took to social media to express their outrage over the barbaric act.

The U.S. Embassy in Armenia also issued a statement condemning the destruction of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, avoiding the term “genocide” that appears in the name of the church.


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  1. Ohannes Boghossian said:

    Number one enemy of Armenians is France way check the history in 1923 90% population in Cilicia was Armenian
    they empty the Armenians and they give you land to Dog Turks
    your number one enemy is France they put the Armenians of Cilicia in they grave for good for live time
    after 289 years of having kingdom more then any Armenian Kingdom in Armenian History
    ViV LA Cilicia

  2. zarkim said:

    ISIS exists because of Americans and their allies. ISIS’s stronghold/nest is in Turkey.
    Turkish terrorists attacked Kessab encouraged by the Americans/allies and NATO.
    TURKISH terrorists have made plenty of money from lootings (Syria and Iraq). THEY have stolen and looted their neighbours for years.
    Americans/allies funded, trained and armed Terrorists and encouraged Turkey to breed ISIS. Today, ISIS has mosques and actively trains terrorists in Turkey and enters Iraq/Syria unopposed.
    Mr Obama has promised that he will get all ISIS terrorists. There is no where they can hide from him. However, Mr Obama only mentions the ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Somehow, he overlooks the ones in TURKEY… ISIS is very active in Turkey.
    Syria has been a SANCTUARY to millions of ETHNIC minorities for centuries. Why does anyone want to destroy it? Learn from Syria about MULTICULTURALISM. Syria should be congratulated. Even ISRAELIS used Syria as a safe-heaven. And look the way THEY have destroyed SYRIA/ALEPPO.

  3. zarkim said:

    Turkey has recently made a DEAL with the TERRORISTS during their FAKE hostage negotiations. Hours after this DEAL strange things happen:
    1)) ISIS threatens Russia, Canada, etc.. and
    2)) hundreds of thousands of Kurds run towards Turkish borders.
    3)) Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor was destroyed.