Schiff Discusses Orphan Rug, ISIS with Asbarez

Rep. Adam Schiff, in an interview with Asbarez Editor Ara Khachatourian discussed the recent development surrounding the Armenian Orphan Rug exhibit at the White House visitor center next month, as well as Turkey’s efforts to thwart US-led operation to combat the Islamic State–ISIS

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  1. Ed said:

    The photos and news headlines regarding Yezids are as it were 1915. I think Armenian government and Armenia diaspora could and should do more for Yezids, As an Armenian I would like to see Armenian government at least ask again and aging UM international community to offer more help to Yezids who are facing a genocide by Turkish lead ISIS forces in North Iraq and Syria

  2. Osik said:

    Dear Ara,

    For me the first part of the interview; would have been more meaningful and interesting; if you be conducting after NOV. 4th Elections.

    With Regards

  3. AT said:

    Thank you Congressman Schiff for being a friend, you can count on our support. Keep up the good fight.

  4. Arius said:

    The US created ISIS and is only putting on a nice show supposedly attacking ISIS. Read the recent Pepe Escobar article on Kobani in for a better picture of what is going on there. Armenians and Assyrians are involved with the Kurds there in a very impressive example of democracy that all the major surrounding powers (including the US) are afraid of.

  5. sebastaci Murad said:

    YOUNG educated modern freedom loving turks please watch this & educate yourselves & your brain washed countrymen .choose govt. officials who like justice & freedom of speech. truth ,liberty, accountability .. face the crimes that your ancestor committed against HUMANITY ask for forgiveness Pay for all the damages ie REPARATIONS .. then We will allow you to join the Modern world… otherwise you shall be reminded of your terrorist leaders & & Dark Bloody past as your flag depicts……Armenians build ..Ottomans destroy……

  6. Alex Postallian said:

    For the uninformed…..jerky turkey is isis,born,bred,financed…….The COWARDS always get someone else to do their fighting…The Kurds helped the jerks,in the Armenian Genocide,NOW they are stabbing them in the BACK.. With friends like these,don’t need enemies……

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