$12.4 Million Raised at Armenia Fund Telethon

A scene from the 2014 Armenia Fund Telethon

LOS ANGELES—With proceeds from the 2014 Telethon, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund will complete the asphalting of the entire Vardenis-Martakert Highway, as well as install all remaining safety and navigation components, including traffic signs and lane marks.

Initiated at the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s 2013 Board of Trustees meeting, the Vardenis-Martakert Highway construction project is of major economic and strategic significance. When completed, it will function as an additional lifeline between Armenia and Artsakh, helping boost the economies of the twin republics.

Toward the realization of this major construction project, as well as other important projects, the worldwide affiliates of the fund have been carrying out a multitude of public-awareness and fundraising campaigns since the beginning of 2014. In Armenia, from November 1, the fund launched SMS and mail-in donation programs, encouraging grassroots support of the initiative.


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  1. boghos jermag said:

    A certain man who is a locksmith, Burbank community activist, Glendale activist getting rid of ANCA members in Glendale City Hall, hunger striker, Policy Forum Armenia member, and author of a “white paper” titled “To Donate or Not to Donate,” [Locksmith] has been campaigning against Armenia Fund.

    When someone attacks Locksmith’s argument, he introduces straw-men arguments. In this case, Locksmith argues that one should not donate to the Armenia Fund because of supposed Republic of Armenia tax leakage. Locksmith’s argument is ridiculous. First of all, every country has tax leakage. Does the B’Nai Brith stop donating to Israel because there is tax leakage in Israel? Second, tax leakage in a country should not have a basis in donating to a cause. Armenia Fund has helped Artsakh build roads, build hospitals, and helped the population to improve access to drinking water. These are tangible results. Locksmith’s argument basically advocates that progression of these tangible results should be halted because there is tax leakage in Armenia, [which, coincidentally, is a separate country than Artsakh].

    But of course, Locksmith is justified in being illogical. Locksmith’s arguments end with a discussion of who he is (or think he is) by his supposed ancestry or buffoonish antics. Locksmith justifies his poor arguments by first asserting (or supposing) that his maternal grandmother was a direct descendant of the Bagratuni Dynasty. Then, Locksmith tries to steal Soghomon Tehlirian’s thunder by bragging about how his grandfather, basically planned a hit on Taalat Pasha [in other words, Locksmith’s grandfather got someone else to do the dirty work, someone else to take all the risks while his grandfather sat back]. Finally, Locksmith pretends to be a human rights activist by going around like an attention whore trying to get Obama’s attention with a nonsensical hunger strike.

  2. Hratch said:

    Hope this money doesn’t end up being an investment in the future infrastructure of Mother Russia.