Armenians Must Call for Reparations in 2015, Says Giro Manoyan

ARF Political Affairs Director Giro Manoyan

YEREVAN—Armenia’s greatest achievement ahead of the Genocide centennial would be a pan-national call for reparations, says Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Political Affairs Director Giro Manoyan.

“Both Turkey and other countries understand this, but it is important to fix that we have demands from Turkey. We have already launched active measures towards the Genocide centennial to shape a political mindset. And steps by Turkey to counteract to that are the proof of that,” Manoyan said at a news conference.

Asked whether Armenia has the necessary resources to make 2015 unprecedented, the politician said that he has really seen progress. “We have made such progress in the past decades that it isn’t right to anticipate achieving everything in one year. It is common knowledge today that Turkey committed genocide and now experiences hatred for the Armenians,” he noted.

Asked to comment on continuing calls to gathering Armenians in Istanbul in 2015 to commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Manoyan said he knows that events of the kind will be held everywhere. “Istanbul always hosted commemoration ceremonies. But conducting ceremonies in Turkey next year will be of special importance; it is important, however, to convey the right message to Turkey’s society,” Manoyan said.

He added that the ARF asked a commission of specialists to elaborate Armenia’s demands back in 2007. “They published the first draft in 2010, outlining five key demands: recognition, reparation and legislative changes in Turkey to eliminate the anti-Armenian policies and raise the problem of collective damage and territorial questions. To resolve territorial issues it is necessary to recall the Armenia-Turkey protocols,” he added.

Manoyan says the year 2014 stood out for three important events: Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, the frequent ceasefire violations at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and the acts of sabotage, the events in Syria and the problems of the Armenian community.

Giro Manoyan says in 2015 we should start speaking about the consequences of the Armenian Genocide and reparation rather than recognition. “This will be the greatest achievement of the 100th anniversary,” he said.

As for the commemoration to be held in Istanbul, he said “this is not the first time such events will be held in Istanbul.”

“Commemoration of the 100th anniversary in Istanbul will be of special importance, but what’s more important is to send a special message to the Turkish society. The Turkish public should know not only what happened in the past, but also what the Armenian people demand today,” Manoyan said.

He also attached importance to the refusal from the Armenian-Turkish protocols. “These protocols need to be killed legally,” he said.

Referring to the invitation to the Turkish President to visit Armenia on April 24, Giro Manoyan said, “It’s a challenge rather than an invitation.”

“I’m not sure about how this invitation will be accepted. I don’t rule out Turkey will take certain counter-steps, and Armenia should be ready for it.”

Manoyan also advised Armenians not to concentrate on what the US President will say on April 24. “Uttering the word ‘genocide’ will put pressure on Turkey, that’s why Obama has refrained from using the word,” he concluded.


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  1. Hratch said:

    With the recent hegemonic yoke placed on Armenia, the reparation of any land will be tantamount to handing territory over to Mother Russia. At this point in time no country will support such a fantastic idea. In order to legitimize our territorial demands, we must first be a true independent country, and then maybe we will be taken seriously. As it stands now, we are completely and utterly toothless in pursuing our interests in a free and logical manner.

  2. GeorgeMardig said:

    …Armenian-Turkish protocols. “These protocols need to be killed legally,” he said…. IT IS TIME PRESIDENT SARKISSIAN TO TAKE ACTION and KILL THE PROTOCOL

  3. gaytzag palandjian said:

    Firstly land is not given away,It is conquered and/or occupied when fighting breaks out between two opponent countries ,in result of which, one wins over more land from the other.hundreds of these are there.Unless also one country ,weakens immensely the other whose lands were occupied are taken back from the weak one.Or else there is some sort of an Acct of god, earthquake or similar and the one who conquered the other´s land is no more interested in the conquered area and the other easily grabs it back so to say.
    As to President Sargsyan taking his signatures or the others´who signed it , Nalbandian,comes to mind.It is an adequate moment now.To postpone it further would not be advisable.
    As to REPARATIONS,if this is understood to land-alreaady replied to above,plus for all to know most land in W.Armenian is now occupied by some 85/90% KURDS.WE must begin dialogue with them at their Parliament in exile, in Brussles ASAP-
    If meant monetary reparations.,I have many times over whether here on this sight or Hairenik´s insisted that we go in for B L O O D M O N E Y .Like the Jews did from Demcratic German heir to Nazi Germany and received plenty!!!!! time to act now through our 500 strong BAR Association a few top nothe In´l attorneys of ours and a few of our most important historians, comes to mine Prof. Richard G.Hovhan-nisian ,Prof Vahagn Dadrian , Arthur Beylerian (paris ) and others Dekmejian etdc.,
    otherwise it is beaating around the bush ,still looking for different venues. But again I knoow for self full well Turks have alwys received NEVER given.But I have up my sleeve the ONLY WAY WE CAN receive.

  4. Jove said:

    Long live Russian Armenia union. Without Russia in the Caucasus there will never be an independent Armenia. Armenia’s survival in the Muslim ocean depends on the union and partnership with Russia. There is no other option

  5. GeorgeMardig said:

    Why not have 2 Armenia’s, Esatern Armenia pro Russia, Western Armenia pro West? same like North Korea and South Korea, East Germany and West Germany (united now)??