Video of Torture by Azerbaijan Shown to Diplomats in Armenia

Officials view a video at the office of Armenia's Human Rights Defender

YEREVAN—The office of Armenia’s Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman), Karen Andreasian, organized a private viewing of a video recording of the torture of Armenian serviceman Hakob Injighulyan in Azerbaijan.

Armenia’s Ministry of Defense confiscated the video record from Azerbaijani saboteurs and placed it at the Ombudsman’s disposal.

Representatives of a number of diplomatic missions and international organizations — including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the United Nations — attended the private viewing.

Armen Grigorian, Deputy Ombudsman on military issues, said he is deeply concerned over the inhumane treatment of Hakob Injighulyan and other Armenian POWs in Azerbaijan.


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  1. light said:

    what’ new a savage barbaric people with LOW IQ and USELESS EATERS and good for nothing
    primitive with damaged genes and brains will always produce the same shit


  2. GeorgeMardig said:

    Why not, if torture is normal these days, Armenia should join the club and start torturing, if it is good to Cheney it should be good to Armenians too.

  3. RighteousnessPrevails said:

    Only cruel inferior unsophisticated sadistic sub human animals will conduct torture to receive personal satisfaction from such barbaric behavior. A person will say whatever they must to stop the pain and disfiguring, the information is not valid and you the torturer has gained nothing more than personal pleasure and a reputation fitting of a Turk.
    Intelligence leads one to offer an enemy detainee money alcohol foods women drugs or whatever temptations their finite heart desires in exchange for valid information, accompanied by the guarantee of certain death if the info is disingenuous, this methodology is proven to be fruitful as found in the saying “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”
    Hayastan must remain on moral high grounds this is fundamental for long term strategy. If the common Azeri insurgent does not fear captive treatment and learns it may even be profitable to cooperate they will naturally decline in aggression being less effective for the Azeri governments plan of armenocide. Now that our Armenian soldiers know that they will certainly be tortured by the hands of cruel Turks if captured, they will fight fiercely to the death to avoiding such a horrific demise, at the same time justifiably defending Hayastan from the wicked Turks.

    George Washington sentenced to death any soldier under his command that was guilty of torturing, he lost many battles but he won the war creating the greatest concept for a Nation the world had ever seen. FREEDOM was the reward and a strong well armed prosperous moral christian Nation arose from the ashes of the battlefield.
    Just as the Azeri government pays savage Muhammadan terrorists to attack Armenian diaspora villages abroad, so did the British pay the savage Indian tribes to raid and brutalize the American civilians after the war had been won.
    The conclusions made by Thomas Jefferson in light of these acts of terrorism, are the most viable in the case of this pseudo Nation of criminals known as Azerbaijan, there are only 2 solutions of substance when considering the savage problem. 1st is to drive them so far beyond any reach they can no longer be a problem and the 2nd option is to exterminate them in totality thus realizing coexistence is an impossibility between the sophisticated and the savage.

    America is under the occupation of a foreign empire, an internal parasitic modus operandi, this is not a blatant and outwardly declared method of subjugation as used by the many empires of history i.e Ottomans. This is why America has ceased to produce any form of righteous organic domestic or foreign policies that are reflective to foundational Americanism to date. The American people are used as scapegoats negating those truly responsible from any form of blame accompanied by an appropriate and deserving punishment.

    “Our minds are greater than our arms, powerful righteous thoughts fuel the most powerful of our righteous actions which are guided solely by the grace of God”