Artsakh Excluded from EEU

Belarus' House of Representatives

MINSK, Belarus (BelTA)—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic will not become part of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) after Armenia’s accession, Belarusian First Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Mikhnevich said while speaking before a vote on the ratification of the treaty on Armenia’s accession to the EEU.

“We were concerned about the fact that the territories that do not form part of Armenia could join the Customs Union. The Armenian side appeared to be understanding of this requirement, of our request. A memorandum stating that Nagorno-Karabakh is not part of Armenia was attached to the agreement. The Armenian side made an official verbal statement,” Alexander Mikhnevich noted.

The Belarusian House of Representatives voted in favor of ratifying Armenia’s accession to the EEU. Armenia will become a full-fledged member of the Eurasian Economic Union once Kazakhstan’s lower house and Belarus’ upper house have ratified the treaty as well, but no sooner than Jan. 1, 2015.


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  1. SA said:

    NKR is legally it’s own separate country, so the statement that NKR is not part of Armenia is accurate and does not hurt NKR’s independence. But, no one can force Armenia to put up customs facilities between Armenia & NKR, so NKR can still indirectly benefit from this (assuming Armenia will benefit in the first place)….

  2. Armenian said:

    Yay Russia!!

    Thank you for your protection of our national interests because, you know, we don’t have the brain nor willpower to do it for ourselves.

  3. Hratch said:

    They reveal this only after the vote. Now that the truth has come out, it looks like Artsakh will be left out to dry. Any trade with Armenia will now be governed by the EEU. This is a blatant and vicious act serving only to separate the two. Thanks to misguided efforts of our wise and benevolent Russophiles, Artsakh is left to stand alone !

  4. Norin said:

    Nothing new here, artash was never assumed to be included as part of the EU or the EEU. The mains concern was whether there would need to be a customs union checkpoint at the Armenian/Arstakh border and that has bee answered and settled, while Arstakh won’t be an EEU member, there will not be a EEU checkpoint either.

    • Hratch said:

      It seems you have a pretty good grasp of Armenia and Armenian affairs, but I guess that’s why it makes it more impressive when you gloss over Mother Russia’s blatant disrespect and abuse of Armenian interests. If it was a case of oblivious attitude, then one might understand, and perhaps even forgive, but since you profess to know much more, then the refusal to address anything concerning Mother Russia and her attempts at damaging and stifling Armenian progress must be premeditated. For instance, how do you explain away the 4 billion dollar weapons sales to Azerbaijan? How do you justify the gloating announcement that same weapons sales will increase 2.7% next year? How is it that an about face EEU decision was made right after the meeting between – the strongest man in the world – Putin and Sarkisian? Do you not suspect coercion, intimidation, threats and blackmail? How about the fact that Turkey is now being courted for energy deals? What about Mother Russia’s hopes of having Azerbaijan joining the EEU? How about the non-response attitude towards downing our helicopter? What about the arrest of Levon Hayrapetyan?

      So you see, when you fail to address these and many others like them, you only expose your true Russophile agenda. Mother Russia is not, nor will they ever be, a friend of their little ‘Orthodox’ brother. The only way to deal with them is to have excellent relations based on mutual respect and interests. Otherwise, the master-slave relationship will only serve to dilute our identity and render our nation into irrelevancy. The sick man of Eurasia is on its last breath. The Ruble is becoming Rubble and $110 oil days are over. The 4 billion dollars they received from the weapons sales was wiped out long ago. The miscalculations over Ukraine and the Crimea will undo the tyrant. We on the other hand, can not afford to go down with the sinking ship. We must arise from our slumber and forge our way into the real world based on democracy, transparency, and freedom to all. God Bless Armenia, Long Live Democracy and Freedom, God protect us from all Russophiles both domestic and foreign!