Armenian Groups Target Genocide Denial Lobbyists Including Gephardt, Hastert

Congressional leaders turned Genocide denying Turkish lobbyists from left Dick Gephart and Dennis Hastert

Educate Lobbyists’ Clients on Genocide Denial Activity During 100th Anniversary Year of Genocide; A Call for Protests If Continued

WASHINGTON—On Thursday, January 29, a coalition of organizations representing Armenian Americans sent more than 200 letters to businesses, universities, and NGOs working with one of the five firms that currently work for Turkey for the purpose of denying the Armenian Genocide. These firms include those led by former Congressional leaders Dick Gephardt (Gephardt Government Affairs) and Dennis Hastert (Dickstein Shapiro).

Despite international consensus from historians about the Armenian Genocide, Turkey is well known for its aggressive, ongoing denial of this crime, which witnessed the planned and systematic murder by Ottoman Turkey of over 1.5 million Christian Armenians between 1915 and 1923. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the genocide, and Armenian Americans along with allies nationwide will be protesting and drawing public scrutiny to both Turkey’s primary lobbying firms, and the companies and organizations that continue to do business with them.

“It’s a disgrace that Dick Gephardt and Dennis Hastert – two former leaders of the U.S. House – are making millions enforcing a foreign government’s gag-rule on our White House and among the Congress in which they once served,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America. “Gephardt and Hastert should drop their Turkey contract, and, if they won’t, their clients should drop them.”

The letters request that the companies demand their firm end its contract with the Turkish government in light of its participation in genocide denial efforts. If the firm does not end its relationship with Turkey, the letter requests that the company end its own contract with the firm. If neither occurs by Wednesday, February 25th – 60 days out from April 24, 2015, the global day of remembrance for the genocide – Armenian Americans will start protests against these firms and their clients.

According to U.S. Department of Justice Foreign Agent Registration Act records, Gephardt Government Affairs, Dickstein Shapiro, Greenberg Traurig, Alpaytac, and LB International all support Turkey’s genocide denial agenda. Their clients receiving letters include PepsiCo, TIME Inc., Inc. and Chrysler, among others.

Coalition partners include four of the largest Armenian American organizations: the Armenian National Committee of America, Armenian Assembly of America, and the Armenian Youth Federation of both the Eastern and Western United States.


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  1. Hratch said:

    It’s not a disgrace for these two stooges. They have always denied the recognition for personal gain. It’s a shame that they actually at one point represented a country that is suppose to be the beacon for justice and human rights. Which is worst, to stay silent about your intentions or proclaim you are holier than thou and then act the exact opposite? I think the answer is clear to everyone except these two stooges.

  2. Areg said:

    Gebhardt and Hastert are professiopnal whores who will even sell their own kids and sell out America for their own money. What a shame, these two fake and bastard politicians served the American public.
    The hell with you two and others alike.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    Two crooked politicians on the BRIBE LIST,dishonor to their states,and electorate…

  4. GeorgeMardig said:

    Armenians can neutralize Turkeys Millions and their bought puppets, by using world wide campaign of spreading the word to as many people possible about the Genocide, NO money on earth can counter this power.

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  6. raf said:

    Very good initiative, we might not be able to bankrupt these companies but at least we can make sure not to do business with them.

  7. Ara Asadourian said:

    The time is right. Follow the money. Your on the right track. These two unprincipled cynical hypocrites have made a small fortune taking Turkey’s money because there have been no consequences except being called names as they laughed all the way to the bank. Make sure you provide specific information as to how interested Armenians can make meaningful contact with the company’s you are targeting.

  8. kars said:

    It is obvious these two predatory vampires are dancing and prancing to Turkish money. Has anybody thought of paying these two odious mercenaries a bit extra so they may change their tune ?. It is not going to take much more to twist their perfidious corrupt characters.

  9. GeorgeMardig said:

    Armenians should use the Word Of Mouth Power, 10 million Armenian can mak a lot of difference