UK Prime Minister Snubs April 24 Invitation to Yerevan

UK Ambassador to Armenia Katherine Leach

YEREVAN—The UK’s Ambassador to Armenia Katherine Leach told reporters in Yerevan on Friday that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected an invitation to join commemorations of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Yerevan on April 24.

“He replied to say that he understood the huge importance of the centenary year for Armenia and Armenians all over the world, and he regretted he wasn’t able to be here in person,” the diplomat said.

Ambassador Leach added that the Church of England is sending representatives, saying that she would be able to confirm the details later.

Cameron will likely visit Turkey on April 24 to join commemorations of the Battle of Gallipoli, which Turkish officials have decided to mark on April 24 this year for the first time, ostensibly in an attempt to derail commemorations of the Armenian Genocide.

Asked whether Cameron will visit Turkey, Leach said she had no details yet, but that there will certainly be high level British involvement.

“If I am invited, and I very much hope that I will be, I will of course visit Tsitsernakaberd,” she added.


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    • Hratch said:

      This should not be the reason to run to Mother Russia’s arms. It should actually be the reason to start exerting our own rights and privileges. No one is going to help us. It is our duty to help ourselves or get out of the business of running a nation!

      • GeorgeMardig said:

        The real world needs real solutions, stop dreaming, if Russia pi’s on Armenia, NO Armenia will be left on the map. STOP BASHING RUSSIA

  1. Hagopian hagopian said:

    The British embassy should be shut down and expell the ambassador and evey British bigot off Armenian territories and demand the Cilician treasury with accrued interest and the return of goddess Anahid, before any diomatic ties w the British.

  2. Alexander said:

    F the Brits, they are the scum of world and history. Why should they commemorate the genocide when they have committed the most unrecognized genocides in history.

  3. krikor said:

    Armenians in London and all who can get to London must spare no effort to prevent this. Placards must be planted near 10 downing street. The signs must read about Loyd George’s regret that Britain circumvented the treat of Saint Estefano which lead to Armenian extermination. Winston Churchill’s remark about Armenian Holocaust. And, the warning to Turkey that it shall suffer consequences and Talat’s reply that they will know how to defend themselves. the efforts must be concentrated. It is very important.

  4. ed said:

    But the church of Englad is not the British gov. I think Church of England has its own spokperson, therfore British gov should stop looking for justifications for supporting criminal turkish gov by its denail policy – shame on UK for accepting turkish inventation to visit on April 24 Turkey!

  5. Areg said:

    Cameron can go to Turkey and kiss ass all he wants. As far as Katherine Leach is concerned, she does not need an invitation from the Armenian government to be at Centennial Commemoration in Yerevan on April 24.
    Katherine Leach has a duty of her own and a respect to the Armenian Nation and the Armenian Government and People to be present at this Commemoration in Yerevan, she certainly does not need an invitation to do so. We are not going to beg her to be present there. If Cameron and Leach both will not be at Yerevan on April 24’th 2015, they both can go to hell. And please close that God Damn British Embassy, the spy nest in Yerevan, for good. These bastards are not welcomed in Armenia period.
    Got the message, just go to hell.

  6. Krikor said:

    English bastards go to Turkey. Visit Galipolli to celebrate Turkish victory over England SHAME!!!

  7. Haig Thomasian said:

    If Cameron’s preference and priority is Gallipoli to please NATO’s Turkey, Armenia has the option of inviting the Queen and or Prince Charles.

  8. Shahe Keshishian said:

    The Invitation was sent out first, and The Centenial Marks a Historic presedence! Religious leaders are appreciated, however this marks a Historic Dynisty, and for Prime Minister Not to attempt to visit even before April 24, and or same day He could visit both. Make better and balanced decisions, so that your people and others can admire.
    BEST Prince Shahè Jan Keshishian

  9. GB said:

    This is what British did in 1915…they let Turks slaughter Armenian population.

  10. Josef said:

    So England is going to commerate the enemy victory over allied forces in this battle ?
    Nice on April 24 which has nothing to do with the date of this battle bloody cowards is what they are !

  11. GeorgeMardig said:

    This is why the world at large specially in the Middle Easteern countries don’t trust UK, during the history they havn’t done what was right, they have done what’s in it for me, that’s why the Muslims don’t trust UK.

  12. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    The English Unfairness
    (English cunningness –– how can we forget!)

    The English Parliament deleted the Genocide of the Armenian
    people from their Minds,
    Dubbing it the ‘so-called genocide’;
    {Neither the Scottish nor the Welsh parliaments did:
    They Heartily recognized our pain}

    Always we forget the fair people
    Those who recognized our suffering
    But praise those who did not care!

    We should not ignore the powerful empires––
    Those . . . once ruled from the East to the West.
    We should show them their mistakes and their unfairness,
    Pretending to be blind: they couldn’t careless.

    An innocent people lost their lives, their books, their homes . . .
    Regarded as second-class citizens; immigrant, homeless
    Wherever they settled.

    Whatever wealth human being can accumulate in their lives
    Will never be enough to make them feel satisfied
    Without their homeland!

    “Without your Motherland you don’t have wealth”
    Everyone should inscribe this phrase
    In their Minds ~ In their Hearts, and
    In each Breathing Cell.

    Wherever humankind stands and prays
    In any Temple
    In any Church, Cathedral, Vank (Monastery)
    In any Mosque
    It should be known that the Armenian Sacred Place
    Will never belong to them!

    What I wrote from my scared heart valves is never enough,
    I can write chained pages, till grave!

    (C) Dr. Sylva Portoian
    From the poetry collecetion “Bring-out our genocided skulls and artful hands” 2015

  13. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    British People Remember
    To Add Another Leaf to Your Red Poppy
    For The Genocided Armenians (April 24, 1915)

    Before the World War I . . .
    Our Genocide began.
    You lost young soldiers,
    Martyred with their guns,

    Who went passionately,
    Defending their Crown;
    They did not return, . . .
    Were lamented by their nation

    By parents, wives, offspring,
    And their countrymen.
    You lost your bravest men . . . and
    We felt your sadness.

    We lost almost all our Artful, Literate
    Voiceless, Devoted, Enslaved populaces
    Slaughtered . . . raped . . . dehydrated . . .
    Famineated on the sunny Der Zor sand!

    When you remember your Armistice Day*,
    Please remember, for your soldiers’ sake,
    Our slaughtered unborn sons
    Who never grew to become young men!

    They fell to defend their dignity . . .
    Their faith, yours and each honest human.
    Along with democracy . . . human rights . . .
    Awake . . . return to your faith . . .

    Remember the Armenian Genocide.
    Add another leaf to your red poppy,
    And make Remembrance Day
    More humanitarian.

    We have not yet regained our rights,
    To our historic homeland . . .
    Our Biblical Mount Ararat of civilized hearts,
    Where the martyred proud reign.

    (C) Dr. Sylva Portoian
    *November 11, 1918

    From the poetry collecetion “Bring-Out our genocided skulls and artful hands” 2015

  14. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    This man, so called Cameron…
    He doesn’t represent Scotts, neither Welch, nor Irish …
    He represents himself… a big denier of a well known genocide …
    Is godless, faithless, from Savage DNA

    I Sylva from Genocide Soul…
    Like to spit on his face …
    United with spit and blood of my relatives
    Who were genocided, scorned, crucified for the sake of their faith
    Lost Their Lands…
    Their Gardens,
    Their Tapestries,
    Their Golds…
    Walked trough Der-zor desert bare feet
    To die from hanger, thirst …

    from London, UK.

  15. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    The Inhumane Prime Minster of UK
    Named Cameron (I forgot his first name)
    He refuses to attend the
    Armenian Remembrance Monument
    “The Eternal Flames of the Genocide”

    This man, so-called Cameron…
    He doesn’t represent Scotts, neither Welch, nor Irish …
    He represents himself…
    A big denier of a well known genocide …
    Is godless, faithless, from savage DNA…s…

    I Sylva . . . from Genocide Soul…
    Like to spit on his face …
    United with spits and stagnated blood of my ancestries
    Who were genocided, scorned, crucified for the sake of their faith
    Lost Their Lands…
    Their Gardens,
    Their Tapestries,
    Their Golds…
    Walked trough Der-Zor desert bare feet
    To dry from hanger, thirst …

    from London, UK.
    February 6, 2015

  16. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Don’t remove my last Verse …
    Cameron should be treated the way he treat unlucky Armenians.
    Who discovered for him Spinhaler
    and British companies made Trillion English pounds out of it and still do…

    His ancestries who were genocided should be respected…

    Dr. Roger Altounyan (1922-1987)
    Inventor of “The First Ever Spinhaler” 1960

    I say, whoever uses any type of inhaler should know
    about this great inventor, Dr. Roger Altounyan.
    I repeat almost everyday and many times to my patients,
    “One inhalation of Roger’s puffer saves billions of lives.”

    Roger saves billions of lives every second and
    Everywhere on this black earth
    Filled with genocided skulls, with
    Stagnated innocents’ blood.

    Savages used Armenian–invented inhaler “Roger’s Puff”.
    While killing the Armenians,
    They forcefully Turkified two million and more,
    Calling them minorities of a second class.

    I wonder, after they killed 1.5 million in the early 20th century
    And confiscating their ancient
    Armenian Highlands since the 11th century
    Can the unlucky Armenians remain a majority?

    Dr. Sylva Portoian

    From my book 15th Poetry collections “Bring Out Our Genocided Skulls and Artful Hands”, Soon 2015
    January 22, 2013

  17. Marcus said:

    No Surprise at all!
    British Empire still back in 1896 (during Berliner Kongress ) was strongly agings the implementation of any real reforms for the 7 Armenian provinces occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Turkish Sultans being aware of the fact that British was not interested in the existence of an independent Armenia and somehow British was against strong Armenian self confidence and national identity too , started to massacre Armenian people. The anti Armenian stand and anti Armenian character of British police in the region lead finally with the blessing of German Empire to the Turkish lead Genocide of Armenian People in 1915 …. Now United Kingdom sending “church leader/delegation” hopping they can manage with the help of Ankara bury the dead bodies of Armenian victims and close the Armenian question – The politicians in Berlin, Ankara and London are some how annoyed… since they can still hear the voice of innocent Armenian victims still 100 later !

  18. Antranik said:

    No supprise there.Britain traditionally supported Turks.He is too embarrass to show his face given the fact that Britain have not recognised The Armenian Genoside.
    We need to go to court and demand our rights,not beg people like Cameron.
    God Bless Armenia.

  19. Hamik Gregory said:

    Many British footmen and officer died in Gallipoli! Turkey is also a NATO member.
    I am sure the Prime Minister wanted to be there with many Britons who would be grieving for their ancestors. I am positive he meant no harm.

  20. masis chalabian said:

    normal there is englandistan londonbul BP patrol population their interets we’re not important forget uk,france is our ally much better

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  22. jon oullette said:

    Politics follows the money…simple as that…Gallipoli ??? What the hell…It’s Air Bases overlooking resource rich lands and Azeri Oil refineries $$$$$$

  23. David Dilanchian said:


  24. Hamik Gregory said:

    Please also note, according to the Smithsonian Magazine, the February 2015 issue, on April 25th, “the 1st Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers” landed “on W Beach on the southern end of the Gallipoli Peninsula”. There is also a cemetery where British, Australian, and New Zealanders are buried. I am positive the Union Jack will be flying at half staff when Mr Cameron gets there!

  25. MARSHALL said:


  26. Satenik said:

    “If I am invited….” This is not a wedding,pending an invitation. Surely any ambassador in Yerevan should attend Titsernakabert on 24th April 2015 specially. As for the representatives from the Church of England, we have enough clergy of our own who are the orphans of the Armenian Genocide.Turkey is being fully supported by Western powers eventhough it has been proven over and over again that it supports the terrorists….but hey that does not seem to matter much.

  27. raf said:

    I am surprised that so many are surprised of this! The west in general and the UK in particular are all into democracy and human rights and those sort of BS as long as it serves their interests. I would be surprised if they would have sent anyone, let alone the PM to Armenia. If this people had any self-respect they wouldn’t go to Turkey to celebrate their defeat in a nationalist country which still looks at that war as great patriotism rather than tragic past.

  28. Ara Arakelian said:

    This is true, Like my co-leg Antranik said. No surprise there.Britain traditionally supported Turks.He (David Cameron) is too embarrass to show his face given the fact that Britain have not recognized The Armenian Genocide. like Tony Blair, David Cameron……ect, those people knows they were part of the crime that occur in 1915 as Genocide.

  29. janette cornish said:

    You can’t put all the British together about armenian genocide it is not something that everyone knows about and rather than accusing you should educate there are a lot of British that do recognise and we should lobby the prime minister