Turkey Snubs NATO, Opts for Chinese Missile System

A Chinese HQ-9 launcher (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

ANKARA (Reuters)—Turkey’s new defense missile system, for which Ankara is in talks on a $3.4 billion deal with a Chinese company, will not be integrated with one used by NATO, Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz has said.

Ankara will use the long-range system without integrating it with NATO’s system, Yilmaz said in his elaboration on the issue, which came in response to a parliamentary question filed by an opposition deputy.

Turkey originally awarded the tender to China Precision Machinery Export-Import Corporation (CPMIEC) in 2013, prompting U.S. and NATO officials to say the deal could raise questions over security.

Turkey later said it was in talks with France on the issue. However, in his written response to the question filed in late December 2014 by main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) İzmir deputy Aykut Ciray, Yilmaz said no new bids had been received.

“The project will be financed through foreign financing. Work on assessing the bids has been completed and no new official bid has been received,” the minister said, in his response released by Ciray’s office Feb. 19.

“The system in question will be integrated with the national system for Turkey’s defense and will be used without integrating it with NATO,” he added.

Eurosam, which is owned by Franco-Italian missile maker MBDA and France’s Thales, came second in the tender.

As early as September 2013, shortly after Yilmaz announced after a top defense industry meeting that the contract for the construction of the long-range air and anti-missile system had been awarded to CPMIEC, officials and industry sources told the Hurriyet Daily News that the Turkish government’s decision to select a Chinese contender for the construction of the country’s first long-range air defense system may force Turkey into ending up with a “standalone” system with little or no integration with NATO assets like radars.

About half of Turkey’s network-based air defense radars have been paid for by NATO and are part of the NATO Air Defense Ground Environment.

“Turkey can always decide to build a standalone system. But in that case, abstracting the air defense system from NATO assets would mean that Turkey will lose half of its radar capabilities,” one defense analyst said at the time.

Turkey would need interface data to make its own air defense architecture interoperable with NATO assets, primarily data on the Identify Friend and Foe system. This is top secret system and cannot be installed into any Chinese system.

Turkey Leverages Arms Contract against Genocide Recognition
Earlier this week, senior officials told the Daily News that Turkey would refrain from selecting a winner for its disputed contract before April 24, the centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

“We have agreed with the government leaders not to rush to a decision any time soon,” one defense procurement official said. “A decision before April 24 is out of the question.”

A senior diplomat confirmed that Ankara first wants to see the U.S. and French positions on the “genocide claims” before awarding a sizeable contract “to a bidder potentially from one of these countries.”

“How these countries observe the centennial of the events [of 1915-1920] will be important input for our final decision,” he said.


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  1. tuyn said:

    Well there you go , Turkey wanted to wait for a decision on the Armenian Genocide recognition , why would any one in their right mind try to extort other countries in not recognizing The Armenian Genocide .
    Now we and others will see the real true face of the turks.

  2. tuyn said:

    Earlier this week, senior officials told the Daily News that Turkey would refrain from selecting a winner for its disputed contract before April 24, the centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. = extortion from the turks to the free world

  3. tuyn said:

    “We have agreed with the government leaders not to rush to a decision any time soon,” one defense procurement official said. “A decision before April 24 is out of the question.” = Turks are guilty as charged and they know it.

  4. tuyn said:

    “When the Turkish authorities gave the orders for these deportations, they were merely giving the death warrant to a whole race; they understood this well, and, in their conversations with me, they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact. . . I am confident that the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this. The great massacres and persecutions of the past seem almost insignificant when compared to the sufferings of the Armenian race in 1915,” Morgenthau wrote in his memoirs.

  5. tuyn said:

    MY dear fellow readers as we all know we live with the past and the current , there is no such a thing as the future that’s a word that was and has been picked up from Hollywood movies , none of us can feel the future or can we reach out and touch the future , we live day by day, but we live with our past and the current situation that we are in , no one can tell me lets forget the past and work toward the future , the future can be in 5 seconds or 5 minutes , even then we don’t know what will happen until it happens .

  6. tuyn said:

    Our past can not and will not be erased from us we can not say that time will heal everything – no nothing gets healed but we learn and teach our self’s to live with the pain that was brought upon our self’s by the ottoman empire and their predecessors until today.

  7. tuyn said:

    I believe strongly that the only way Turks would revise the decision and change their minds if Europe and the US use the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE issue against the Turks, it is unfortunate that The Armenian Genocide has the be mixed with politics . All we can do wait and see , hopefully and i’m sure the elite all ready planned to recognition the Armenian Genocide then that would be a different story.

  8. zarkim said:

    Al-Qaida exists because of Israelis and Americans/allies. ISIS exists because of Americans and allies. Taliban exists because of Americans… etc..
    These terrorists have been funded and trained by Americans and have committed atrocities in Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc..
    United States and Turkey sign deal to train Syria opposition fighters, officials say.
    U.S. Caught Training ISIS Terrorist At Secret Jordan Base.
    ISIS Terrorists trained by Obama …but now he needs to kill them.
    Americans funded, armed and encouraged Turkey to allow these terrorists to get stronger, enter Syria/Iraq and kill/kidnap innocent civilians; steal money/gas/oil from Syria and Iraq. Most of these terrorists’ weapons were supplies by US Administration and allies.
    Once again Americans arm the Terrorists by MISTAKE.
    Turkish terrorists that attacked Kessab were encouraged by Americans/allies and NATO including ISRAEL. ISIS exists because of Americans and their allies. ISIS’s stronghold/nest is in Turkey.
    Kurdish people and all other groups who have been hurt by these animals should blame the Americans for their cowardly act of stirring things up and then running away.
    Israel is supporting ISIS and terrorists.
    Broken Hill remembers victims of 1915 attack by gunmen brandishing Turkish flag
    Syria has been a SHELTER to millions of ETHNIC minorities for centuries. Why does anyone want to destroy it? Learn from Syria about MULTICULTURALISM. Syria should be congratulated. Even “ISRAELIS” used Syria as a safe-heaven. Look at the way THESE “Wolves in sheepskin” show their appreciation. Look what these “animals” have done to SYRIA/Aleppo?
    Aleppo 2009

  9. tommy said:

    Turkey is moving closer to BRICs–Russian gas pipeline and this.Perhaps it is trying to get even with US because US is going to create a Kurdish country from Syria and Iraq–give the West the oil it needs.

  10. Areg said:

    The hell with your final decisio! Stop blackmailing nations you barbarian Genociders.

  11. Areg said:

    The hell with your final decision! Stop blackmailing nations you barbarian Genociders.

  12. Hratch said:

    Just a Turkish ploy to extort a better deal from NATO. They will eventually come back into the fold with a bigger and better deal.

  13. Nathanael said:

    Turkey is run by smart people. They’ve figured out that the US government is very likely to be opposed to their interests; they need an anti-aircraft system which cannot be subverted by the US government.

    Pity we can’t do that in the US.

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