Turkish Mayor Calls Armenian Massacres Heroism

Mayor of Bayburt, Turkey, Mete Memis

BAYBURT, Turkey—The mayor of Bayburt, Turkey (historically Baberd), Mete Memis, called the deeds of Turkish soldiers who massacred Armenians a hundred years ago “heroism.”

Memis made a congratulatory statement on the 97th anniversary of Bayburt’s sacking and capture from its historically Armenian residents, who were massacred and exiled as part of the Armenian Genocide, and claimed that 97 years ago, the Turkish soldiers in Bayburt had “written their name in history” for defending the “homeland,” reported Haberler.

The Turkish mayor claimed that in February of 1918, Turkish soldiers had acted heroically and had “liberated” Bayburt from the Armenians.


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  1. Vindicated Man said:

    Governments that don’t recognize the Genocide are supporting Turkish officials like this mayor.

  2. danoog said:

    And just when you thought it was impossible to find a Turk more stupid than Erdogan…

  3. Josef said:

    Turkey supports ISIS Turkey = Savages
    Who ever supports Turkey supports crimes against humanity and Christianity!

  4. mgl said:

    What else to expect from this monkey? And why we need open borders, if animals still the same?

  5. Marshal said:

    Turkey is racist anti- Christian nation and supports terrorists! This comment proves it.

  6. GeorgeMardig said:

    This is the type of people that will join EU, you already have the baby of Turkey ISIS beheading your kids, Good Luck,

  7. Sarkis said:

    We can tell you only one thing memis . Go to hell with your criminal grandfathers and burn there forever. There is no heroism in killing women and children and you are one of the reasons ( a denier and a liar ) why we are demanding the recognition of the Armenian Genocide .

  8. Jacque said:

    I realy don’t understand what homeland do these barbarians talk about.
    The Turkish flag is a vivid reminder of native peoples blood that was soaked in.
    Armenians, Greek, Assirian,Arab, Kurds and many more nations and their bones are baried under
    The facad of the Turkish homeland.
    No matter how deep they Barry the truth and how much of self denial they live in, justice will