Armenia Slams Israeli Foreign Minister over Presence at Khojaly Event

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman speaks at an event in Azerbaijan

YEREVAN—Armenian officials on Friday expressed their anger and deemed it inappropriate that Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman attended an event organized by Azerbaijan regarding what Baku calls the “Khojaly genocide.”

Lieberman, a Soviet-born Israeli politician who also serves as Israel’s deputy prime minister today, was on a delegation that also included a Knesset member that reportedly attended on February 26 an event marking the 23rd anniversary of what Azerbaijan presents as a massacre of civilians by Armenian forces in the town of Khojaly in Artsakh.

The Armenian side blames civilian deaths among Azeris during the Khojaly operation on the Azerbaijani military, saying that they did not allow the civilian population to be evacuated despite the presence of a humanitarian corridor.

Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesman Tigran Balayan told Armenpress, “It is inappropriate that any politician could allow himself to be pulled into cheap Azerbaijani manipulations.”

Meanwhile, the President of the Menora Jewish Cultural Center in Armenia, William Weiner, an Honored Worker of the Arts of the Republic of Armenia and a Member of the Composers’ League of Israel, wrote in a recent article published in The Times of Israel about the myriad similarities between the Jewish and Armenian peoples and called for Israeli authorities to reject Azeri and Turkish propaganda against Armenians.

“The imposed reality in the depth of historic identity of these two old, and by the will of tragic fate diasporal peoples, explains the peculiarly mutual understanding and respect towards each other,” Weiner wrote. “There is no Armenian or Jew in the world, who is or will be indifferent to the sufferings and death of innocent victims, to the fact of the two horrendous crimes against humanities committed in the 20th century.”

“My parents and their families endured all the horrors of evacuation, exile and concentration camps. Fortune brought them to Armenia, where I was born and live for 60 years. I am doubly grieved, but, at the same time, I clearly understand, why shameful efforts are exerted in some circles, through false ‘documents,’ analysis, that do not fit any logic, to spread enmity among the world Jewry towards Armenia and the Armenian people. An article by a blogger, calling himself ‘Israel Barouk’ in Times of Israel is yet another naïve attempt. I suppose that Mr. Barouk, who lives in Los-Angeles, and publishes peremptory statements in the forms of articles, has never visited Armenia and has no clue about the history of Armenian people and about more than 2000-years-old history of the Jews in this country. However, with a striking perseverance he demonstrates an ‘in-depth’ knowledge on preferences of the Armenian people and Armenia.

“Taking a group of Armenian students at the University of California in LA, he attempts to propagate an overt hatred against Armenians and Armenia in the Jewish milieu. Some articles have been published recently with exactly similar statements, penned by well-known Turkish and Azerbaijani analysts, and amongst them is an article by ‘Israel Barouk’ which looks like part of pro-Azerbaijani advertisement. It is beyond any doubt that the latter ‘analysis’ is yet another failed attempt of Turkish-Azerbaijani propaganda machine, which is disseminated in the US and Israeli media in the recent months, on the eve of Centenary of the Armenian Genocide which is being marked in 2015. This strategy has been unfortunately aimed at deflecting the Armenians from the Genocide Centenary and spending their resources on countering the genocide deniers and massive anti-Armenian campaigns launched and supported by the Azerbaijani oil revenues. It is unfortunate that even some politicians in Israel have given in to these propaganda manipulations, consciously or unconsciously becoming victims themselves and sacrificing the Israeli public opinion and Israel’s long-term interests to such cheap Turkish-Azerbaijani joint propaganda projects.”


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  1. Hratch said:

    With all due respect to Mr. Weiner, the reason why the Israeli government can take such an adverse position is because the Jews were compensated for the Holocaust. In fact, the State of Israel was born as a direct consequence of their suffering. Now that they’ve crossed the bridge, it’s all to easy to burn it down. Armenians on the other hand are still struggling for recognition, justice and reparation after 100 years. The two nations can not be compared. There is a vast ocean diving their experience and fate. Short shortsightedness and short memories are a hallmark of every human. The Israelis have forgotten their tragic past and are now in offensive mode. Now that they’re in the driver’s seat they think they can act like the very people they despised. This is an ever evolving world. Justice must be sowed before justice can be reaped.

  2. ED said:

    such a protest and slam is on now way enough!!!!

    Armenia should send a written diplomatic note demanding proof of such events from Israeli gove.. Let the GOV in Jerusalem answer in written! The gov. in Jerusalem is s accusing officially Armenia and Armenian people of a crime which official Baku itself is responsible!

  3. tuyn said:

    Really doesnt matter Hayer jan Armenia slams it or not , 20 % azerineri yuxe gnuma israel, 80 % BP gnuma london , zer karsikov hryayi kam anglyasu hamar karevora menk slam kanenk slamdunk kanenk , orva verchin drank oruspu en urdex pox ka ketan endex , tox mer xekavarutyune mer masin mtasi , vochte esa 100 amyakna galis irar kokort en ktrtum. ba inch eyik uzum , kani azerin yux u gas uni es xaxpi txerke azerineri kamake mtas man en galu , bays arek chemoranank ore galuya vor azerbejani yuxe kverchana u de arten imasek.

  4. Marcus said:

    Politicians in Israeli are once again engaged in dirty business, as if we were in a Turkish Bazaar
    Armenia should exclude (no welcome) Israel form events detected to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Yerevan!

  5. Vindicated Man said:

    Looks like their FM was in solitude at that event, I mean he was the only foreign, high-ranking official there. Which means shame, on the government of the proud Jewish state.
    For the other suspect, or Prof. Barouk, I would suspect that his days at UCLA are numbered, unless he strives to become pro-Armenian. I’m sure his students will help him accomplish either one or the other.

  6. Marshal said:

    I sorry to say but Turks are very low life people this guy is nothing but a stooge that sold his soul for money!

  7. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Some beasts,
    The more they look at their mirrors …
    They continue thinking that they are very special …
    Instead showing some humanity
    That themselves suffered from
    They show dis-humanity with endless pride …
    Proudly dropping that unfair-lawless phrases…
    From their ugly-bulging-tearless eyes …
    Knowingly well they are committing crime after crime
    Denying a well-known genocide…
    Without having fear form any god…!

    February 28, 2015

  8. GB said:

    I wonder how many thousands Palestinian civilians massacred by Israeli forces! Greedy Jews looking forward for another multi billion dollars worth of military deal with Tatar-Turks.

  9. Kira said:

    This swine was nothing more than a bouncer at a bar and now he is a so called foreign minister. It’s completely laughable. This bully and his cronies would like nothing more than to get rid of all Armenians and other Christians out of the Holy Land.
    Israel, Turkey, Azerbokjan, Saudi Arabia, USA are all part of the same problem. They are also the creators of ISIS.
    Ask yourselves this question, why hasn’t ISIS targeted any Jews or even tried anything in Israel? Why only target Christians and Muslims(predominately Alawite and Shia)? Iran is Shia, Syria is run by Alawite and partner of Iran. It explains it all.

    So do not be surprised about the bouncer of israel supporting azerbokjan’s lies and deceit.

  10. GeorgeMardig said:

    Armenians should understand that all these politicians are bought and sold like tomatose, don’t expect them to be impartial, thety take a lot of shit to become a politician to make money, it’s that simple, you can find very little honest politicians, HOW come this S hole didn’t visit Sumgait event and visit Khojali event? OIL, GAS, ARMS DEAL, Voila!

  11. zarkim said:

    Armenian physician honored by Israel for saving Jews during the Holocaust
    Khachatrian, a military doctor with the Soviet Red Army, was taken prisoner during World War II. In the concentration camp where he was kept by the Nazis he HELPED MANY JEWS (Today’s Israelis) as a physician.
    Haroutyoun Khachatryan, has been posthumously awarded the “Righteous among the Nations Award” by the Jewish “Yad Vashem” institute-museum.
    In the early 19th century, Jews began arriving to Armenia from Poland, Iran and other areas – creating Ashkenazic and Mizrahi communities in Yerevan. More Jews moved to Armenia during its period finding more tolerance in the area than in Russia or Ukraine. Armenia gave ISRALIES sanctuary. There were many other countries that helped Israelis, including Syria and Iran.
    Today, unfortunately the same people (JEWS, ISRAELIS) have joined forces with some Arab leaders, Turks and the US/Allies to fund and arm terrorists to harm Armenians and Christians in Syria.
    These WOLVES in Sheepskin are arming Armenia’s neighbour with Drones and other high power weapons to kill Armenians in Karabakh. They are very much involved in killing innocent civilians including Christians in Syria.
    Al-Qaida exists because of Israelis and Americans/allies. ISIS exists because of Americans and allies. Taliban exists because of Americans… etc..
    Israel is supporting ISIS and terrorists.
    Syria has been a SHELTER to millions of ETHNIC minorities for centuries. Why does anyone want to destroy it? Learn from Syria about MULTICULTURALISM. Syria should be congratulated. Even “ISRAELIS” used Syria as a safe-heaven. Look at the way THESE “Wolves in sheepskin” show their appreciation. Look what these “ANIMALS” have done to SYRIA/Aleppo?

  12. Taleh said:

    It would be better for Armenians not to express their anger but to be brave enough to confess that their president is the murderer of the civilians.

    • serop said:

      It would be far better for tartar invaders to leave our lands and learn to behave and accept the truth

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