Turkish Foreign Minister Attacks Armenia, Threatens US over Genocide Recognition

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

ANKARA (PanArmenian.net)—Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Friday that Armenia is the cause of problems in the South Caucuses, as Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reports.

“Despite Turkey’s repeatedly holding out the hand of friendship to the Armenians, the country’s authorities keep rejecting the offer,” Cavusoglu said.

“So far, Armenia has done nothing to bring about the Karabakh conflict settlement. Seeing as Yerevan has problems with all neighboring countries, Armenia must reconsider its foreign policy,” Cavusoglu said.

Cavusoglu also said that Ankara hopes for an unchanged position from U.S. authorities regarding the Armenian Genocide, otherwise relations between Washington and Ankara may deteriorate.

Cavusoglu says on April 24 the U.S. President Barack Obama will repeat his usual statement, without using the word “genocide.”

In late February, the Turkish Foreign Minister reiterated conditions Ankara set forth for normalization of ties with Armenia. Namely, the ceding of Artsakh to Azerbaijan.


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  1. Hratch said:

    Seems like it’s the same ol’ same ol’. Absolutely nothing has inched forward within the past 100 years. Let this be a call for action for all those who think Turkey will voluntarily do the right thing. Turkey is not Germany. They are a bunch of mongrels influenced by both eastern and Islamic ways. There is no way in hell that turkey can rise to civility. It has not happened until now and it won’t happen in another 1000 years!

  2. tuyn said:

    You have to and will face your own history and this is a fact , just like you threatened France before with your bluff and you are still dong business with the French.

  3. tuyn said:

    US daily The Wall Street Journal has claimed in its editorial on Saturday that it is the “unavoidable conclusion” that the US needs to find a better regional ally to fight the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIL) than Turkey, suggesting that the air base Turkey is currently hosting should be moved somewhere else.

  4. tuyn said:

    The daily described it as a “reality” that the Turkish government, a member of NATO, long ago stopped acting like an ally of the US or a friend of the West. The editorial quoted former US Ambassador to Turkey, Francis Ricciardone, who said this week that the Turkish government “frankly worked” with the al-Nusrah Front—the al Qaeda affiliate in Syria—along with other terrorist groups. It claimed that Ankara also looked the other way as foreign radical groups used Turkey as a transit point on their way to Syria and Iraq.

  5. tuyn said:

    “America may no longer have friends in Ankara, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have options in the Middle East,” the editorial concluded.

  6. tuyn said:

    The wsj noted that İncirlik air base has been a home for US forces for nearly 60 years, but perhaps it’s time to consider replacing it with a new US air base in Kurdish territory in northern Iraq.

  7. tuyn said:

    Former House Democratic Majority Leader Dick Gephardt serves as a registered foreign agent for Turkey and Ankara’s point person in obstructing American condemnation and commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. Last month, the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR) praised the City of Los Angeles and its political leaders for moving to end a contract worth over $850,000 with Gephardt Government Affairs for advocacy work it was conducting on behalf of Los Angeles World Airports.

  8. Norin said:

    Wow I never thought the day would come where a foreign diplomat would command the U.S. President on what will be said or not said in a speech. FDR is rolling over in his grave right now. FDR commanded respect from world powers from a wheelchair and Obama cannot even dictate his own speech content on two legs…RIP USA.

  9. Areg said:

    The Turkish so called fake leader in European clothing telling America what to do. It is funny is not it?

    Cavusoglu will do this to the Russians and Chinese on day! Turkey with problems with all her neighbors is telling Armenia of being the problem in Caucase! Give us a break oglu pasha you must be smoking weed.

  10. Sarkis said:

    Yerevan has problems with all neighboring countries ? It seems that Mr. Cavusoglu was missing during his elementary geography classes. The only problem Yerevan has is with Azerbaijan and Turkey while Armenia has good relations with Georgia and Iran.

  11. GB said:

    Mr. Cavusogloo Turkic herds occupied Armenian Highlands and eliminated have of Armenian Nation of the world ..you are a joke like the rest of Turkey’s brain washed Oghloos!

  12. Simon Shekerjian said:

    I am almost ending my78 now. My father who survived the genocide, was four years old, when Turkish soldiers gethered the neighboring Armenian population in the church, in Adana, closed the doors and poored the fuel and put the fire. My father was crying holding his mother’s hand in the street. Then one of the soldiers came and grabbing my Father’s mom from the hairs, pulled her down and with his dagger opened her belly, and pulled out the baby, then killed the baby and the mother. My father was screaming crying. Then the soldier held my fatherfrom the neck and hit his back on the waist with his dagger and threw him to the ground. My father kept crying. The soldier came back and hit him back in the same area the second and a third time. The kid was still crying. The soldier came back for the fourth time, but there was an old man sitting there, told the soldier: the kid is dead, go away. Then he picked up the kid and run to the American nearby Hospital. And my father lived.
    Then there was the Deportation where, there, with what happened in all Turkish cities against the Armenians and other Christian populations, 1.5 million Armenians perished.
    And Mr. Tchavushoghlu, thinks that with his deniel everything will be set up???
    I really don’t understand, how a person with his position as a foreign minister can show himself so ignorant, hoping with his actual position and declarations about the Armenians and all what happened a century ago. He should know one thing for sure, that it is not important what he or people similar to him think about what happened a century ago. Because there are archives and documents backed with photos archived everywhere in the European and other countries about the “GENOCIDE”. Like what happend to the Jewish people in Germany. Who can deni those things?
    Anyway who ever things by playing this type of acts, shows that he is an Ignorant, it can not delete the facts that happen not only to the Armenians, but to any people who had suchtragedies in the human history.
    So Mr. Tchavushoglu, you better accept the truth, as hard it may be, because with your denial nothing will be changed, as documents exist all over the world, as what happened was and is an extremely important thing, as the purpose was to abolish a population from the face of the earth, so one day nobody could come and ask you for the damages and territorial rights. Check out the history, and see what was Turkey before one thousand and one hundred years before your population came from the east and occupied territories that never belonged to you.

    • Manuk said:

      If only I could go back and save those people from this horrific story, my god. You cant write this stuff, just flat out wrong…What they did to the Armenian people will scar us forever, and they cannot even say a simple sorry? One of these days, I will strike back,!!

  13. GeorgeMardig said:

    It’s unbelievable how Turkey blackmails a super power like US, V.P Biden was humiliated by apologizing to Erdogan not long ago, and now this. enough is enough, US can’t be humiliated forever, it’s time that the US draws the line,

  14. Alex Postallian said:

    When is U.S. going to wise-up,and tell the jerky turks,to buzz off..We know what animals they are,and the biggest braggarts,and a big YELLOW STREAK UP THEIR BACKS…COWARDS. Clean up our diplomatic corps who have been given us false feedback on the jerks,for years,and getting their BACK POCKETS LINED….BRIBES,BRIBES.

  15. Xxx said:

    What turkey what threat? We will wipe that country out within 24 hours who does this guy think his threatening he must really want a big American show up his ass

  16. Ari said:

    It’s very interesting and strange to know that the Turkish Government already knows what the President of the USA will say on April 24, 2015!

    “Cavusoglu says on April 24 the U.S. President Barack Obama will repeat his usual statement, without using the word “genocide.””

  17. Garo said:

    I would also like to add the statement of the ‘ZERO PROBLEM’ for which turkey so called claims with its neighbours. I wonder who invaded Cyprus in 1974 and up this date control 35% of the northern part of the island.

  18. Jove said:

    The USA can not wise up. Her foreign policy is crafted, and orchestrated in Tel aviv. You want to reach the USA ? , then reach Israel first..