Chinese President Accepts Invitation to Visit Armenia

Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian (left) meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. March 25, 2015. (Photo: official publication)

BEIJIN (ArmRadio)—On a state visit to the People’s Republic of China, Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian had a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Wednesday. Upon the conclusion of a high-level meeting the leaders of the two countries signed a joint declaration on further development and deepening of cooperation and relations between Armenia and China.

The parties pledged to continue the relations based on mutual respect, equality and reciprocal interests, expand the cooperation in the political, commercial-economic, humanitarian and other spheres for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries.

The Armenian party reiterated its support for China’s policy, and expressed its stance against the independence of Taiwan. Armenia reiterated it would establish no ties with Taiwan, as it sees Taiwan as an integral part of China.

The Chinese party, in turn, expressed its support for the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict on the basis of the basic principles of the UN Charter and the universal norms of international law.

Xi Jinping accepted Sarkisian’s invitation to pay a state visit to Armenia. The date of the visit is yet to be determined.

Trade with China makes about 10 percent of Armenia’s total international trade, having growth from 8 percent a year ago.

As part of his visit, Sarkisian plans to meet with Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Republic of China’s National People’s Congress, and Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council. Sarkisian will be hosted at Peking University where he will deliver a speech.


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  1. State-Of-Emergency said:

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that all whose who decline to come want to avoid being on the same stage with Putin. Essentially, Putin is a spoiler. On the surface his attendance seemed to be something to celebrate, but in actuality he is a hindrance and an obstacle. Western leaders opposed to his policies will find an excuse not to attend. At the end of the day, Putin will have the upper hand as he will take center stage and further consolidate his hegemony over Armenia.

    • GeorgeMardig said:

      State-Of-Emergency: you can’t have all, the question is when shovel comes to shove, who do you stick with? Russia’s presence for Armenia’s safety is more important than the West’s

    • Aram said:

      That’s total nonsense of course. Why should it bother politicians who is attending a Genocide commemoration? They have shaken hands with some of the worst dictators in the world, but can’t come to Armenia because of Putin’s attendance? You guys are finding ever creative ways of blaming Putin for all your lives illnesses. First of all unlike the US, Russia has recognized the Armenian genocide, and unlike Obama, Putin has been to the Genocide memorial in Armenia previously. Secondly Putin didn’t announce the acceptance of the invitation right away, there was silence from Obama and we still don’t know his response. But of course off the record we know what he is going to do. Both the French and the Polish president who really really dislikes Putin has pledged to come. On the other hand the Norwegian Prime Minister downright rejected it, but was kind enough to explain it, she said that she: “doesn’t want to upset Turkey” and that Norwegian relations with Turkey are more important to them. Nothing in her explanation hints to Putin in any way. Here we have a president of a major country that pledges his respects to the victims of a Genocide that is still not recognized by the most powerful nation in the world, and we are to blame Putin? Sorry that doesn’t corresponding to reality.

      • GeorgeMardig said:

        @Aram: well said, some Armenians have lost their mind, American $$$$$ are making them lose their compass

  2. Vindicated Man said:

    Excellent news! As I wrote earlier, this event is like the moment of truth.

  3. Vasken said:

    Taiwan is integral part of China as Artsakh (Karabakh) and Western Armenia (or Anatolia) is integral part of Armenia!

  4. Aram said:

    Revised: Article quotes official figures saying that trade with China represents 10% of Armenia’s international trade, up from 8% a year ago? A more accurate way of looking at this is: colud it be that trade with Russia, or other countries, has SHRUNK and by default China’s share has increased accordingly. That’s no “up”; it is a reshuffle of the pie. Second question, in whose favor is the trade balance? This article fails to address these two important questions.

  5. GB said:

    A good foreign policy will make Armenia stronger, politically and economically.

  6. Artur said:

    Hayastane ira yerqe yerqela. Togheq gone hangist hogi ta. Inchqan uzuma togh saponvi, meka azgovi tqeluen hayots paitikin.

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