Erdogan Says Armenia ‘Fixed’ April 24 Date to Coincide with Gallipoli Events

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

PARIS—Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Armenia of “fixing” the April 24 date to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli.

In an interview with France 24 television, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli Battles and “we are in no position to obtain permission from Armenia.”

“It is a date in history and it has nothing to do with the ceremonies in Armenia. Quite on the contrary, they fixed their ceremonies to coincide with our date,” Erdogan said.

Speaking about problems between Armenia and Turkey, he said it was Ankara that always “took a positive step” and “extended our hand in peace.”

The Turkish government to this day refuses to acknowledge that the systematic, state-sponsored murder of 1.5 million Armenians and the exile of Armenians from their historic homelands constitutes a genocide. Instead, the Turkish state claims that it was Armenians who killed Turks and that Armenians were relocated from their homes for their own safety. Writers and public figures in Turkey are arrested regularly for speaking about the Armenian Genocide, which is illegal in Turkey under certain circumstances.

Turkey and Armenia also have no diplomatic relations. Turkey closed its border with Armenia in 1993 in a show of support for its co-ethnic ally, Azerbaijan, when war broke out over Artsakh. Turkey has conditioned its normalization of ties with Armenia on the ceding of Artsakh to Azerbaijan and the abandonment of claims over the Armenian Genocide.


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  1. petrov said:

    this echek oglu is beyond remedy. why does asbarez waste precious space to print the ruminations of this man.

  2. danoog said:

    Well, if anyone ever needed proof that this man is a pathological liar, here you go.

  3. Gary said:

    I always knew he was a stupid “Sultan want to be” individual , but this time he crossed the line………..he is really a crazy person.

  4. Anton said:

    Erdogan is an advanced idiot; shows great skills in his inability to tell time.

  5. vartan said:

    I don’t understand why he is lying all the time . although it is in DNA of every turk lie . cheat murder. destroy , and he wants to be a member of EU ,

  6. Boghos khatchadourian said:

    He really outdid himself this time. What a total idiot.

  7. Vahagn said:

    Gaipoli – Baliboli – Malimoli …. Never heard about that.. Erdogan – yatagan is mad.

  8. Edward Demian said:

    With enough bananas one can coax a monkey into wearing a suit. But it still a monkey.

  9. Vindicated Man said:

    Is he adequate mentally? Anyway, his behavior shows what kind of country he’s representing. Anyone who treats such people seriously is an enemy to common sense.

  10. Artoush said:

    There is a proverb ” YOU SPIT ON TURK’S FASE, HE WILL SAY OH GOOD IT IS RAINING”. Mr. Erdogan, it is raining…

  11. GeorgeMardig said:

    How can this insane man can be the President of Turkey, it’s sad for Turkey, it’s sad for Armenians

  12. Alex Postallian said:

    Whenever this rabid,mad dog…errodoggie…speaks,the jerky turks,look worse…………Woof,Woof..

  13. Arram said:

    It is clear this clown fears us and his absurdity amuses me. I just feel sorry for all the puppets that believe him

  14. Armenian Christian said:

    Hahaha turkey is going to be broken up into pieces and hopefully Armenians will get ours but let’s not be foolish it may have to be through the barrel of a gun… That’s all these imbeciles understand

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