Schiff Applauds Pope, Urges US to Follow Suit

Rep. Adam Schiff

WASHINGTON—Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), the lead sponsor of the Armenian Genocide Truth and Justice Resolution, on Sunday released statement applauding Pope Francis for courageously recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

“Pope Francis has proven himself a remarkable figure in every way, and his recognition today of the Armenian Genocide was another courageous milestone in his Papacy. The Pope was exactly right when he said that ‘concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it.’ I hope that the Pope’s words will inspire our President and Congress to demonstrate a like commitment to speaking the truth about the Armenian Genocide and to renounce Turkey’s campaign of concealment and denial.

“America must speak plainly about the facts of what happened one hundred years ago, when in the throes of defeat, the Ottoman Empire murdered one and a half million Armenian men, women and children. With the centennial of the genocide fast approaching, and with a few survivors still among us, the time for inexcusable silence has come to an end.”

The Armenian Genocide Truth and Justice Resolution is a bipartisan resolution calls upon the President to work toward equitable, constructive, and durable Armenian-Turkish relations based upon the Republic of Turkey’s full acknowledgement of the facts and ongoing consequences of the Armenian Genocide. The resolution will also establish a fair, just, and comprehensive international record of this crime against humanity.

Later this month on April 22nd, Rep. Schiff will for an entire hour on the House Floor, he will read the names of a small fraction of the 1.5 million people killed during the Armenian Genocide. Congressman Schiff invites the descendants of Genocide victims — in his district and around the nation — to submit the names of family members who were killed for inclusion in his speech and in the Congressional Record. Schiff is encouraging the submission of names by using the special online form.


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  1. Diran Papazian said:

    My grandfather HAGOP MERJANIAN was killed in Aintab in 1917 My grandmother and mother
    somehow escaped to Halepo than Lebanon and than Egypt who welcomed them.

  2. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Democrats Cannot Betray Others’’ Genocides
    Written in my Poetry Collection:
    (“My Son~My Sun: Chants Ann, Obamas Mother” 2011, p.113)*

    Democrats with their elected President
    Cannot betray any Genocide.
    Especially the one defined to be the first——
    Armenian Genocide was the Surname
    Stamped on every voice alive or slayed
    From the Der-Zor deserts
    and the Turkey’’s undergrounds
    That their desert sand can still narrate…
    Weeps with crushed lacrimal ducts.

    Each raped, silenced tortured voice . . .
    Called Jesus, Called Saints,
    Called Allah (The slayers God)
    No-one listened . . . no-one saved.

    Democrats, they are humans
    Making endless mistakes
    Who came to serve carrying with them
    Others’’ unsolvable disputes.
    When they don’’t recognize them
    They have betrayed themselves.

    They spoke the truth to win their seats.
    When in power . . . . They snaked their tongues.

    Any clever youth, decent man of any race
    Will not accept such devilish pleats.

    Thus, from our unanswered wretchedness
    They will all regret what they unjustly seduced.

    Let us wait and see.
    Armenians waited almost a whole century,
    They’’re able to wait a few more years to assess,
    Who is a traitor . . . Who is trustworthy.


    *The heading of the cover of the book…is not strange if you analyze …
    Myself being a mother, I felt with Ann, to bring a clever son like Obama…
    So I wrote “My Son~My Sun”…Typical any dedicated mother with her child…
    Although…I feel… Barak loves his father more than his mother
    but he carries single X chromosome …can’t escape…from it …and inert Y be a male…
    She…Ann was a real human ..if she was alive, she will tell her son,
    My Son~My dear Son…Please recognize The Armenian Genocide.

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