Schiff ‘Disappointed’ Over Obama’s Failure to Recognize Genocide

Rep. Adam Schiff

WASHINGTON—Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the lead sponsor of the Armenian Genocide Truth and Justice Resolution in Congress, released the following statement Tuesday after the White House confirmed to Armenian-American community leaders that the President would not use the word genocide when he issues a statement Friday on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide:

“I’m deeply disappointed that the President, once again, will fail to properly describe the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians from 1915 to 1923 for what it was – genocide. How long must the victim’s and their families wait before our nation has the courage to confront Turkey with the truth about the murderous past of the Ottoman Empire? If not this President, who spoke so eloquently and passionately about recognition in the past, whom? If not after one hundred years, when?

“The United States has long prided itself for being a beacon of human rights, for speaking out against atrocity, for confronting painful chapters of its own past and that of others. This cannot be squared with a policy of complicity in genocide denial by the President or Congress. Last week, the Pope spoke powerfully of the need to bind the wound that continues to bleed in the absence of recognition – I only wish Washington had been listening.”


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  1. State-Of-Emergency said:

    Forget about Obama’s past statements. Many people make outrages vows when they marry only to break it later. It has become acceptable to lie, cheat and steal in this dog eat dog world. Religions were all invented to keep people in line, but as societies evolved all past notions of character and decency have been tossed out the window. It will only become worst as time goes on. The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are here again. What kind of an example are politicians who constantly lie through their teeth to get elected? Our children are picking up every message and what we get in the future is rightfully deserved !!

  2. dan said:

    Mr. Congressman the Washington is listening but just like erdogan is saying it goes “in one ear, out the other.”

  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Dear Adam Schiff
    You did your duty …no one can blame you …
    You will remain honest man in our Armenian honest eyes.
    But Obama will stay the same, what we suspected before––
    That he is chained by political chains
    No-one can unchain that black rusted chains from his wrists.
    Even if he changes his skin color to white …
    I like to tell Obama…as a human not as a president

    You…Yes You Obama…
    You choose killers to be your friends
    And not honest people, like the Armenians…
    Congrats for your chose …
    I’m sure…you are scared from their scimitars,
    They can slay your neck…

    You know Armenian have arts
    Can’t slay anyone by their pen… their brush …
    But can sketch in their Hearts
    That you betrayed them on every ground …

    Congrats …Having PhD certificate from Harvard
    For lying on ancient race
    Who lost 1.5 X2 millions creative hands.
    They served you by their hearts
    But you preferred to be slave for unjust politics…!!!

    Dr. SYLVA

  4. Vahe said:

    The same people who killed John F Kennedy for wanting to stop and expose their then “unknown” nuclear program, the same people who planned, instigated, deported, murdered, plundered and annihilated our people and nation (enver,talat and crew), the same people who have supported, armed and fully support Azerbaijan and turkey forever, the same people who killed millions of Russians and formed “Bolshevik” govt and kissed ataturks ass (he was one of them), the same people who with their powerful lobby groups have always helped deny our genocide in America, the same people who have wanted a war with Iran for so long when iran has never bothered them, the same scumbag people who control ALL of your media and currency, the same sick immoral people who label everyone anti-Semitic for disagreeing with their “holocaust” yet have the audacity to deny ours, the same racist people who treat Armenians like S**t in our quarter of jerusalem, the same people who planned, created and fund ISIS (ask yourself how it’s possible ISIS doesn’t damage THEIR graveyards in Iraq, but will desecrate and demolish anyone else’s including their own peoples), the same people who created a country on other peoples lands then deported, murdered and treated them like subhumans, the same people who YOUR tax dollars support around $3billion a year, are the same people who make the decisions, not Obama !! Wake the f**k up people !
    Yes, Turks are our enemies as they committed the genocide and deny it until now, but for the love of whatever you love, who masterminded it and planned it ?? C’mon now, I’m sure if we think a little bit we will see who REALLY is behind ALL of this. Turks/Azeris are the sword, who has been holding the sword this whole time ?? They are already in armenia with goals of erasing out nation off the map.
    I’m armenian from iran living in canada, no need to accuse me of being turkish nor am I trying to take the blame away from Turks, just wake up and know who masterminded all of our suffering for the last century.
    Yes, I’m sure “schiff” was just outraged…LOL oh how naieve us Armenians really are, imagine how hard they have been continuously laughing at us !

    • gary said:

      Amen My friend somebody reading my mind you are 100% right: but we still kiss their ass while their laughing on us, thanks your post:

  5. State-Of-Emergency said:

    To top it off, perhaps Obama can pardon Tsarnaev now that he gave the American people the middle finger.

  6. State-Of-Emergency said:

    To make a lasting statement that will echo the chambers of congress and the white house, Rep. Schiff, along with other fellow Democrat congressmen, should resign from the Democratic Party; the same party that represents Obama.

  7. Andy said:

    Many lied to us but few did so cowardly as this president. United States has nothing to do with this liar, this miserable little person with no moral fiber. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to stand up to his boss, Erdogan, but still he made promises and sent others we trusted to lie to us, just so that he can get a few more votes. He is disgusting and undeserving of his title. Thank you, Mr. Schiff.

  8. Dikran said:

    Mr Obama should about giving a bullshit speech and say NOTHING if he does not have the balls to use the correct word GENOCIDE. Once a liar, always a liar.

  9. Satenik said:

    Obama has been a disappointment right from the start. I don’t get disappointed from someone who has been a disappointment throughout!

  10. Ani said:

    It is the Moral Bankruptcy at OBAMA.
    This man has no moral values and as we say in armenian, he would even sell his mother for glory.