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Aleppo’s Forty Martyrs Church was destroyed by Islamic rebel forces


Just as Armenians around the world were wrapping up their Genocide Centennial Commemorations, our community in Aleppo was once again the victim of a brutal attack on one of its most iconic churches – the 15th century Armenian Church of Forty Martyrs.

Was the timing of this barbaric act just a coincidence or a message on behalf of the same genocidal criminals who continue to target our heritage, faith and identity?

As you all know, the war in Aleppo has entered a new and very dangerous phase. Our neighborhoods are now in direct line of fire and are being targeted on a daily basis. Our population is facing imminent danger and is suffering human as well as property damages. Our churches continue to be under attack.

Although we become furious with every new tragedy that befalls on our brethren in Syria, we are reminded that we are a nation that has risen from the ashes of a Genocide. The calamity facing the victims of today’s war in Aleppo and all other cities and towns in Syria can only strengthen our resolve and commitment to help them navigate this sad chapter in their lives whether inside Syria or as refugees around the world, most notably in Armenia.

Today, more than ever, the fate of all those living inside Aleppo is unknown. What will be our response!

We call upon our community members to once again step up to the occasion and heed to our urgent call to action by donating generously to help our sisters and brothers who today, more than ever, need our immediate response.

Donate Now! Online or by mailing a check to Syrian Armenian Relief Fund, P.O. Box 1948, Glendale, CA 91209


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  1. Sarkis said:

    Donations are not enough. Either the UN should step in or we should send in the Armenian Army special forces and secure the area. The last thing we can afford is another genocide.

  2. Vindicated Man said:

    These stories must also go to the mainstream media (CNN, FOX, BBC, RT, AJ, …). Now is the right time to step up such efforts. We have the momentum on our side.

  3. ara A R Afrikian said:

    the enemy as always- sympathetic to the turks-same dirty people-cowards- dirt

  4. Sam said:

    Looks like Assad’s falling time is arriving very soon ,and we have to help the Armenians to flee from alepo and never return I know it’s very hard and talk is easy . But think about it the fanatic Muslims killed every christian in their way. They will rape and torture even try to sell our daughters wife’s and mothers .hurry up and leave life is more important than materials .Armenians can rebuild again don’t worry

  5. Mary Street (Bogharian) said:

    How can I contribute from Australia?
    I cannot send cheque.

  6. GeorgeMardig said:

    Turkey is the source of evel, thank you Pres. Obama for your patronage

  7. Arius said:

    The evil that attacks our people in Syria and others there is aided and abetted by the US. I wish that my brother and sister Armenians in the West would realize from whence evil is coming at us. It’s the US behind Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. The US has directly caused the death of several millions since at least 1990 and the EU is also involved in this perfidy. I have no further hope in the West. All my hope for us Armenians in the Middle East and Armenia is in the coalescing East that will soon be strong enough to draw a line that the West will dare not cross. Until then I expect more rivers of blood spilled by US hands. I have lived my entire life in the US but am now sickened by its stench of evil.

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