Israeli Group Condemns Recent Spate of Bigotry against Armenian Clergy

A priest walks through one of the street’s in Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter. (Photo: Matthew Karanian)

A priest walks through one of the street’s in Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter. (Photo: Matthew Karanian)

JERUSALEM—The Israel Jewish Coalition for Interfaith Relations (IJCIR) condemned in a recently released statement a number of recent acts of bigotry and hatred against the Armenian clergy in Jerusalem. “We call for immediate attention and action to stop these repeated acts of violence against innocent Armenian clergy and laypersons there,” the IJCIR statement said.

“The recurring acts of spitting, shouting and graffiti against Armenian clergy in the Old City of Jerusalem have no place in our Jewish democratic State in the Holy Land. These ugly intolerant acts violate the fundamental values of Israel and Judaism and betray our commitment that all humans are created in the Image of God. Because they are created in the Divine Image, all persons are holy and must be treated with dignity and respect,” the statement said.

The statement added, “As Jews we have a specific obligation not to oppress the stranger in our society.”

The ICJRC went on to demand that the police apprehend and punish the offenders implicated in the recent crimes, insisting that such “acts of bigotry” will only stop when “swift and consistent action” is taken to try and punish the offenders.

“The extremists who perpetrate these criminal acts bring shame on the Jewish people, the State of Israel, the city of Jerusalem, its government and its police. We must act now to safeguard the stability of our society and protect the basic values of the Holy City and the State of Israel,” the ICJRC said.


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  1. Artin Yepremian said:

    This is not an issue that must be presented in such an apologetic and pathetic way. Who cares about what this insignificant Jewish organization has said. The fact remains that for YEARS the Armenian clergy and devotees have been harassed, spat at, beat up with complete impunity and no body in that whole country, including the police, gives enough of a damn to do anything. It speaks volumes of the culture and mentality of the citizenry there so please call things as they are and stop pulling at strings to find an obscure, unknown little Jewish organization that’s “on our side” when in reality no one of any significance in that country really gives a damn.

    • MHONA said:

      This statement is the best to date. Exactly, call it as it is .

    • George said:

      Thank you Artin, couldn’t have said it any better. I have never even heard of this so-called jewish group until now. The fact remains, jews have some embedded hatred\racism against the Armenian quarter, but it doesnt stop there, they are racist against the Greeks and other Christians as well.

  2. April 24 @ 24/7/365 said:

    We Armenians are one of the most gullible people on earth. We were the first to fall prey to history’s biggest fallacies. First we accepted Christianity and later adhered to Communist doctrine. Both have caused irreparable damage to our once might kingdom and culture. Instead of worshiping nationalism, we became slaves to universal theories that were designed to replace cultural identity, values and priorities.

    • George said:

      Spot on! How come we are never told about the real history behind the Young Turks, who they were, where they came from? Why did they stage the revolution and why the Genocide really happened? And why do we always fall for these games Israel plays against the Armenian people and the Genocide? Let’s call a spade a spade, they only want the spotlight for themselves!

  3. Manouk pezeshkian said:

    The Armenians in Israel have been always harassed and the government kept closed eyes on it.

  4. Keren Moorad said:

    Thank you for your public outcry. It is not right that for your the religious hassidic in the area were harassing the Armenian clergy. I have reposted this article in numerous groups. Again thank you, hopefully it will make a difference. I call for unity! Toda raba! Thank you very much! Shad shnorhagalutyun!