Turkish Consul General to Lyon Attacks Armenian Activists

attack on protesters

LYON, France—Activists of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Nor Seroont Youth Organization staged a sit-in in front of the Turkish Consulate General in the southern French city Saturday, when they were physically attacked by consular staff and the Consul General himself.

The protest was part of the organization’s ongoing effort to draw attention to Turkey’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide and to demand reparations for the crime.

The employees of the Turkish consulate attacked the activists, hit one who was recording the goings on and stole his phone. Later the Consul General, Hilmi Ege Türemen, showed up and attacked and cursed the young Armenian Activists.


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  1. ara said:

    the coward and idiot turk is lucky he did not meet me and my pals-jerk

  2. Danoog said:

    Congratulations to these brave, young Armenians for standing up against Turkish facism and intimidation.

  3. Jacque said:

    I salute these young Armenians but I’m disturbed by watching them being kicked and pushed around like animals.
    I like to know where where the adults to counter attack these Turkish DOGS.
    No Armenian should be treated like that this is 2015 and those who kicked our youth should pay .
    These Turkish thugs are lucky they’re not in Los Angeles.

  4. Raffi Bairamian said:

    This is the turkish culture .Insulting and beating those brave activists who are demanding Justice for the Armenian Genocide which the forefathers of those turks have perpetuated against the Armenian People. France must expell this stupid General Concil of Turkey and must join the other turkish ambassadors and consuls (Of Vatican , Belgium , Brazil , etc… ) who returned to turkey for good.

  5. Raffi said:

    TRUTH HEARTS, Consul General, Hilmi Ege Türemen can curse and attack as much as he wants, truth will not change, deniers are repetitors of the Genocide, they deny because they themselves would have perpetrated the Genocide today if they had the opportunity, they still live in the 19th century, in front of facts A CIVILIZED TURK CAN NOT DENY

  6. le turc du lyon said:

    in video yours cant see but they extremely beated by turks and france police didnt helped armenians cause they know muslims take control of france Allah w akbar

  7. Armen Pogosyan said:

    So there are no Armenian men to fight those Turkish sons of bitches that attack and beat up that Armenian guy in a red shirt? I don’t understand that. Why weren’t there Armenian guys fighting back and preventing from that guy getting his ass kicked by those old pieces of shit? Those old motherfuckers should be kicked around on the floor bleeding and that cunt that was pouring water on the girls should be beaten up by the girls as well. I would like to see this happen in Los Angeles where I can be present. Im proud of each and every one of you that participated this day! Thank you