Turkish Radical Threatens to ‘Hunt for Armenians’ In Streets of Kars

Grey Wolves activist Tolga Adıgüzel

Grey Wolves activist Tolga Adıgüzel

KARS—The head of the local branch of the notorious Grey Wolves, Tolga Adıgüzel has threatened that his group would “hunt for Armenians” in Kars, after world-renowned pianist Tigran Hamasyan performed a concert at the ruins of Ani, Ermenihaber.am reported, citing Turkish Radikal daily.

Adıgüzel went on to accuse Armenians of organizing what he called “the events of 1915” and “Khodjaly.

“What should we do now? Should we start a hunt for Armenians in the streets of Kars?” asked Adıgüzel.

He urged Armenians “not to test the patience of Turks.” He added that “Turks, for example, cannot go to Armenia and freely organize an event at a sacred site for Armenians.” He threatened to take necessary measures “if events repeat.”

Within the framework of the Luys I Luso program, Tigran Hamasyan will perform Armenian musical selections in 100 churches in Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Luxemburg, the United States and Russia.

The program is a new interpretation of Armenian religious music from the 5th to the 20th centuries, which will be released on a CD in September 2015.


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  1. GB said:

    This Turk oghloo should go to Altai mountain, grab a wolf tail and worship to his gods!

    • Random Armenian said:

      Given Turkish history, this person probably has an Armenian ancestor who was a genocide orphan. He may even know it.

  2. State-Of-Emergency said:

    A nobody trying to become somebody. This is similar to the Night Wolves in Russia who go around and terrorize areas they consider to be holy Russian ground. No good for nothing useless idiots are abundant in all races, creeds and nationalities.

  3. Raffi said:

    …. “Turks, for example, cannot go to Armenia and freely organize an event at a sacred site for Armenians.”.. dick head Tolga Adıgüzel, Kars is Armenian land pending to be returned to Armenians.

  4. Norin said:

    Keep your mouth shut you short little man. Those are some big words when your friends are around and you are in Turkey, lets see you repeat them by yourself out in the open world. For every Armenian hurt, the cost will be 10 Turkish beasts. You best keep your mouth shut, lest the supposed hunter becomes the hunted.

    • Mehmet Ozul said:

      That is right. But don’t forget that i am not one of the radicals. What happened 102 years ago was a very sad and unfortunate part of our history, but don’t forget the view of the government and organizations is not the view of people like me

  5. Edward Demian said:

    His home address and pictures of his family should be published. Give him something to worry about beside, Armenians on the streets of Kars.

    • Mehmet Ozul said:

      No, you don’y do that, because it is a breach of privacy and a offense under the law of every country. Anyway the grey wolves won’t get far. It is only a matter of time when they will get banned in Turkey

  6. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    If threat is serious and peoples life is in jeopardy , concert should be cancelled to protect people’s life , this grey wolves are very dangerous then Ku Klux Klan. People lives for Armenians are secret. GOD gave us life , GOD should take but these barbaric Turks won’t believe this. Grey Wolves are comparing with Armenia. Look at once . How Kurds are treated in Turkey comparing in Armenia , well respected citizens with own activities , enjoy same rights as Armenians , they exercise there language , culture , religion freely without persecution from Armenian goverment . This is the difference Armenia and Turkey today , Turk still thinking finish the killing of Armenians if they find them and Goverment of Turkey close there eyes to this crime , nothing is changed , just open your eyes my fellow Armenians every where.

  7. Hagopian hagopian said:

    He is right but where is turkey?? Turks were being chased by Ghengis Khan and eventually ended up in Asia Minor. You may call it turkey, but it is occupied Armenia, Cappadocia, cilician Armenia. Of course you can’t come to the Armenian Republic or the Republic of Artsakh because there is nothing for you to do on our lands. However, remind yourself NOT abuse the Armenian patience, brcause by a handful of Armenians in the 80’s we were able to remind you of your past crimes. Surely, you don’t want to be hunted down.

  8. Mehmet Ozul said:

    What the grey wolves does and their extreme views is not the views of average working class everyday people of the Turkish nationality. I want all of us to get on with each other but idiots such as the man in this article wreck this and try to take us back to 1919 when the whole world hated us. Our leader Mustafa kemel didn’t create our nation for it to be destroyed by some radical idiots.

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