US, Once Again, Will Be Complicit in Turkey’s Crimes Against Humanity

Turkish war planes that were used to attack Kurds
Turkish war planes that were used to attack Kurds

Turkish war planes that were used to attack Kurds


The United States’ “brilliant” foreign policy move over the weekend to strike a deal with Turkey to engage Ankara in its so-called fight against the Islamic State has quickly shown Turkey’s motives to finally back down and allow the US the use of its own airbase and to actively engage in the fight against what is also known as ISIS or ISIL.

Of course, this was prompted by what is being called an ISIS attack last week in Suruc, Turkey on the border with Syria as Ankara began enlisting the help of its NATO allies and the US to combat what it called terrorism on its territory.

It didn’t take long for Ankara to use this carte blanche provided to it by the US deal to turn its guns and warheads against the Kurdish population in Iraq. After staging a bombing attack on what was supposedly ISIS territory in Syria, Turkey attacked a Kurdish stronghold in Iraq, prompting the Kurds to call an end to the tenuous cease-fire with the Turks.

Turkey, which according to a former US Ambassador to Ankara, was facilitating the flow of Al-Qaeda and Islamic militants into Syria for a long time, also allowed its fluid border with the war-torn country to serve as a transport route for weapons and materials for ISIS, when its NATO ally, the US, had declared war on the Islamic State. Turkey’s apprehension to side with the US was its insistence that Syrian President Bashar al Assad should be removed from power in order to, according to Turkish officials, bring back stability, when in reality Turkey’s policy to extend its reach into Syria was the dominant factor in its posturing.

Furthermore, Turkey’s aiding and abetting of Islamist militants has had its immediate and intended impact on the Armenian population there—the invasion of Kessab, destruction of Der Zor and now the complete blockade of Aleppo.

Now, only days after the deal with the US, talk in Turkey has turned from how to fight ISIS to how to silence the Kurds, both within and outside Turkey—a long standing policy of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As a follow-up to its military attack on Kurdish bases in Iraq, Erdogan is now looking to outlaw the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) by ordering a terrorism investigation into the party’s activities and calling for the revoking of the party’s parliamentary mandate.

The HDP, which won enough seats in parliament in last month’s elections to end the AKP’s absolute control of the Turkish legislature, has criticized official Ankara for inciting civil war and exposed Erdogan’s intentions to ice the Kurds from having any role in a future coalition government or the political stage in general. Erdogan’s actions against the HDP also undermine the democratic progress seen in Turkey after the June elections, a factor that was highly praised by the US.

So, what is the US to do when its ally is brazenly forfeiting its commitment to the intended aims of an agreement and is in fact using it to start a war against its own minority and continue its streak of crimes against humanity for which it is well known?

It is hard to believe that the seasoned US policymakers who thought of this disastrous deal did not see this coming. Since the US’ declared war on ISIS, the Kurdish population in both Iraq and Syria has proven to be a critical component of the fight on the ground, and has, according to the US military, been able to repel the threat from key positions in that area.

If the US does not take swift action, it will become complicit in another one of Turkey’s crimes against humanity. However, history has shown that the US does not mind being Ankara’s puppet, as was clear this past April when the world stood in recognition of the Armenian Genocide, and the US, once again, bowed out, continuing its complicity in that century-old crime against humanity.

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  1. State-Of-Emergency said:

    It all makes sense to Turkey. The Kurds plan on establishing Kurdistan in Eastern Turkey (Western Armenia). I’m sure we also would not like to see a new country on top of ours. The players in this game, whether Turkish or American, know what they’re doing and the direction they want this thing lead to. Stay tuned for further developments.

    • Harutik said:

      Spoken like a true Turk. Imagine your indignation had Russia been supporting Turkey’s military adventures in Syria.

  2. zarkim said:

    Americans/allies including NATO and Israel encouraged/funded and armed Turkish terrorists to commit crimes against humanity. Turkey allowed these terrorists to get stronger, enter Syria/Iraq and kill/kidnap innocent civilians. Most of these terrorists’ weapons were supplies by US Administration and allies.
    Once again Americans arm the Terrorists by MISTAKE.
    Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad
    Now the truth emerges: how the US fueled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq
    USA used Kurdish fighters to fight against ISIS now USA is cooperating with Turkey to destroy Kurds and commit crimes against humanity.
    USA is a desperate country and will use anyone to stay afloat. Turkey is using this state of affairs.
    NATO exists only on paper. From the front it is an A4 size paper, however if you look from the side, it is not even 1 millimetres thick.
    Now we can see why Russia and China do whatever they do… Edward Snowden has provided some valuable information to them.
    Turkey is better asking Russia’s permission before entering Syria…

  3. Ararat said:

    This is rotten Turkish trickery in full display. They secretly funded, armed and gave ISIS criminals safe passage into Syria through the Turkish-Syrian border to do their dirty work of massacring in cold-blood rival Shia populations and to murder and uproot native Christians from their homes, all the while making deals with ISIS and sitting idle and as a NATO member state refusing to join the fight with them to stop human sufferings right next door under their watchful eyes. However, they themselves did not hesitate to go begging the Dutch and the Germans NATO member states to come help defend their artificial borders with war-torn little Syria a few years back.

    But now that their former ISIS mercenaries have turned their guns on their Turkish collaborators and quite alarmed by recent victories of their Kurdish enemies over the ISIS, these cunning Turks have all of a sudden felt the need to do something to remove the ISIS threat from the Turkish border by giving the “illusion” that they have now joined the fight against the ISIS by allowing the NATO forces to use Turkish air bases to remove that threat for them, as the Dutch and the Germans had done previously, while they themselves go after much less and poorly armed Kurdish fighters to exact revenge on them and to crush any possible Kurdish aspiration for autonomy and independence right next door to Turkey. The double-standard shown by the west toward these Turkish criminals is of course nothing new.

    A lot may have changed in the region over the years but one thing that has not changed is that rotten and opportunistic Turkish character to commit evil acts for selfish gains.

    • Muhtesem Yuzyil said:

      Mate what are you talking about? I never knew there were a strong and a weak Kurdish force also what relevance does that have on airstrikes since none of them have medium to high anti air missiles?
      Turkey attacks the Marxist terrorist group known as the PKK. Kurds are our brothers.
      You can keep trying to wedge a knife in between us but you’ll never succeed.

      PKK killed officers we have a right to defend ourselves.

  4. Harutik said:

    Why are we surprised at all this?! ISIS is the monster intentionally created by Western powers with the help of their regional allies. Anyone that does not see this needs to have their heads examined. ISIS has doing the preparatory ground work for the Western-Israeli-Saudi-Turkish partnership for the past few years. ISIS was meant to shock and awe the global sheeple as it mutilated Syria and carved a territory for Saudi-Turkish backed Wahhabist Sunnis, as a means of creating a buffer against the growth Iranian influence from Lebanon to Iraq. Now, ISIS will be the excuse to invade and officially fragment Syria at a later date. This is what ISIS was meant to do from day one. I am amazed at how many people still buy the Western narrative. It really speaks volumes about the power of societal conditioning by the controlled news media.

  5. Raffi said:

    Turkey will destroy anything that is Kurd related, Turks hate Kurds