Looted Church Treasures to Be Returned to Cyprus

(Source: Greek Reporter)
(Source: Greek Reporter)

(Source: Greek Reporter)

NICOSIA (Greek Reporter)—The Church of Cyprus has announced that thirty four treasures that were stolen from the island’s Turkish-occupied areas are expected to return on Friday afternoon to Cyprus.

The treasures will return to Cyprus following a decision by the Munich Court of Appeals on March 16, in the case of Turkish art smuggler Aydin Dikmen.

Among the artifacts, twenty four are Byzantine relics and some prehistoric antiquities coming mostly from the collection of Chr. Chatziprodromou, from Ayios Epiktitos Church. Among the Byzantine relics are three pairs of bema doors (Monastery of Antiphonitis Christ, Virgin Mary Monastery in Kantara), wall paintings from the Monastery of Antiphonitis Christ, the church of Agia Solomoni in Coma tou Yialou and the Monastery of Panagia Apsinthiotissa in Sychari. The relics include a hand written manuscript of 17th century (omilario) from the Monastery of the Panagia Trooditissa, and the hand written gospel of the Armenian community of Cyprus stolen during the Turkish mutiny in 1963.

More than 500 churches situated in the areas under Turkish occupation since 1974 have been destroyed, plundered and looted, or turned into stables, warehouses, restaurants and hotels. The Cyprus government and the church have repeatedly protested to the United Nations, the World Council of Churches and many other international and religious organizations.


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  1. Norin said:

    It doesn’t matter where these Turkish animals land, whereever they go, they only know to plunder, destroy, and steal. Creative thoughts are not part of their primitive neanderthalish DNA, they are a vermin blight on the face of the Earth and don’t belong as part of a civilized world. I have yet to read about these animals illegally occupying foreign soil and actually having respect for the indeginous artifacts and structures. Their first reaction is to destroy centuries old cultural and religious infrastructure and loot leftover valuables.

    I pray for the day an Armenian takes a dirty suitcase nuclear weapon to the center of Istanbul and pulls the trigger. Our campaigns of killing their diplomats in the 70’s and earlier were the right steps, these wastes of human life deserve no less from the world.

  2. zarkim said:

    Throughout the human history TURKIC people have always been opportunists like HYENAS.
    Turkic people see a destabilized nation and then their ANIMAL instinct takes over.
    Unfortunately big powers like USA and UK and the rest join in and participate in these low acts.
    Turkic people loot weak nations and some of the loot ends up in ENGLISH museums. It seems like ENGLISH government (Pirates) have influence on these planned LOOTINGS.
    If you catch the English in holding STOLEN goods then they say “We are only LOOKING AFTER these stolen goods until we return them”.
    British Museum ‘guarding’ object looted from Syria. HA HA HA HA
    Գողը գողից գողացավ, Աստված վերից զարմացավ

    How low can you go?