Is OSCE Minsk Group’s James Warlick Tone Deaf?

Minsk Group US Co-Chairman James Warlick continues his false parity on Twitter
Minsk Group US Co-Chairman James Warlick continues his false parity on Twitter

Minsk Group US Co-Chairman James Warlick continues his false parity on Twitter


All week, the Azerbaijani armed forces have been relentlessly attacking Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic resulting in fatalities and injuries on two Armenian fronts and causing heavy damage to civilians in villages on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

These attacks, which intensified presumably because of celebrations marking the 24th anniversary of Artsakh’s independence, have been different in scope since Azerbaijan has been using heavy artillery to bomb and shell its targets.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Ministry issued photographs of the artillery, which include 120mm mortars, 60 and 82 mm mortars, RPG-7 and HAN-17 grenade launchers, as well as Turkish-made TP-107 reactive rocket launchers.

Ambassador James Warlick, the United States Co-chairmen of the OSCE Minsk Group, tasked with finding a resolution to the Karabakh conflict continued to sound tone deaf in his assessment of the situation on the ground, calling on both sides to quell the unrest.

Warlick, who has been known to frequently take to Twitter and other social media platforms to post updates about the Karabakh conflict, used a photo of a 120 mm mortar, released by the Karabakh army to voice his concern over the escalating violence on the border.

“This is a 120mm mortar reportedly used in the Nagorno-#Karabakh conflict. Such escalation in unacceptable. #NKpeace,” tweeted Warlick on Thursday, while posting the photo of the mortar that was collected by the Artsakh Army following Azerbaijani attacks toward border units, which resulted in the deaths of two soldiers on Friday.

“We condemn the deliberate targetting [sic] of innocent civilians in the Nagorno-#Karabakh conflict. We stand for a negotiated settlement. #NKpeace,” read another tweet from Warlick, who neglected to specify that it was Armenian border villages in the Tavush province of Armenia that were being attacked by Azerbaijan, resulting in fatalities and injuries.

This false parity that has become Warlick’s—and the international community’s—trademark does not help the peace process and, in fact, further exacerbates a volatile situation amid mounting cease-fire violations by Azerbaijan.

Earlier this summer, Warlick told a Russian publication that Karabakh forces must withdraw from what he called “occupied territories,” using the same parlance as Azerbaijani and its dictator president Ilham Aliyev use when threatening more military attacks on Karabakh and Armenia.

This blatant disregard to ALL sides to the conflict, represents a diplomatic approach that does not bode well for advancing stability in the region. Since Warlick is the most vocal of the three co-chairmen, it calls into question the United States’ policy and strategy for the region, which more and more is echoing Turkey’s approach to the Karabakh conflict.

It is one thing to call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, which is what everyone wants. It is another to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the reality on the ground, at the expense of Armenian civilian and military lives.

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  1. Anto said:

    This sounds prejudice ,but the truth is if it walks like a duck sounds like a duck it is a duck. ARMENIAN government should stop dealing with this ASS%$#@, and the government he simple as that.

  2. Garegin said:

    Tone deaf is an understatement. Like his dim witted predecessors, warlick’s reckless disregard of culpability for these recent azeri violations is reprehensible and irresponsible. warlick’s unacceptable rhetoric of false parity encourages more azeri threats against Armenian civilian and military lives.

  3. Raffi said:

    …. Warlick told a Russian publication that Karabakh forces must withdraw from what he called “occupied territories…. HOW MUCH DID AZERBAIJAN PAY HIM, follow the money.

  4. krikor bachirian said:

    glad you took your mask off warlick,
    you are a rep of azeri aggression .
    and there is nothing neutral about you
    we the entire Armenian nation will count you
    for you criminal behaver ,
    we never lost a battle a battle warlick
    and rest assure we will not
    go tell that to your masters .

  5. Jacque said:

    I think it’s time for Minsk to go home and Armenia should respond to Azerbaijan in kind by bombing oil refineries and taking more territories . It’s time for smart war, instigate a revolution in Azerbaijan and push it to a Sirya like war within and help the insurgent to ask Baku .

  6. GB said:

    Artsakh will remain a political battle ground between US and Russia for their own Imperialist political ideology.

  7. Janapar said:

    The US has ZERO interest in Armenia. It has nothing they want. Georgia is at least leaning their way and can be the thorn in Russia’s side for them. AZ has oil but nowadays even that is of little direct pull. Russia will solve this issue, not Minsk. Go home Warlick.