In Memoriam: Bedros Ghazarian

Bedros Ghazarian

Bedros Ghazarian

Bedros was the second child to Giragos and Caroun Ghazarian. Having his roots influenced by the traditions and lifestyles of Kessab, Bedo lived a genuine life of humility and simplicity. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon where he resided with his 2 sisters Alice and Asdghig, his brother John, and his father’s sister’s siblings under one roof.

He attended Soorp Nishan and Hye Avedaragan College, where he met and established a tight knit and resilient group of friends, who would all remain in close contact until his final days.

At the age of 18, Bedros made the move to America where he was reunited with his sister Asdghig. Bedros arrived in America with the goal of obtaining a solid education and beginning his long road of gathering information about any subject matter he could. Bedo studied political science and was on the path to obtaining his doctorate. After completing all the work for his doctorate, and compiling all the research, he ultimately decided not to complete his dissertation, claiming that he already absorbed all the information he needed and did not need a title to boast his accomplishment.

During this period Bedo was gifted a younger brother by the name of Ara, who ended up holding a special place in Bedo’s heart. Bedo saw Ara as a son and became a father figure to him over the years, starting his trend of becoming a father figure to more than just his own kids he would end up fathering later in life.

Bedo taught in numerous universities and schools over the next 7 years. Having felt that he needed to continue his pursuit of knowledge and challenge himself further, he then applied, and was accepted, to law school. It was at this point that he obtained his law degree, which would become his career for the following 35 years.

Not being the type to be confined to an office and having to work for someone other than himself, Bedo pursued the private sector of law, which also afforded him the opportunity to spend time with his family.

Only four days prior to his death, Bedo celebrated his 33rd anniversary with Azadouhi Sheetilian, who was his partner in forming and fueling his ultimate meaning in life…his children.

His two children, Hrug and Sareen, became his one focus in life. He gave everything for his children, counseling them, advising them, teaching them morals, sacrificing everything for them, and providing them with unconditional, undying love. Bedo’s love knew no bounds and he had the same ferocity towards his friends, extended family, and culture.

He was a loyal and devoted brother to his siblings, extending a helping hand at a moments notice. Bedo shared his wisdom, values, and love with all of his nieces and nephews, helping to shape the successful individuals they would all become. When he married into Azadouhi’s family, he extended the same level of nurturance, enthusiasm, love, and support to all of her family.

Throughout his years, his life was encompassed by two other loves as well…soccer and classical music. He never missed an opportunity to invite people over to a soccer game, or to educate others in the history and beauty of classical music.

Bedo served his community and culture with the same level of devotion and enthusiasm as his family. He was the chairman for the Hampig Sassounian committee for 25 years, he became a board member to the Holy Martyrs Church and school, and volunteered to teach government to the senior class at Ferrahian high school during his lunch breaks, forming many lifelong bonds with his students.

Bedo joined the Armenian Revolutionary Federation at a young age, initially starting as a youth in Lebanon, then during his later years in America, became a member of the Lernavayr and Rosdom Gomideh’s. Bedo also took part in the H.M.E.M. Scouts as a child ultimately being elected to the Homenetmen. Massis chapter’s executive body. Bedo dedicated the last two years of his time to serving as the president and member of Hamazkayin’s Sayat Nova Choir.

Bedros, Bed, Bedo, Uncle Bedo, lived his life at the beat of his own drum. His love for life knew no bounds. He was a champion of his viewpoints and was always open to a passionate discussion around them. His humble nature made him turn away from feelings of entitlement, pride, and greed. He spent his life preaching justice and equality, often times working towards the betterment of not only his culture, but humanity as a whole.

Bedo lived his life at his own pace, with his own rules, and at his own speed. It was at this same fast pace that he ultimately met his end.

Bedo’s passing has left an immense black hole in many of our hearts. Many of us will search unsuccessfully for His spirit, his smile, his optimism, and his passion for life.

May you forever rest in peace and never be forgotten.


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