Residents Speak Out Against Turkish Vandalism in Kessab

Destroyed buildings in Kessab. (Source: Public Radio of Armenia)
Destroyed buildings in Kessab. (Source: Public Radio of Armenia)

Destroyed buildings in Kessab. (Source: Public Radio of Armenia)

KESSAB (Public Radio of Armenia) — Residents of the Armenian community in the Syrian town Kessab spoke out about the vandalism of Turks against local churches, Interfax Religion reports.

“Kessab’s centers of Armenian culture – our churches- especially suffered from actions of Islamists and Turks. When I came here for ministry after the town had been released, I saw bare walls remained from the once flourishing church,” the priest of the local Armenian protestant church Zhirajr Gazaryan was quoted by the Rossijskaya Gazeta daily.

Akop, head of a Kessab Armenian family, told that militants from Tunisia lived in his house during the occupation.

“Turkey played a great role in our troubles. When Jabhad an-Nusra invaded Kessab, entire divisions of the Turkish special operations’ forces rushed into the town together with Salafi. Local guards saved residents of the town from a new genocide of Armenians. They started a battle against bandits, which gave local people time for leaving the town. However, when Turks seized the town, they brought here residents of their neighboring villages who loaded all valuable things we had in trucks, trailers, tractors, carts and just drove it to Turkey,” he said.

About 200 residents of the Syrian town of Salma were driven to Saudi Arabia and no one has heard anything about them ever since.

“Salafis rushed into the houses and shot men. They just ordered women and children to turn away and then there were shots fired. Only old men and those who understood what was going on managed to survive and ran from the village to the valley. There were few of them. They killed almost all of us,” 78-year-old Harun Dijib said.


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  1. zarkim said:

    Americans/allies including NATO and Israel encouraged/funded and armed Turkish terrorists to commit crimes against humanity. Turkey allowed these terrorists to get stronger, enter Syria/Iraq and kill/kidnap innocent civilians. Most of these terrorists’ weapons were supplies by US Administration and allies.
    CCTV shows Turks looting a Kurdish bookstore during violent protests
    Aleppo’s businessmen blame Turks for damaged factories, looted equipment
    The only way TURKISH CRIMINALS are going to hurt anyone is by LOOTING and back-stabbing as always.
    68 Percent of Berlin’s Criminals are Immigrants and the majority of immigrants to Germany come from Turkey. These are troubling numbers that remind us of the real cost of Muslim immigration. And it’s not just Germany that’s reeling under the assault of Turkish Muslim immigration. In the UK, Turks have become the new mafia.
    Turkish terrorists that attacked Kesab were encouraged by Americans/allies and NATO including ISRAEL. ISIS exists because of Americans and their allies. ISIS’s stronghold/nest is in Turkey.

  2. edward demian said:

    OK then. You know who robbed you. It was the neighboring villagers who did it. Well, go take their things, shoot their men, and trade their women and children for the 200 captives in Saudi Arabia. And that is a start.

  3. Dr. Hermon Mihranian said:

    Turkey has always been against Armenians
    Armenians will never forget the barbaric killings of innocent Armenians during the Ottoman Empire.