Russia Tells Baku it is Not Hiding Military Cooperation with Armenia

Russian Foreign Ministry Affairs building. (Source: Gennady Khamelyanin/TASS)
Russian Foreign Ministry Affairs building. (Source: Gennady Khamelyanin/TASS)

Russian Foreign Ministry Affairs building. (Source: Gennady Khamelyanin/TASS)

MOSCOW (TASS News) — Moscow is not hiding its military-technical cooperation with Yerevan and asks Baku to treat this with understanding, Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a briefing on Thursday.

“We already informed the Azerbaijani side via diplomatic channels that Russia and Armenia are connected by allied relations and develop military-technical cooperation as well,” Zakharova said.

“This is a well-known fact. We cooperate without hiding anything — transparently and openly. We hope that Azerbaijan will treat this fact with understanding,” she added noting that Moscow takes into account all risks in the region when it supplies weapons.

“Any weapons are delivered to Armenia or friendly Azerbaijan with careful consideration of necessity to preserve the existing balance of power in the region,” she said.

On Wednesday Azerbaijan has sent a note of protest to Russian Foreign Ministry over supplying Armenia with weapons. Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry press service head Khikmet Gadzhiev said that supplying Armenia with weapons and military equipment “does not facilitate the settlement of the conflict” around Nagorno-Karabakh. In this respect, Baku “is expecting guarantees from the exporting country” that weapons and equipment will not be deployed along Azerbaijan’s border with Armenia or in Nagorno-Karabakh, he noted.


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  1. Original Armenian said:

    Good and bad. Good to be protected by a big bully but equally bad to be crushed underneath a falling bully.

    • joe said:

      Yes. I dont trust Russia or anyone. That was the main lesson of the Genocide itself.. However as long as those weapons get into Armenian held hands with ‘hopefully’ as little of the bear’s yoke upon Armenia in return for the favor, it is a positive. Also deters the economically challenged Azerbaijan from starting full scale war and Turkey getting involved if one should start. And the longer Artzakh is free the better its chances of ultimate official freedom..

  2. Telo said:

    Some nerve complaining about weaponry being delivered to Armenia when Azerbaijan gets far more from the US, Israel and Russia itself! If Armenia were only a squeaky wheel half as much as Azerbajian, Turkey and Israel were…

  3. Vindicated Man said:

    A very good answer from their ministry of foreign affairs. Azerbaijan’s protest sounded so silly to me that I thought there would be no response from Russia at all. But, even better, they came back with these strong words from Maria Zakharova, someone who knows what she’s saying.

  4. mgl said:

    So eat it and consider to withdraw from all your stupid actions against Armenians.

  5. Zareh Sahakian said:

    What exactly does it mean when the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declares that Russia carefully considers the “necessity to preserve the existing balance of power in the region” ?

    Why is Russia rewarding Azerbaijan with the ability to “balance” its power vis à vis Armenia, Russia’s supposed military/strategic ally????

    SCTO Chief Nicola Bordujia had expressed in a similar manner when Baku received its billion-dollar arms shipment (including T-90 super modern tanks…against giving Armenian the old “refurbished” T-70 and much weaker tanks…) not too long ago. He talked about “maintaining the balance between the two countries” when confronted with Armenian journalists in Yerevan. Now, Kremlin’s spokeswoman is repeating this open insult to Armenia, verbatim.

    And we put our hopes on Russia, what a joke…only this is not funny.

  6. GB said:

    Axeri, Tatar-Turks, hope that Turkey will invade Armenia, and Artsakh will be gifted to Axerbaijan again…