Expert Says Israel Supplied Baku With Missiles a Day Before Attacks

Israeli-made anti tank missile
Israeli-made anti tank missile

Israeli-made anti tank missile

WASHINGTON—An Israeli military strategist reported that Israel supplied Azerbaijan with laser anti-tank missiles on March 31, one day before Baku launched a savage attack against all border targets in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Voice of America Armenian Service reported.

Alexander Murinson from the Strategic Research Department of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies within Bar-Ilan University of Israel said Azerbaijan has claims for a new role in the region, and it attempts to clarify its position on the Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh. Also, he reflected on the sources of Azerbaijan’s purchase of weapons.

“On March 31, Israel supplied laser anti-tank missiles to Azerbaijan,” Murinson noted. “Azerbaijan is the first country to acquire these missiles, and this certainly has given an advantage to its military capabilities. Even though Israel does not officially support any side in the conflict, it obviously has close ties with Baku.”

Robert Avetisyan, the Permanent Representative of Nagorno-Karabakh to the US, also reflected on the supplying of military equipment to Azerbaijan. He noted that this fact has always been a concern for them, and that they have repeatedly called on all countries not to sell arms to Azerbaijan.

“These recent events [at the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone] have shown that the regional situation is very fragile, and that it can very easily lead to disaster and great tragedy.”


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  1. vartan said:


    • Serop said:

      Baku, turkey with Israel & Saudi Arabia, qatar are all joi9ned together in their fight against the Shias of Iran, Syria and Iraq
      It has just been exposed that the biggest donnor to Netnhayauis campaign of $80M was the Saudi king
      Jews & wahhabis are joined together, Semitic brothers and a religion that is very similar
      Israel is an enemy of Armenia and we should stop treating them as if they are our friends, they are mostly engaged in activities against Armenia in Europe & USA, with a few exceptions of course.
      I for one will work tirelessly against the Israeli apartheid state and their devious activities globally, incuding their global efforts to deny the Armenian Genocide in USA & Europe in favor of their Turkish & Azeri allies

  2. Tavit said:

    Israel, the merchant of death, and Russians, our so called respected and beloved allies are equally responsible for selling billions of dollars’ worth of modern armaments to our enemy Azerbaijan.

    Armenians have no allies. We are being used as pawn by Russia in this proxy war between Russia and Turkey/USA. If we really love Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, I don’t qualm about our love towards Armenia, we should be united and send our able bodies from all of the words to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh to fight the enemies and deceitful allies. We are not living year 1915 anymore. Most of the Armenians all over the world, are doing fine financially, and have the duty to support financially Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and our able body freedom fighters.

    I hope we don’t need for a new political party to do this. We need Armenians to be united to accomplish this obligatory task.
    Please don’t ask money from US government on behalf of Armenia. Once they give you money, you lose your freedom because they have their own expectation from Armenia. Nothing is free in this world, unless your country is called Israel.

    • jOE said:

      The whole lesson of the Armenian Genocide was unity. Why diaspora youth dont have no current system to serve in the Karabakh military is beyond me.

    • Serop said:

      They are no brothers of ours, in fact they are now our enemies

  3. eddie said:

    Why should this all come as a surprise at all? What will do Israel next- to deliver the racist ans fascist Azerbaijani regime with nuclear weapon?

  4. Minas said:

    Help Armenia in any way you can as we can only help ourselves. We can’t expect any nation to help our people survive, have we not learned? Step 1 is to done funds unselfishly start now!

  5. jOE said:

    Lazer guided anti tank missiles IM SURE made in the USA by us tax dollars and just GIVEN AWAY to Israel as everything else is, in the big scam that is the current hijacked US foreign policy, so they can be able to sell to other country’s for profit. Just like the air defense systems we gave Israel for FREE With US TAX DOLLARS.