Baku Attempts to Make UNESCO a Political Battlefield

(Source: Armenpress)
(Source: Armenpress)

(Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The authorities of Baku are again undertaking an unreasonable and absurd step in attempting to inscribe the traditions of preparing Dolma on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List as an element belonging to “the entire Turkic world,” Minister of Culture of Armenia, Hasmik Poghosyan, said in a statement.

Full statement from the Armenian Ministry of Culture:

“While getting acquainted with the recent statement by the Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan, it becomes clear that our neighboring country is once again trying to politicize and transform into a battlefield not only the field of culture, but the UNESCO itself– an establishment whose mission is to unite and bring nations together.

The attempts by Azerbaijani authorities to engage in unhealthy competition do not foster the intercultural dialogue among the nations, thus worsening the already tense situation in the region.

The Armenian people have created a rich culture with its unique manifestations via interactions with the cultures of neighboring countries, at the same time contributing to the latter as well, while never infringing upon them. On the contrary, our neighboring country which possesses a history of less than a hundred years is making attempts to attribute to itself the traditions, history, cultural heritage and achievements of the peoples bearing histories dating back to centuries. This also refers to the policies Azerbaijan adopts and the measures it undertakes within international organizations.

This is not the first time that Azerbaijan initiates “retaliatory” measures after the items presented by Armenia for inscription on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List are approved. Accordingly, we presented lavash and they suddenly “discovered” that lavash is their national bread and two years later submitted a nomination of their own. The same case was with the dance of Kochari. Generally speaking, in each element they are looking for their own “origins and identity” turning everything into a dispute.

The Armenian people have their thorough considerations, observations and historical facts in regard to the matter in question. We have no intention whatsoever to engage in discussions and professional debates over a process aimed at self-assertion by utilizing the values of the neighboring peoples, which in its essence is neither a new, nor an effective one to follow.

Now the authorities of Baku are undertaking an unreasonable and absurd step in attempting to inscribe the traditions of preparing Dolma on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, as an element belonging to “the entire Turkic world”. While not possessing any confidence in their own identity and relying on other nations, before submitting a nomination of an item to UNESCO one should not forget the other peoples that are bearers and practitioners of the given element. We would like to remind that the term “Turkic” refers to a huge ethno-linguistic family, which includes the Kazakhs, the Tatars, the Kyrgyz people, the Turks, the Turkmens, the Uzbeks, the Uyghurs and other peoples. Even if Dolma is a dish common with these peoples, we should not forget to mention its presence within the Arab world and the Balkan and Slavic peoples, and finally the Armenian traditions.

The Armenian people, possessing an ancient culture, a unique alphabet, the centuries-old epic poems, crosstones and the duduk inscribed on UNESCO Lists and, generally speaking- an enormous cultural heritage, cannot afford themselves to get engaged in the Azerbaijani-initiated debates concerning the dish of Dolma.

Today our neighboring country is politicizing and making a subject of dispute almost every issue, not realizing that culture is generally originated and developed for the sake of civilization and peace, while peace is the most precious.”


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  1. Norin said:

    Very well said and written. These baboons for lack of their own paltry 100 year existence will try and attach themselves to anything noteworthy and claim it as their own. Armenians must be very vocal and press their concerns regarding fraudulent cultural claims made by these animals. Unfortunately no place is immune, as was the case with the Brittish History museum in which ancient Armenian Highland maps were renamed “Turkish highlands”, it is evident that oil money will buy anything these days. We must not only product our cultural heritage physically but also spiritually and historically from these primates, rely on no one but each other fellow Hyes.

  2. hiedi baghoomian said:

    **** Baku.s desperate attempt to still and create fake culture is laughable and simply despicable.!!