Armenia Fund Raises $1.1 million during Emergency Artsakh Telethon

Volunteers picking up donor calls at Armenia Fund's emergency telethon on May 14
Volunteers picking up donor calls at Armenia Fund's emergency telethon on May 14

Volunteers picking up donor calls at Armenia Fund’s emergency telethon on May 14

LOS ANGELES—Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region is proud to announce that a total of $1,102,357 was raised during the 6 hours of its Help Artsakh! emergency telethon aired on May 14 in Los Angeles.

“Armenia Fund is an organization that was born amidst a humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh in 1992, when hundreds of thousands of Armenians from Artsakh and Azerbaijan became refugees with no shelter, food, heat or means to survive,” stated Maria Mehranian, Chair of Armenia Fund’s Board of Directors. “Armenia Fund stood by Artsakh through war and peace and will continue to do so. I would like to thank the world wide affiliates of Armenia Fund, specifically Armenia Fund in New York, Toronto, Paris, and Sao Paolo, for their participation in our Telethon with funds raised by their emergency fundraising activities that added $490,000 to the total raised,” added Mehranian.

Airing on all major Armenian American television stations, the emergency telethon highlighted stories of bravery, courage, and hope through the destruction of war. The video segments produced in Artsakh showed the massive damage caused by indiscriminate shelling of villages as well as the valor and bravery of young Armenian conscripts who courageously withstood a massive military aggression of the Azeri armed forces along the entire border with Artsakh in early April.

“Given the situation in Artsakh, this telethon was organized to solely provide short term humanitarian relief to the victims of war. Artsakh’s needs are immense ranging from immediate medical care for the wounded to rebuilding destroyed housing and infrastructure. I want to thank all Armenians for their wholehearted support of Artsakh,” said Sarkis Kotanjian, Executive Director of Armenia Fund.

Representatives from the greater Armenian-American community and prominent members of Congress and government appealed during the Telethon, voicing their strong support for Artsakh.

For the last quarter century Armenia Fund has been uniting the global Armenian community for the development of Armenia and Artsakh resulting in more than $350 million in large scale humanitarian relief and infrastructure development.


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  1. David said:

    Thank you to all who have stood with us. Azerbaijan can buy all the armaments it wants, but it cannot buy the hearts of its people and will to fight. We do not want to fight, we just want to be left alone. Armenians stand firm, and we will not allow a second Genocide. If anyone believes Azerbaijan just wanted to liberate NKR and have tea with ua afterwards, he clearly does not know this adversary.

  2. Gabe Korajian said:

    The people have opened and given graciously to Artsakh. Now it is up to the organizers to make sure the money reaches the intended purpose, the needy in Artsakh. Knowing the high level corruption iN Armenia Fund, I hope checks and balances are put on place to mitigate any abuse of funds donated in the Diaspora.

  3. mazod said:

    What is the point of raising all of this money if the leaders of Armenia are lying, two-bit thieves and crooks? After almost 25 years of independence, Armenia is barely surviving. Frankly, it is on life support. No jobs, corrupt government stealing money, men leaving to work in other countries. The land is destitute and being choked by scum on both sides: Turks and Azeris. If Armenia had true leaders, the country would have been a 21st century nation with modern infrastructure (not just Yerevan so shut up), superb education, low unemployment rates, powerful military and excellent trade. We have 6,000 years of history to learn from and they still steal money and fight with each other. Pitiful. I weep for my homeland.