Two Soldiers Killed in Artsakh

Artsakh Defense Army soldier near the border (Source: Armenpress)
Artsakh Defense Army soldier near the border (Source: Armenpress)

Artsakh Defense Army soldier near the border (Source: Armenpress)

STEPANAKERT—Nineteen –year old Armenian soldier Arman Ghandilyan was killed by Azerbaijani fire during the early hours of September 7 in the northeastern direction of the Nagorno-Karabakh/Azerbaijani border.

According to Artsakh’s Defense Ministry, Azerbaijani forces violated the ceasefire agreement 30 times, firing more than 370 rifle shots to the Artsakh side.

The Defense Ministry also announced a few days earlier that on the night of September 2-3, Armenian serviceman Arayik Samveli Ordubekyan, 19, was killed by gunshot by Azerbaijani forces in the southern direction of the border.

Azerbaijan had reportedly fired more than 600 shots toward Artsakh, violating the ceasefire agreement 30 times.

Artsakh President Bako Sahakian honored Ghandilyan’s and Ordubekyan’s life with a “For Service in Battle” award for bravery in defense of the Nagorno-Karabakh State border, reported Artsakh’s Press Office.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    But I thought Mother Russia in general and Putin in particular would keep us safe??

  2. axper said:

    Every week a soldier dies.. the border needs to be sealed. Something has to be done wake the fuck up. . Why are we even negotiating? I mean on what? What else those filthy turks want that they d aren’t already took. . It’s none sense. . Armenia is a stupid country

  3. Red-neck Robert said:

    How can you honor the lives of fallen servicemen without effectively answering these rogue attacks?

  4. varoujan sarkissian said:


  5. Urardatsy said:

    How many more young Armenians will have to die before a drastic action is taken to stop this hemorrhage. The only thing the Azeri savages will understand is retaliation. I say two eyes for an eye and two teeth for a tooth.

  6. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    There are many ways to reduce if not stop those incidents.
    Massive retaliation.
    1, Answer with cannon fire for every shot fired.
    2. Denote time of incident, find out who the commanding officer is and charge him in international court with “murder” and obtain civil penalties. Once they step outside Azerbaijan, interpol will arrest and extradite. And one day, when Azerbaijan has regime change, we will be able to enforce civil damages awards.
    3. Find out where the commanders of those border units’ families live and send a guided missile into that house.
    Primitive people with severe “inbreeding” issues are very difficult to deal with. They appear normal, but they have a very low IQ. What do we expect them to be after a thousand years of them marrying their first cousins, nieces and half sisters. Geniuses? These are primitive people, and they understand dramatic primitive retaliation. We need to get medieval with them. When we catch one of them, tie them to a wooden cross and raise that cross in a trench by the front line. Alive. And watch the Azery’ snipe and kill their own. Videotape the whole thing and make it available to the families. Those families will blame Azerbaijan not us. We need to foment discontent in Azerbaijan. If we can’t convince them to love us, at least we can manipulate them to hate each other. Also, why don’t we have incursions behind enemy line? Not against civilians but against military installations. You know, the kind where we steal about 100 T-90 tanks, and drive them back into Nagorno Karabakh. Steal their stuff fair and square.