Deaths in Aleppo Mount as Appeals from Community Continue

Kasbar Shatoyan (right) and Movses Movsesian
Kasbar Shatoyan (right) and Movses Movsesian

Kasbar Shatoyan (right) and Movses Movsesian

ALEPPO—A bomb attack led by Syrian rebels killed three members of the Armenian community in Aleppo on October 5, Kasbar Shatoyan, born 1986, Movses Movsesian, born 1987, and Hagop Apraham Challakian, 1959.

According to Aleppo-based news outlet Kantsasar, the attack took place in the Armenian-populated district of Aleppo, Nor Kyugh.

Challakian was among the injured from the attack, but later succumbed to his severe injuries after being taken to the hospital. Varoujan Donbedian and Shahe Panoian are reported to have minor injuries.

This attack comes less than a week after five Syrian-Armenians were killed in a rocket attack in the Villaner district of Aleppo. The victims were Dzila Jabaghchourian, Arman Hindoyan, Hasmig Giragossian-Berejiklian, Mirelle Hindoyan and Pierre Hariro.

On September 28, Sevan Haddad, born 1969, was killed during a shelling attack in the Sulaymaniyah district of Aleppo.

The Armenian Relief Society’s Syrian-Armenian Relief programs appeal to the community to contribute to keep the momentum of emergency relief efforts to the Syrian-Armenian community.

The Syrian Armenian Relief Fund, based in Los Angeles, is holding a gathering at the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church in Burbank, California on October 10 to inform the community of the current situation in Syria, pray for the victims and to protest the continued violence against innocent civilians.


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  1. Norin said:

    With all due respect to those fellow Armenians that have tragically lost their lives in this conflict, but the reality is that Syrian Armenians are in the middle of a war zone amidst a war torn country in which the official government is fighting for its survival against imperial powers and their proxy lackeys, AKA “rebels”. This is part of the “great game” being played out in front of our eyes between the west (USA) and the east (Russia). Do you really think the lives of several dozen Armenians matter in such a global conflagration? The map of the Middle East is being redrawn and Syrian Armenians are stubbornly standing in the middle of it all rather than prudently getting out of the way. Armenia beckons, you have a home, go to it, you ended up in Syria because of a Genocide, you survived, help Syria as much as possible to repay your debt but also realize your lives to do matter to the great powers. Silly protests in a church sounds awfully familiar to what happens back in 1915.

    • Ayp Pen said:

      Its a fund raiser, not a protest. Who verifies the money goes anywhere? Thats the real question.

    • hiedi baghoomian said:

      **** Norin, I totally agree with your comments., absolutely on the mark.!!

    • Someone said:

      I agree 100% with you , but I think they would all leave if it was so easy and start from beginning with nothing they are just waiting and wishing this will all end soon

  2. Vagrik said:

    I never understood why we had to stay in these countries . I understand we moved there after the genocide, but we are Christians and frankly there is no place for us to be safe in Middle East anymore . I agree with the comment given here . We should get out of the way and leave Syria and Iraq as soon as possible

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