Haytoug Magazine Accepting Submissions on Non-‘Traditional’ Armenian Identity

Haytoug Magazine: Call For Submissions
Haytoug Magazine: Call For Submissions

Haytoug Magazine: Call For Submissions

Submissions are now being welcomed for the Fall 2016 issue of Haytoug Magazine, the official publication of the Armenian Youth Federation Western United States. The deadline for print consideration is November 12, 2016. 

Haytoug Magazine will consider written pieces, photography, film or art, for print and online publication, related to themes centering and saluting the narrative of Armenians who are outside the “traditional” boundaries of Armenian identity.

The magazine is considering issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, faith, body image, and other aspects of identity.

Haytoug is published by AYF and distributed free of charge within the community. The opinions expressed in Haytoug are not solely and necessarily the opinions of the Armenian Youth Federation. Haytoug encourages all Armenian youth to express their thoughts in this publication.

In 1976, the AYF established its official publication, Haytoug, as a medium for Armenian-American youth to voice their opinions about a wide variety of issues. What initially began as a newsletter eventually evolved into a quarterly magazine with over 100 issues to its name. Today, with an international following and a distribution network spanning across the United States, the magazine reaches more people than ever before. With its high quality of content and design, it is widely recognized as the leading platform for young Armenians to make their voices heard.

Please send submissions to [email protected]


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  1. Everyday Armenian said:

    Haytug is making a grave mistake and crests artificial issue in line with political correctness campaigns unleashed in the extreme political left .
    It is not a secret that because of inertia of after effect of survivalist tendencies of Armenian society after the genocide our reality embraced more conservative values and tendencies . This was a natural reaction in order to focuse on survival and everything else was perceived as a treat or luxury at best . Times have changed and accordingly our reality changed , some of the old ways and mentality did evolve with the passing of the old generation .
    Stating all this , Im having problem with this ” invention ” of ” outside “boundaries ” of Armenian traditional identity ” .
    Really ?
    Nothing and no one ever was or is the ” traditional ” identity no matter when and what the nature of implied ” outside of traditional “. This is an artificial category and invention that is not constructive nor new !
    Life , Armenian or otherwise is multi layered , what is “traditional ” now was not the same even few years ago and so fort .
    The new generation should be free to express and live with all diversity that life presents itself , without taboos and ” traditional ” limits and norms .
    Armenian nation can only benefit and be strong from being inclusive , open , and from diversity within .
    Thanks god there are many Armenian organizations and efforts to recognize and address the diversity and evolving reality of what is categorized hear as ” outside of ” traditional ” boundaries … ”
    Yet , at the same time I take offense and resent that politically correct way of publicizing and arteficially creating an issue …
    That’s divisive and publicity seeking .
    Nothing and no one is or was ” outside of ” traditional ” boundaries . All was and is part of our reality , in our social , family , community life … The Armenian life and society I know is loving accepting and nurturing … Issues come up as in all areas of life and are death with as in all cases .
    Please do not try to discover “America ” and create an artificial new issue .
    Although it’s good to know that you are now going to try to be inclusive , but please don’t invent artificial category and trumpet discovering ” America “.
    It’s good to know that You are only now decided to open your pages to all issues and view points, but please do it without divisiveness and loud announcements .