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Three steps to Wilsonian Armenia
Garen Yegparian

Garen Yegparian


For years now, I have been mocked, or drawn smirks, or pooh-poohed, or patronized, or ignored, whenever I mention restoration of western Armenian territories to their rightful owners. Some of those who have given me this kind of treatment even present “brilliant” “reasons” or “arguments” which effectively say “forget it, those lands are long gone” – the contention is “we should/can’t even take care of the current Republic of Armenia (RoA) and Artsakh”; or “who’s gonna move there anyway?”; or even the always-sinister-sounding, conspiracy-flavored “‘they’ will never let it happen”!

I realized it was high time to put forth a proposal to initiate serious discussion of HOW we should proceed to regain those lands rather than IF we should. Here it is. Very preliminary, very general, very rough though it may be, this is a three-generation plan for restoring Wilsonian Armenia to achieve the United Armenia declared on May 28, 1919.

Before proceeding, allow me one disclaimer. I am neither a cartographer, nor an artist, so please forgive the coarseness of the accompanying map showing the delineation of the three steps of my proposal. On this map, I have tried to reproduce Wilson’s “boundary between Turkey and Armenia” along with rough lines showing the temporary borders I envision for the first two phases of my proposal.

Wilson's demarcation of the Armenia-Turkey border

Wilson’s demarcation of the Armenia-Turkey border

Conversely, the other map accompanying this piece, one you have probably seen before, is what was generated by President Woodrow Wilson when he demarcated the border based on his charge under the authority of the San Remo peace conference. I had hoped to generate a map that matched more closely this one, but the place names – mountains, cities, rivers, etc. – have either changed (even the Turkish ones), been obliterated, or have simply not been entered into Google Earth’s database. Establishing the current name-equivalents of those cited in the verbal description of the boundary is obviously an important first step, requiring some serious research. There are 55 different segments described in delineating the border, and many of them have multiple sub-descriptions.

On to my actual proposal.

The basic notion I am putting forth is that we should take incremental “bites” of territory – small, medium, then large. This multigenerational approach allows us, and in fairness, the Turks, too, to anticipate and plan for what can only be described as massive change. It allows both sides to adjust to the exchange of big cities and small villages, industry and agriculture, road and rail routes, and even people, less disruptively.

If it takes a decade or so to negotiate this arrangement among the Diaspora, Yerevan, Ankara, and any relevant international bodies/entities, and if we assume each generation is 30 years long, then in a century, Wilsonian Armenia will be properly constituted and serve to reestablish the entirety and integrity of Armenian culture. I make this last remark because I have observed that in every corner of the Armenian “universe” different snippets of our culture have been saved, and this leads me to believe that the crypto-Armenians of Turkey have also retained some otherwise forgotten treasures. All of these can regroup and amalgamate in United Armenia.

As each phase is implemented, people will be supported in deciding to remain where they are or move in-to or out-of Armenian controlled territory. Of course constitutional amendments in the RoA will enshrine the Armenian nature of the state being rebuilt, without denying the cultural rights of individual inhabitants. During these population exchanges, crypto-Armenians living too far west to be included in Wilsonian Armenia must receive highest priority and support if they want to move into newly re-Armenianized territory, an aspect in which the Diaspora can play a major role of incremental financial support, even though Turkey, as the culpable entity for the status quo and as the beneficiary of the ill-gotten gains of the Genocide would have to undertake the bulk of the financial burden of “Wilsonianization” process.

Three steps to Wilsonian Armenia

Three steps to Wilsonian Armenia

The first generation’s “tranche” (a term that seems really popular in international circles) of territory that would be tied to the RoA is marked by the red line on the accompanying map. This is the smallest increment because it is the first. It allows the RoA to “digest” this major change and learn how to do so optimally for the next two tranches. Very roughly, it hews to the territories frequently referred to as “G/Kars and Ardahan” that were part of the Russian Empire until WWI. It is mostly mountainous terrain, perhaps economically best suited to the eco- and adventure tourism being pursued in the RoA. It is also home to much of the Hamshentzee population (Islamicized Armenians) of Turkey which makes the integration process a little easier for the population of the area. Perhaps the old Giumri/Gars rail line I’ve heard about could be reactivated.

The second generation’s tranche is medium sized and bears more significance. Marked by the green line on the map, it includes Mt. Ararat, emotionally, culturally, and even economically (think mountaineering) very important. Trabizon, which Wilson included in his border to provide Armenia with a port and thereby access to the world, is part of this phase and would allow us to regain, partially, our historic position as a major trade route. It includes Erzerum/Gareen which has great strategic importance (see Roupen Der Minassian’s “Hayasdan Meech Tzamakayeen Ooogheeneroo Vra”).

The third generation’s tranche is the largest and introduces a new twist. It is marked by the black line of Wilson’s border. Not only does it restore to Armenians Van and the home of our Nayirian roots, but it introduces a Kurdish factor far more significantly than in the first two phases. This area is most heavily populated by Kurds and in its southern reaches abuts the nascent Kurdish state that is currently part of Iraq. We will have two generations to hammer out the difficulties this may be present with our closest neighbors.

Throughout this century-long process, the largest challenge, conundrum, we Armenians will face is population. How do we “make up” for our losses during the Genocide? We will have to create new modes of understanding internationally, and, put bluntly, do some serious procreating internally. Plus, we will have to guide our children into fields of endeavor that are best suited to each of the tranches in anticipation of their turn-over to Yerevan’s control.

For Turkey, two major challenges will be foremost: demilitarization and “honestification” of history. The demilitarization will have to occur in each of the tranches well ahead of the time of transition, if nothing else, as a trust-building measure. Teaching close to 80 million people that they’ve been lied to for a century will take at least a generation. Also, international oversight will be necessary to assure that when withdrawing from these territories, a scorched earth policy is not implemented by Turkey. Only legitimately sensitive military technology may be removed, with all other infrastructure remaining in place and in usable condition.

I know this proposal may seem far-fetched. But, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you don’t start, you can never finish. Let’s get busy with this project, not only because it is right and necessary, but also because it will contextualize all other Armenian endeavors, at least politically, and later culturally. Think of how much more natural Genocide recognition would become. Think of how much more diplomatic and economic maneuvering space the RoA would gain through this process, even its mere initiation. Think of the cultural/archeological odyssey and renaissance we could enter.

Unfortunately, Kharpert (Dzopk/Sophene), Sepasdia, Dikranagerd, and their environs, not to mention Cilicia, are not included in this calculus. But, their re-Armenianization, in some form, will stand as a challenge for our descendants a century from now.

Finally, we should start celebrating November 24 as the day of demarcation of Wilsonian Armenia.

What do you think? What can you contribute to revising/refining/developing this proposal? What diplomatic and governmental channels and entities (other than the obvious Republics of Armenia and Turkey) should be approached with the proposal and when/how?


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  1. Robert said:

    I’ve heard that there could be millions of Crypto-Armenians in currently occupied Western Armenia. Also, DNA studies have shown that most Turks from central Turkey eastward are genetically nearly identical to Armenians, i.e. these Turks are the descendants of Armenians that converted to Islam centuries ago. Now just imagine if all these people made a choice to be Armenian? There would then be millions of Armenians in the historic Armenian provinces and presto… a new Western Armenia is reborn, with adjusted boundaries redefining themselves naturally and without too much conflict. It’s my opinion that education is the key, i.e. educate these people to understand their Armenian origins, and perhaps more importantly, get them to realize and accept that being Armenian is advantageous.

    • Barséghian Ardachés said:

      Ayo, katsérém, Van, Serert, Erzeroum, Mouch, sassoun, Dikranagert, Silva, Varto … mi khoskov mér villayets ourdér 90% avéli Kurdérén yév asonts mitchev VESTAH 40% hayén, partsradzayn ge vérahichén irents hay armadnér. Ounim yérpayrnér HAY armadnérov MOLLAH vor ge pendé ir hay armadnér, mi endanik HADJI MEHMED vor djanatchvadz iper Hay, adzélétsi AYO GE PENDE vor HAY é PAYTS MUSULMAN. Latsérém asgenalov intchér désérén payts indz hamar ISKAGAN hayéren én vor amén djar sterdzérén “abrélou” turki souri dag, aysbés dasniak pastér. Ayo bidi charounagém gab bachbanér polor mér sourp islamadzats ISKAGAN hayérour héd vor ge patsahaydén irents hay armadnér PAYTS dzér esadzov nérék miyamid “HOP” MER YERGIR sterdzvétsav ? Gouzém gidnal vorochérék aradtchi kayl vératarnar himegvah Hayastan ? Yété vorochérék im mailov gabi métch menank, 76 darégan, artén 25 dari mér aratchin kayle gadarétsi, dzenérém spiurk, payts im yérgrits, ankan tejvar, techvar vidjag PAYTS im yérgiren é, avéli anouch darpérak HEDO “HOP” tébi mér yérgir i chenoriv Sourp Gousaktsoutian dévagan achkhadankov, zooroutian, zohapéroutian, aysorva as garavaroutian héd, gachkhadén. “HOP” yérpayres.

      • Barséghian Ardachés said:

        Ayo, katsérém, Van, Serert, Erzeroum, Mouch, sassoun, Dikranagert, Silva, Varto … mi khoskov mér villayets ourdér 90% avéli Kurdérén yév asonts mitchev VESTAH 40% hayén, partsradzayn ge vérahichén irents hay armadnér. Ounim yérpayrnér HAY armadnérov MOLLAH vor ge pendé ir hay armadnér, mi endanik HADJI MEHMED vor djanatchvadz iper Hay, adzélétsi AYO GE PENDE vor HAY é PAYTS MUSULMAN. Latsérém asgenalov intchér désérén payts indz hamar ISKAGAN hayéren én vor amén djar sterdzérén “abrélou” turki souri dag, aysbés dasniak pastér. Ayo bidi charounagém gab bachbanér polor mér sourp islamadzats ISKAGAN hayérour héd vor ge patsahaydén irents hay armadnér PAYTS dzér esadzov nérék miyamid “HOP” MER YERGIR sterdzvétsav ? Gouzém gidnal vorochérék aradtchi kayl vératarnar himegvah Hayastan ? Yété vorochérék im mailov gabi métch menank, 76 darégan, artén 25 dari mér aratchin kayle gadarétsi, dzenérém spiurk, payts im yérgrits, ankan tejvar, techvar vidjag PAYTS im yérgiren é, avéli anouch darpérak HEDO “HOP” tébi mér yérgir i chenoriv Sourp Gousaktsoutian dévagan achkhadankov, zooroutian, zohapéroutian, aysorva as garavaroutian héd, gachkhadén. “HOP” yérpayres.

  2. Araik said:

    I think this is a great thought-experiment, idea or plan (take your pick). However, I would like to add that the first steps toward this GRAND vision would be to secure Nagorno-Karabakh as part of the Republic of Armenia, no? If we cannot address a ‘frozen conflict’ that is only 25 years old, how can we un-freeze a conflict that is 100+ years old? If we cannot open borders that have been closed for 25 years, how can we alter those same borders that have been in place for 100 years? We must learn how to crawl before we can fly..

    Another point: Armenians do not necessary need to “seriously procreate” to rebuild our population.. there are 7+ million Armenians living outside of Armenia (not including crypto/hidden-Armenians in Turkey). Let’s come up with a plan to repatriate these Armenians who can rebuild the homeland rather than help build other genocidal/colonizing nations such as Russia, USA, Canada, etc.

  3. Apo said:

    Our history is made of fools, and indeed if you dont ask you dont get. Enough of the “yergatė sherep” complex. This fundamental issue shall be dealt urgently and seriously by a panel of experts, and this article has the merit to treat it frontally.
    My only remark is that Mt Ararat and what corresponded to former Surmalu subdivision under Armenian control until September 1920 shall imperatively be included in the first “tranche”, not only for the huge and legitimate symbol it would be but mostly as a clear rejection of infamous Moscow treaty concluded by Bolcheviks on our behalf. Armenian Second Republic is in no way bound to Lenin and consort bargaining nor the genocide survivors are.
    Never ever this issue has been more actual than it is now and in this respect, Erdogan, Daesh and the NeoCons may help us far beyond our (and their!) expectations helping us and the world to realize it is not a chimera but a conceivable and legitimate solution.
    We cannot afford to be late this time. Chnorhavor nor dari polorit.

  4. Jacque said:

    Hi Garen.
    First I like to say happy new year to you and all Armenians around the globe.
    Now let’s see about your proposal .
    What you’re saying is a dream of every Armenian who grue up with sense of Armenian nationalism in his or her blood and why not . As you said if you don’t ask You don’t get and if you don’t start, you don’t finish.
    The biggest issue in your proposal is NATO and Russia, redrawing the borders of Armenia you’re also redrawing the boundaries of NATO and Russia, that might be more problematic then you think. So I don’t like to point out a problem without having a solution.
    To get to the Wilsonian Armenia, I believe we have to at first have two separate Armenias as always has been, Western and Eastern.
    Get NATO to support the return of western Armenia to the diaspora Armenians, in tranches as you mentioned as a neutral zone and have the Russians agree to it , since it’s going to push the NATO line from its borders and create a buffer zone. For Armenians not to have a problem with the Kurds, we might have to draw the line at the middle of Van, so Kurds would have south east. We can’t afford any future civil wars with the Kurds.
    This way western Armenia will be a DMZ between NATO and Russia and the Kurds will get their chance To have homeland. This way no one gets hurt and everyone is happy.
    A generation later and after both Armenias grow strong, you’ll have a referendum to join , as it was in Germany and you’ll have your one Armenia.
    This way it’s easier to swallow for all the parties involved.
    Most importantly, we as a nation and people should prepare for this and be willing to take a chance out of our comfort to rebuild our historic land as did the Jews with Israel.
    Are we ready ?????

  5. Boghos said:

    Your plan is flawed. It rests on the assumption that Turkey will just willingly give land away.

    Since when does a regional power just give away land, its territories. No one is handed land, they TAKE land.

    Here is a clip from “The Wire” that gets the point across, though in a different, but analogous context.

  6. Arn.Sweden. said:

    Turkey will never agree !

    Armenia must Cooperate with Iran and the Kurdish people for this to Happen,
    (backed by Russia and China)
    It will Happen – but through War.


  7. Janapar said:

    I know a guy who would love to advise you on taking ‘bites’. He is currently honing his skills in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, and eastern Ukraine.

  8. Ari said:

    Under international law, Wilsonian Armenia should be returned to Armenians in one stage. The UN, EU, the US and Russia will assist Armenia in establishing its legitimate and peaceful control of all regions as agreed by the arbitrator- the US.

  9. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    With all due respect, this is a great plan, as good as any I’ve seen. I would like to add some considerations. First is the Kurdish factor. We are taking over lands populated by Kurds and Kurdified Armenians. What is the Armenian Government doing to build relations of trust and colaboration with the various Kurdish organizations? PKK, YPG, Peshmerga, etc. Have we sent them a box of cookies, bandages or cartridges. Offered their wounded, medical facilities? Or even a word of encouragment? The friends you ignore today are the enemies of tomorrow. Yes, Soviet Armenia and the present republic has done more for it’s Kurdish population than anyone else. Where oppressed or at best, benign neglected everywhere else, Armenia has, for over 100 years made available a safe space for Kurdish language schools, Newspapers, Radio Stations etc. We need to expand on that. Why step on the Dadjik dogs tail and inspire his wrath? Our relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan couls not be worse. The Turks are helping the Azery Tatars, and we have no leverage to stop that. If we were supplying the Kurds, we would have commensurate leverage. A future Western Armenia without the Kurds is inconseivable. A peacefull handing over of a substantial part of the Turkish republic to the Armenians devoid of its Turkish and Kurdish population is unrealistic. But a future dismembering of Islamic Turkey, and an establishment of an independent Kurdish state, is well within reason. Without early engagement, we may come to see all of “Western Armenia” included in that state. From what we know about the Kurds,we would prefer not to fight them for the land. And why should we. The very Start of the Koyboon movement (an early Kurdish political party)had it’s inception in the house of an Armenian community leader. The Republic of Ararat, was, in its short lived duration a joint Armeno -Kurdish state. If it was possible then, why not now?
    Some uninformed Armenians are too quick to dismiss Cilicia. Having lived in Lebanon for a short time, was enough for me to understand, that the Lebanese Armenian community is diferent than all others. While most Western Armenian communities are gatherings of survivors; the Armenian in lebanon moved there on mass from Cilicia. They are a wellspring of eager settlers who covet returning to their former lush lands. You would be hard pressed to find 100 Western Armenians ready to resettle to a future Armenia.
    Despite all the fanfare of establishing a Diaspora Ministry, it has been a failure. I can’t point to one family of Diaspora Armenians that it resettled in Armenia or Karabakh by that organization.. A minister without a budget and portfolio is useless. I fail to see the accomplishments.
    A few years ago, I read in this publication about the plight of a Muslim Armenian tribe in Siberia. One of their own, came to Armenia, liked what he saw, but got nowhere. His people are still in Siberia. If we are going to do the unthinkable and give back any portion of land back to the Azery Tatars, then these land ought to at the very least be populated with Armenian Muslims. Personally, if we accept Communist/Atheist Armenians, why not humble god fearing Armenian Muslims.

  10. Robert Bedrosian said:


    Your proposal is excellent and very reasonable. The question is, who should be among the petitioners, and who among the implementers?

    When we speak of the Western lands, we speak as Armenian-aware people. Traditionally, Armenian culture is associated mostly with the Armenian language and the Christian religion. “Armenian-aware” is the keyword here, since “the Armenians” are still in all their lands. Over many centuries, these people became something else. Today if you called some populations “Armenian,” they would be furious, even violent. However, their indignation does not really change the type of animal they are, from the standpoint of DNA or of physical anthropology.

    From the standpoint of DNA and also of physical type, the current residents of all the old Armenian lands are still “Armenian.” That is, their DNA is indistinguishable from the anciently-diverse DNA of Armenians. This area includes central and eastern Asia Minor, modern Armenia, Azerbaijan, northern Mesopotamia and northern Syria, down the Levantine coast to Egypt.

    From the standpoint of body type as well, these same areas all reflect a type known in physical anthropology as Armenoid. It was named after the Armenians, who show its features most strongly. The Armenoid type is the most common type throughout the Middle East generally, not just in the old Armenian lands.

    Consequently, “the Armenians” are already in their lands, just not consciously. I am not here referring to the “hidden Armenians,” but to the vast bulk of the population of those lands, irrespective of their ethnic self-identification.

    The process now in play could be compared to a snake shedding its skin. The people in central and eastern Asia Minor have begun to shed their skins. It is a natural process that has been forcibly held in check. They have had “Turkishness” forced on them, though they are not Turkic people. Many of them do not want to be “Turkish” anymore.

    From my perspective, it would be best, first, to detach those lands from the Republic of Turkey. This is already happening. Since so many different “ethnicities” live there now, it would be smarter to call it Asia Minor, rather than Armenia or Kurdistan.

    Let’s watch this remarkable process unfold, and be guided by the people on the ground.

  11. hrair said:

    Shnorhavor nor tari yev surb tsnund hayer jan!
    Ok Paron Yegbarian… Good Idea, but please reduce the “ me “ “I” doze from your message… as always there is allots of it…
    Now, the time is ripe for the idea to start the claiming the Western occupied Armenia physically and spiritually, in reality and in our consciousness… and “giving life” to the long cherished dream… Giving life first in our consciousness and daily reality … everything starts from ideas …
    I don’t like the parts about the 3 stages, generations, etc… Its ok to have the Wilsonian Armenia as a general understanding and umbrella concept, idea and point of reference , but I think it should be open ended and yet pragmatic and realistic, utilizing any and all opportunities that may present themselves due to the geopolitical developments in the region, near neighbors and players in the area and in between the interests of the major superpowers of the world/ USA, Russia, Europe, China etc… …with no arbitrary shapes, dates and please no “I”s “me”s and no “we”s as any political party and or organization. It should be we Armenians period. The Issue of the Islamized Armenians should be seriously considered and dealt with comprehensibly. The Christian Armenians should undergo familiarization of the whole issue and undergo “acceptance education/ orientation” of having Muslim Armenians in the Armenian family…
    The work can and should start from them, may they be in Russian federation, the central Asian republics and or Turkey. ‘Inviting “ them to the Armenian family is a delicate and difficult work and the Christian Armenians should be prepared and be ready to accept and integrate them , for this to work. (vice versa )
    The Kurdish reality should be closely fallowed and all sort of connections made given the right formats and opportunities.
    Turkey should be presented with “options” , realistic ones (Surmalu/ 1920 s bounderies/ Ani/ Ararat and a right to free and unlimited use a sea port in Black sea , plus Rights to Armenian monasteries, and other property in Turkey) and or everything/ maximalist demands .That Yes including pokr Hayk, Kesaria ( don’t you live Kesaria aout lol) and Cilicia … Turkey should have real incentives to consider any cooperation , and or willingness to talk… There should also be geopolitical give and takes that may interest Turkey to work on any of this realistically… They should have motivating factors, incentives…
    But all this are just Ideas in the air… The important thing is to believe to the Idea and GIVE LIFE to it amongst us, in our minds and souls and bring back the Western Armenia from old maps, delineation lines and treaties to our current life consciousness and everyday reality…
    Let’s do it, and let’s treat the Idea as a living reality …

  12. Hrair said:

    On the same page we need to have open mind and approach when it comes to embracing all of our Western Armenian inheritance, may it be material , spiritual and cultural. The cultural aspec does include the wast contributions we have made on ottoman empire controlled lands , the contributions to what today is known as ” turkish culture ” , etc …
    After the catastrophe of the genocide we started rejecting everything and anything that had letter T ( turk / turkey ) in the front middle or back of it …
    The purification of Armenian culture may be a good initiative, but to a certain point , after which it can be counterproductive…
    Armenians were involved and contributed immensely , there was allots of cross cultural reality , many expressed themself only in turkish, and created music , art , folklore , architecture , literature , theatrical works in that language. There was even a published literature that was written in Armenian alphabet and in turkish language. In short , the Armenian children should identify the dolma bahchesi palace and creations of miamar sinan as easly as the Yerevan opera house building as all that is part of Armenian cultural inheritance . The dialog with the Turkish / Kurdish society should be embraced within the scope of the normal relationship of neighboring nations who have wast cultural common inheritance and underwent cultural enrieachment , no matter how terrifying and catastrophic the genocide and its result was / is .
    Embracing that important part of Western Armenian reality /,inheritance doesn’t mean to forget the hay dat or give up on our just demands. And I think it will help to revive ” western Armenia ” in our reality and daily life . Western Armens has to be brought back to life from the books and memories and become part of our life for us to be the western Armenia /,Armenians in exile waiting to go back , claiming it , owning it …
    The turkifyed / islamized Armenians will feet into this revived openness and flexibility of approach .
    I feel we are / we became to ridgid in our approach and position . The “purification ” of everything Armenian after and as a reaction of genocide catastrophe I think pushed us to a position that is not in our best interest in the long run . We need to consider our neighbors and neighborhood… As ” lovely ” as we might think they are …
    Just some afterthoughts …
    So , when are staring this ? )))
    Group meetings , grass roots organization???
    Next ?

  13. David Dilanchian said:


  14. Arthur said:

    For starters Garen, thank you. Thank you for talking about this. This is the very FIRST we need to do and do more often. Talk about it! Our Wilsonian Armenia.

    Second, I do believe it will be hard to just ask for and get land from Turkey. I think we need to team up with thr Kurds and Iran (perhaps other allies as well) and take it by war and perhaps give some land to the Kurds as a Thank you for helping us “win”. But first, we have to have NATO kick Turkey out, since we wouldnt want to go to war with the most powerful nations on earth.

    But of course, if we can do this peacefully, it would be a better option. Like I said, its important we talk about it more.

    Lastly and most importantly (to me) is that we need a BIGGER population. We need to pro create. I have been saying this forever. Each family needs to have at least 5 kids. If we have a bigger population (in Armenia), our economy will grow and most importantly we will have a bigger Army (refer to going to war with Turkey to get our lands back).

    I would love to work with fellow Armenians to get the message out regarding Wilsonian Armenia and especially pro-creating.

  15. Arthur said:

    I would like to add one more thing. (Refer above)

    In order to have Armenians in Armenia to pro-create we need to offer the parents an incentive; money, to help finaicnaly raise the children. And we diaspora Armenians can help with that with donations solely used for that purpose. Perhaps we can work with the Armenian governement as well.

    As an example, for the first three children, help each child with $3000. 4th child, $5,000. 5th child $7500. And so on.

    We would obviously need to do the math to figure out real world numbers and amount of yearly donations needed and expected birth per year.

    And this is how we will grow!

    Statisticly, with the rate we are going today in Armenia, there will only be about 900,000 Armenians left in Armenian by 2100.