Artsakh Forces Down Israeli-Made Azerbaijani Drone

The Artsakh Defense Ministry release photos of the Azerbaijani drone shot down by Karabakh forces Saturday

The Artsakh Defense Ministry release photos of the Azerbaijani drone shot down by Karabakh forces Saturday

STEPANAKERT—The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Air Defense Forces on Saturday downed an Azerbaijani drone, reported the Artsakh Defense Ministry, which identified the unmanned aerial vehicle as having been made in Israel.

The Orbiter drone was hit on Saturday around 12:15 p.m. local time in the eastern part of the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border, commonly known as the line of contact, reported the Artsakh Defense Ministry.

Pictures published by the Artsakh Defense Ministry show the downed drone from various directions.

The Artsakh Defense Ministry also reported that from Friday night to Saturday morning, the Azerbaijani forces violated the cease fire more than 40 times on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border using heavy artillery and targeting the eastern front. The Defense Ministry assured that: “The Artsakh Defense Army units continue to have full control over the frontline and are confidently carrying out the military task set before them.”

The Orbiter drone is manufactured by the Israeli Aeronautics Defense Systems and is designed for use in military operations.



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  1. vache said:

    When are Armenians going to realize that Israel has made itself a friend of Armenia’s adversaries, Turks and Azeris?

  2. Armen said:

    Israel should stop selling military technology to Islamic dictators like Aliyev. Especially when it is being used to murder innocent people because they are Christian. They should know better.

  3. Norin said:

    All shot down military hardware made by Israelis should be made available to Iran for full inspection.

  4. State of Emergency said:

    1. Indicates nothing that we all already don’t know

    2. Whatever the number of violations only prove that the intentional community is not keeping tabs

  5. Serop said:

    Israel will sells to anyone with money, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Turkey. Israel is the front man for Turks in USA and does all it can to prevent Armenian Genocide recognition, that would jeopardize their monopoly on holocaust movies in Hollywood.
    Israel is no friend of Armenia and the sooner our US & European communities take serious action to counter their double standards the sooner we will be stronger.
    The Jewish controlled ADL shoves racism down our throats, yet they treat Palestinians almost identical to the Jews in the European ghettos with extreme hate, they are only loyal to themselves at best and Israel which is a true apartheid state

  6. Sevak said:

    Its all business. Don’t get frustrated. You would have done the same. Think strategically, not emotionally. Israel keeps its technology secret as would other states. Down it, copy it, use it, sell it, etc. Work smart not hard. Made in Israel or made on Mars, our boys will shoot them down yesterday, today and tomorrow. Our people need to come together and work as one. We need to put our religion aside at war times. It only makes us softer at heart. You be ruthless with these vampires and I assure you they will think twice about crossing our borders. In a way, we need to thank our enemies because they are the cause for us sticking together. Without enemies, we start fighting each other. Enough said?

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