Sarkisian Says Any Resolution Must Include Karabakh’s Right to Self-Determination

President Serzg Sarkisian at the EU's Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels on Nov. 24
President Serzg Sarkisian at the EU's Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels on Nov. 24

President Serzg Sarkisian at the EU’s Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels on Nov. 24

BRUSSELS—Soon after attending the signing of the landmark Armenia-European Union Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) on Friday in the Belgian capital, President Serzh Sarkisian addressed the Eastern Partnership Summit, where he said that any solution to the Karabakh conflict would be impossible without ensuring that the people of Artsakh are able to exercise their right to self-determination.

“The position of the international community on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is reflected in the statements issued by the leaders of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries. In this context, any solution to the conflict without the exercise of Nagorno-Karabakh people’s right to self-determination is simply impossible,” said Sarkisian.

He also pointed out that his Azerbaijani counterpart, Ilham Aliyev, continues to make statements, in which the realities of the Karabakh conflict resolution process are distorted, reminding the summit participants that the resolution of the Karabakh conflict is based on three principles of international law: non-use of force or threat of force, territorial integrity and the peoples’ right to self-determination, all of which he said were proposed by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, “which is the only structure vested with an international mandate.”

Sarkisian also stressed that no other international body has made decisions regarding the resolution of the Karabakh conflict, a fact that Azerbaijan continues to skew in its statement by making reference to resolution by the United Nations on the matter. Sarkisian clarified that the only resolutions that were approved by the UN in 1993, centered on the ceasing of hostilities during the Karabakh war, adding that Azerbaijan continues to be hostile by continuously violating the cease fire agreement.

He began his remarks at the Eastern Partnership Summit by praising the hard work and the eventual signing of CEPA.

“This Agreement [CEPA] is not merely a legal document, but a reflection on the wealth of values of human rights and fundamental freedoms that we share. Important elements of the strengthening of democracy such as rule of law, consolidation of judiciary, development of public and social institutes, good governance are the core of this Agreement. The efficient realization of these elements is of vital importance for our nation in order to implement successfully the envisaged reforms. It is exactly the development based on these shared values that ensures the long-lasting and sustainable development for any responsible member of the international community. I thank the leadership of the European Union for the support provided throughout this process,” said Sarkisian.

“The importance of this Agreement is not limited to the Armenia-EU relations: many international counterparts of ours describe Armenia as a nation that brings various integration processes closer to each other, a nation that is led by desire to reconcile and complement interests in the spirit of cooperation and cohabitation, and it is something that seriously obliges us to meet the expectation. I would like to underline that throughout this process the objective Armenia pursued from the very outset was further deepening of our bilateral and multilateral relations,” added Sarkisian.


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  1. Papken Hartunian said:

    Only a super Armenia can guarantee future of Armenians. Still we might have time to save Armenia and thereby Armenians. All Armenian professionals must move in Armenia to take part in building super Armenia. Only in Armenia we can develop state of the art weaponry systems.

  2. Ararat said:

    We must never trust anyone but ourselves. We must never put our hopes on others that they will see things our way and put aside dirty politics and do the right thing. We must be the sole decision makers in regards to the future of the liberated Armenian territories and the future reunification of them with Armenia. One good thing that has come out of our recent tragedies is the fact that in 25 years we have become a force in the region to reckon with. They say necessity is the mother of invention and we already have and should continue to reinvent ourselves in order to become even stronger, in every aspect military and otherwise, than we already are. We are surrounded by racist and genocidal enemies who are hell bent on destroying us and we must be vigilant and hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. I have no doubt we can handle our immediate enemy next door if and when push comes to shove but we need to look at our situation in broader sense which includes taking into account other forces in the region taking anti-Armenian stand for both political and economic reasons. It is for all these reasons that I believe every single one of us should be a soldier for our cause and that to deter and to warn our enemies with wolf-like appetites, who are not yet satisfied despite the fact that they nearly put an end to our existence and confiscated well over two-thirds of our ancestral homeland, we must acquire nuclear weapons and make it very clear to our enemies that we are determined to put them to use should the situation call for it.

  3. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    Forget Nuclear technology. The Neutron bomb technology ia the wave of the future. Railguns is the way of the future. Gunpowder technology is pase. Railguns run cheaply and on electriciy.

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