Turkey Angry at Macron for Armenian Genocide Comments, Syria Warning

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Turkey is angry at French President Emanuel Macron for calling for a national day of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide in France, as well as his caution to Ankara to not prolong the military attack on Afrin in Syria.

Macron, who was a guest of honor on Tuesday at a gala banquet organized by the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations in France (CCAF) said during remarks at the event that there should be day of remembrance for the Armenian Genocide in France.

In its classic approach, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu dismissed the veracity of the Armenian Genocide and chose to rehash a ruling by the French Constitutional Court, which spoke of Genocide after the country’s legislature approved measures to criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide.

“The French constitutional court has ruled that Genocide is not a political term but a legal one, and the French constitutional court has made a decision on this issue,” the Turkish Foreign Minister said.

Cavusoglu was also upset with Macron, who during the same event, warned Turkey about its continued military campaign on the Syrian border saying it should not be a carte blanche for Turkey to “invade” Syria.

“We consider remarks about an operation we are carrying out in accordance with international law to be insults, especially coming from a country such as France,” Cavusoglu told reporters on Thursday.

“Unfortunately, these Europeans are two-faced, I say this generally, when they talk to our face, they say, ‘you are right, your right to self-defense, your security is important.’ Then they say something else behind your back,” he stated.

“We are using our right to self-defense, in line with the U.N. Security Council decisions. This is not an invasion. They shouldn’t be two-faced,” the foreign minister said.


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  1. Mario Yazidjian said:

    Read my mind because I am not allowed to print it)>0>?

  2. Samuel Darbinian said:

    Cavusoglu turd Turkish F.M.As usual chattering his traditional lie & distortion with the purpose of to mislead public attention .
    This little guy is angry of French leader for asking turks to observe human rights & fairness but for him that means insult labeling Kurds
    in all & every where terrorist without any evidence as an excuse for slaughtering Kurdish people committing Kurdish Genocide which is
    in fact continuation of Armeniaan & other races Genocide on the hands of turks
    Cavusooglu criminal need to remained 2-3 years ago 3 Kurd women gun down on the hands of Turkish government affiliated terrorists just
    in the heart of Pasts; Also Cavusoglu in his interview didn’t his boss & family of stilling Syrian oil & arming of jihadist terrorists. In 1970- 1980 if someone talking Armenians Genocide those bastard turks very quick responding turks have no any relations with Ottoman outright
    denying there barbarian history but when Charly Rose asked Erdogun about Genocide he simply responded his grandpa didn’t kill anybody
    the same criminal Erdogun the year 2015 April 24 Armenian Genocide centennial memorial used killing of 1.5millions of innocents as a brilliant achievement for his primitive barbarian tribe. This criminal robots even ready not only to manipulate others history but ready to deny themselves if necessary.