ARF Pulls Out of Coalition; Calls for Early Parliamentary Elections

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Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

YEREVAN—Earlier on Wednesday, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation of Armenia announced that the party has pulled out of the ruling coalition with the Republican Party of Armenia.

Below is a translated text of the ARF’s statement provided by The Armenian Weekly, our sister publication on the East Coast.

A tense situation has emerged in Armenia—one that has been going on for a few days now—as a result of the popular movement in the country.

Fortunately, until now, the situation has not spun out of control. Over the past few days, through dialogue, the ARF has consistently tried to establish unity and to find acceptable and reasonable solutions, which are in the best interests of the country and its people.

This [situation], however, cannot continue as such. Many serious challenges may lie ahead. We are convinced that the current situation should be exclusively solved lawfully and within the framework of the constitution.

Taking into account the current situation, we declare our withdrawal from the [ruling] political coalition [with the Republican Party of Armenia].

Thus, Armenia’s National Assembly must elect a Prime Minister who has the trust of the people, and whose [newly formed] government’s program must include internal and external polices that work to:

Defuse internal tensions;
Overcome the current political crisis;
Identify clear priorities to ensure the solution of the many problems, which have accumulated; and
Prepare for and conduct early [extraordinary] parliamentary elections in fully democratic conditions.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    Too little and too late. The ARF knowingly backed him for the Premiership. The decision to side with a corrupt regime was either gross incompetence or being an accomplice. Either way, this stain will be extremely hard to rectify. Trying to distance itself from past and current actions will only bring a more negative spotlight on an already ugly situation.

  2. Sarkis Ghazarian said:

    Too bad ARF made this decision after the people had to take to the streets to protest a decision the ARF had supported for electing Serge as PM & being part of the govt coalition when Serge was the President for 10 years
    ARF is getting ready to start its campaign for any new elections for the National Assembly to be the “people”s party”. I do not think the people of Armenia will fall for this ploy by the ARF.
    The actions of the ARF for the last 10 years as part of the coalition govt with Serge will not escape the people of Armenia in any upcoming elections

  3. Masis said:

    This is shameful. ARF blatantly goes with whatever side is winning, without regard to principles or patriotism. If ISIS rules Armenia, it is possible it will support them. The organization looks like a bunch of opportunists. 96 hrs ago the corruption and nepotism with the ruling party was fine. Now ARF wants something different. Grow a spine and protect the legacy of your ancestors.

  4. Hamasdegh said:

    25 years ago the ARF rushed to return to Armenia believing it had a role to play in the national thinking and destiny. Repeated elections proved that it had a narrow base in Armenia and was unable to broaden its appeal. Indeed for the past 25 years that base remained static. Now their leadership will lose whatever following they have because they misread the situation and more dramatically they showed little respect for the democratic experiment Armenia was engaged in. I hope the leadership resigns forthwith and hands over their role to the young generation who believes in and practices true democratic tenets.

  5. Sarkis Hadad said:

    ARF has made the right desition at the right time. By pulling out of the coalition ARF has offered a legal solution for the reassignment of a new prime minister and new elections on a constitutional basis. Otherwise, the Republican Party could insist on staying in power and the situation could really get out of hand. The national security of Armenian is a priority and the only way we can survive the enemy is in our unity. A new coalition will be formed and ARF will always play its role in keeping the stability and balance of power in Armenia.

  6. Raffi said:

    ARF was obliged to adapt to the circumstances, Armenia after 70 years under Soviet rule couldn’t have done better under any circumstances.,
    as for corruption check Armenia is ranked 85 from 154, better than Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan.

  7. Dashangs are the problem said:

    The ARF is so spineless it even accepted the low result of 6.58% alloted to them by the ruling party in the 2017 elections. At least Tsarukyan demanded his result be at least 25% else he will not take part in the sham elections and surely enough he got close to 430,000 votes while the ARF had to make do with 103,000. The Dashnags lost their base in Armenia and are mostly supported by the 25,000 – 30,000 who left Syria and couldn’t yet make it to the West.