Charles Aznavour Hospitalized in St. Petersburg

Charles Aznavour
Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour

ST. PETERSBURG, Russian (TASS)—Legendary singer and songwriter Charles Aznavour, 93, was taken to the hospital after he felt unwell during a rehearsal prior to his concert in St. Petersburg, Emma Lavrinovich, Director of Oktyabrsky Concert Hall, informed TASS.

“[Charles Aznavour] felt unwell during a rehearsal. He was taken to the hospital. The concert has been put off until the next season,” Lavrinovich said.

TASS earlier reported that Aznavour’s concert was scheduled to be held in Oktyabrsky Concert Hall on Wednesday. However, it was cancelled due to his health condition.


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  1. Aram said:

    May he regain his health and God continue to bless him with more years to come!

  2. State of Emergency said:

    When should one retire? He is a legend and should leave it at that. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for a man of 93 to still go globe-trotting to give concerts. He’s just asking for a tragedy. Give it up already!

    • Vicken Khachadourian said:

      Well, I’m not a legend, I doubt you are, but you don’t become one by putting his decision to keep singing down. Maybe he became a legend because he fought for life at every stage, giving it all he had, and that’s why he became a great example on how Armenians should behave in the diaspora. Maybe he’s beloved as a legend because 60 years ago, when he was trying for 15 years to become famous, he disregarded negative people telling him to “Give it up already!” and to get a job as an accountant. Why should this decision of his be any different? There should be no age restriction to anything a person wants to do, and his concerts are selling out all the way. Show me one Armenian that is beloved by a few dozen presidents, ministers, parliament members and about several hundred A-listed show business personalities all over the world, and I’ll join your chorus. Until then, I hope he does not listen to your advice and keeps singing. Funny, I’m sure you are familiar with Siamanto’s poem about wanting to sing while being killed. It appears to me they are only dead words for you, but for Aznavour, it seems to be life giving. I hope he sings until 100, and lives until 120, if he wants to. If he does, I’ll be at as many concerts as I can to soak in his example into my senses.

      • State of Emergency said:

        And Siamento’s poem has nothing to do with the analogy to sing for profit and fame, rather for the joy of being sacrificed for one’s nation and people.

  3. ominac said:

    Who said ninety is a number after which one must stay at home. He is living his life to the end, good for him. Wish i can do that when I become ninety.

  4. Hagop Varoujian said:

    Hang up your hat and call it a day Charles! Face the fact that nothing and no one lasts forever! Bonne convalescence mon ami.

  5. Vicken Khachadourian said:

    A little bit of new data is better than our opinions I suppose. The latest news about this is that he had a backache. When Aznavour was in Israel a couple of years ago, they asked him why he is still singing at this age. His answer was that if Armenians and Jews did not love life on the individual level all these centuries, they would have been destroyed a long time ago. I made a note of it and I agree with him. When we Armenians end up victorious one day, the way I think our leaders will go to the victory ceremony will be just like the way Aznavour gets on stage, not the way Khrimian Hayrig came back from the conference and gave a speech about the Yergateh Sherep, telling us we got nothing.

    La Boheme. Get well Mr. Aznavour.

  6. Kevorgyan Marashlian said:

    Not to worry it was only an infarction, he’s fine.He is the only Armenian alive and well known all around the world. We love you Mr. Aznavour.

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