Armenian Fighter Beats Ax-Murder Safarov’s Sister in International Competition

Armenia's Karine Karapetyan (left) waves the Armenian flag after beating Azerbaijan's Rena Safarova, the sister of ax-murderer Ramil Safarov
Armenia's Karine Karapetyan (left) waves the Armenian flag after beating Azerbaijan's Rena Safarova, the sister of ax-murderer Ramil Safarov

Armenia’s Karine Karapetyan (left) waves the Armenian flag after beating Azerbaijan’s Rena Safarova, the sister of ax-murderer Ramil Safarov

Armenian professional mixed martial arts fighter Karine Karapetyan beat Azerbaijan’s Rena Safarova in the Tbilisi International Mixed Martial Arts Championship in Georgia.

Safarova is the sister of ax-murdere Ramil Safarov, who, in 2004 murdered Armenian officer 25-year-old Gurgen Margaryan during a NATO training program in Budapest, Hungary.
“I dedicate my victory to the memory of Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan,” Karapetyan said on Facebook.

Safarov, who was convicted of the murder and was serving a life sentence in Hungary, was extradited to Azerbaijan in September 2012 and welcomed as a national hero, with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev promoting to the rank of major and providing more than eight years of back compensation. The same day, Armenia severed diplomatic ties with Hungary.


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  1. Zartir Lao said:

    The Armenian government are a bunch of cowards and incompetent buffoons. What was the consequence of Safarov murdering an Armenian officer, and NEXT Azerbaijan taking him in as a ‘hero’? NOTHING. Compare this to what Israel would do if someone did the same to their officer. Regardless if Israel is Armenia’s foe, we can see that as an example of how Israel takes care of its own, unlike bottom feeding Armenians. This is all because the Armenian government is full of a bunch of self-serving idiots who don’t know how to run a country, yet are doing everything they can to make sure those who are real patriots and are competent enough to deal with Armenia’s security and integrity are kept at bay. I don’t know about Pashinian yet, but up til now, those three “president” clowns have been taking shelter under Putin’s balls in order to hide their incompetence. April 2016 – the best opportunity that came about in more than 20 years to properly address the terrorist acts of Azerbaijan – and what did the “government” of Armenia do? Once again ran under Putin’s balls for shelter right after giving swathes of land away. And of course, the logical next step after that was to jail the person who exposed their FRAUD (Sefilian). I bet in reading the rest of the comments here tomorrow, many dimwitted Armenians are going to cheer this as some kind of “victory” – hey look! An Armenian girl beat Safarov’s sister in an MMA fight! Yeah yeah OK. That fits perfectly with the bottom feeder mentality Armenians have developed. Enjoy your status, then.

    • Colton said:

      What’s your problem against Armenians? All you’ve done was state derogatory comments. Yeah, so what if Armenians cheer for their own kind. It’s part of their culture. Who cares? Seems like someone is jealous that Armenia won or else you wouldn’t be making such a condescending remark that has nothing to do with you or what you just said. It doesn’t matter how the Armenian government is ran, that’s no one’s business. Yeah, I agree that most Armenians aren’t really aware of reality happening outside Armenia, but calling them bottom feeders? You’re honestly quite malicious and ostentatious.

  2. Jacque said:

    Poetic justice!
    But I agree with Zartir Lao, safarov should’ve been 6 feet under by now.

    • Ararat said:

      Coward monsters like Safarov do not deserve to be 6 feet under. He should be chopped into pieces with the same ax he used to kill a man in his sleep and be run through a meat grinder and fed to wild dogs. There should be nothing left of him to bury!

  3. Artin said:

    While I dont exactly agree with the “passion” with which Zatir speaks, he does have several good points. Armenians should not be so reliant on the Russians, though we obviously need them, we should follow the Israeli example. Armenia should have put safrov in a grave as soon as that murder happened.

  4. GB said:

    Safarov will be in his big prison jail called Axerbaijan, until corrupt oilman is overthrown by his beloved countrymen!