Azerbaijan Fires at Armenia from Nakhichevan

Armenian border guards at Nakhichevan
Armenian border guards at Nakhichevan

Armenian border guards at Nakhichevan

YEREVAN—Azerbaijani forces continued targeting villages in Armenia proper, with Armenia’s Defense Ministry reporting that on Saturday evening, Azerbaijani forces fired at the direction of Areni village from Nakhichevan.

Defense ministry spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan reported the recent incidents telling Sputnik Armenia that sporadic firing by Azerbaijani forces was similar to other instances where Armenian villages in the Tavush Province were targeted.

“The situation is similar to what happened in Tavush [Province]; [but] the shots were less frequent,” said Hovhannisyan. “They shot from rifles, but, unlike Tavush, the bullets did not reach the village.”

Hovannisyan explained that property, especially farms, belonging to local villagers is located on the border. He explained that border patrol units fired back and quelled attempts of unrest.

Also on Saturday, the Azerbaijani army fired shots toward Koti village of the Tavush Province. Suren Sepkhanyan, 60, a resident of the village was injured in the shootings. He was taken to Noyemberyan Hospital and is reported to be in good condition.

Last week sporadic fire by Azerbaijani forces was reported in the Chinari, Vazashen, Baghanis, and Koti villages, all located in the Tavush Province.

The issue of increased Azerbaijani attacks on Armenia proper was brought up at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, known as PACE, by Armenia’s Deputy Parliament Speaker Arpine, who currently heading the delegation at its annual meeting in Strasbourg, France.

“At the PACE Monitoring Committee session, I reported about Azerbaijan’s opening fire at Koti village, the Armenian citizen Suren Sepkhanyan’s being injured as a result, as well as Azerbaijan’s shooting at [some] other civilian settlements [in Armenia],” Hovhannisyan wrote on her Facebook page.


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  1. Masis said:

    Armenia should start firing at another region. Getashen would be a good bet. If they get more aggressive, Armenia should enter there and reclaim there. Azerbaijan should come to the understanding that now that are dealing with a different animal—not a sheep but a lion.

  2. State of Emergency said:

    Because Turkey nor Azerbaijan are intimated by Russian troops stationed in Armenia. They know Putin will never protect Armenia over the many lucrative deals benefiting Russian interests.

    • Ararat said:

      I disagree. Let’s not forget that Turkey is still a member of NATO alliance and any passivity toward Turkish aggression in Russia’s backyard will make Russia look weak and exploited by its NATO adversary. At the same time, after the recent overthrow of the corrupt Armenian leadership, subservient to Russian interests, and coming yo power a more popular regime I think Russia finds itself in an unfamiliar situation and does not quite know how to handle the situation. But make no mistake about it that the Russian leadership is only interested in Russia’s interests in the region and that includes keeping Armenia within its sphere of influence and keeping Turkey out of the region. They may play games occasionally to throw Armenians off, specially when they can exploit Turkey’s sour relations with NATO, but deep down they know Turkey is an enemy state and that in short term Turkey may be exploited but in the long run they will remain a threat to Russian interests for as long as they belong to the NATO alliance. What Armenian leadership has to do is to make sure the Russians understand that as much as Russia is important to Armenia, even more so Armenia is not only important to Russia but that it is crucial to Russia’s existence in the entire Caucasus region. As a superpower, Russia can never afford to lose its foothold in the Caucasus and that is guaranteed only by the security of the Armenian state against the Turkic horde.

      • State of Emergency said:

        It’s not so much Turkey’s NATO membership but rather a sideline agreement between Turkey and Russia at the expense of Armenia. The new government in Armenia is even more Russophile than the previous regimes. Pashinyan immediately dismissed any notion of Russian involvement in last week’s taped phone conversation as soon as it was revealed. When Russia smells blood, it moves quickly and aggressively.

    • GB said:

      Putin already has chosen the next Axeri oil man! Armenians don’t need Putin they have 10 millions-strong diaspora support and Putin knows that! We all wait until oil man makes his biggest mistake of his life!

  3. Ari said:

    Nakhchivan should be annexed by Armenia along with Artsakh and in a not too distant future, Western Armenia.

  4. Zartir Lao said:

    Azerbaijan fires at Armenia from Nakhichevan because Armenia is a weak country and Azerbaijan knows there are no consequences to their aggression. Everything else is just noise. The so-called “government” of Armenia is a joke. Always has been. The title here should be “Azerbaijan Fires at Russian Outpost from Nakhichevan”. – and since the people being shot at are just Armenians, Russia has no reason for concern. Carry on.

  5. Levon said:

    We should hit them back harder than ever! Anyway possible, to teach these M….r F….s good lesson instead of just reporting and complaining about their border shootings!

  6. Levon said:

    We should be the aggressors (toward both borders) for a change, instead of sitting there helplessly, and complains and reporting about it. Remember who won the war!

  7. Ararat said:

    I think this is a joint Turkish and Azerbaijani tactic to keep Armenia proper occupied while they focus on attacks on Artsakh. Armenian and Artsakh forces must raze a couple of Azerbaijani border villages to the ground with no regard to their populations so as to send a firm message to the coward Azerbaijani leadership that every single action of theirs, on peaceful populations in particular, will be met with devastating force and in ten folds. We must speak to them with a language they understand quite well and that is the language of force and utter destruction.

  8. Colton said:

    What’s your problem? You do realize there are other countries that are poorer than Armenia. Armenia isn’t a “Russian outpost” By that logic, I can say that Azerbaijan is just an expansion of Turkey. Nachivan used to be Armenian territory till 1921 when the Bolsheviks annexed Armenia. At the end of the day, what matters the most are numbers in the end. If Armenians just reproduced like the Muslims, I’m sure they would dominate the South Caucuses.

  9. Armen Sarkisian said:

    Nakhichevan belongs to Armenia and Azerbaijan unlawful occupies it. Nakhichevan is Armenia it is the beral place of Moses from the bible and old biblical Armenia.

    We Armenians need to help make Nakhichevan Armenia again.God bless Armenia.

    Power to the Armenian people to regain all off it’s stolen lands both historical and biblical. God bless Armenia.

  10. Hovik Vartanian said:

    Actually all of Turkey and Azerbaijan belongs to Armenia and those Turks need to give it back.It is all historical and biblical Armenia.

    Can wait to start calling those places Armenia again.

  11. joe said:

    When are the diaspora youth able to enlist to create another protective front against Turkish invading/occupying Mongols? WHEN???? I know many would enlist to serve and protect the mother land.That should be goal #1 for the new Prime Minister. I understand the last corrupt thief regime wouldn’t have any interest in outside influence. Im hoping things have changed with this new revolution. LET THE DIASPORA YOUTH ENLIST!

    • Ararat said:

      I think the Armenian Diaspora is and has always been very patriotic and will always help Armenia, their ancestral homeland, unconditionally no matter who is running Armenia and that is primarily for their love of their sacred homeland. What may hinder Diaspora from full participation in the direction and the future of Armenia is corrupt leaders who are also subservient to Russian interests in the region. When such leaders are in charge of the country the Diaspora to them is nothing more than a “cash cow” and even a threat to their power because the Diaspora wants a country that is purely Armenian and fully independent of foreign influence. That of course works counter to the Armenia’s corrupt leadership’s vision for the country with old and stale Soviet mentality. I think for two decades this has been the case but today things are different. Armenia’s leadership today is very popular and quite inclusive of all Armenians across the globe. This is very important because without this kind of mentality, and all the obstacles put in their paths previously, the Diaspora could only help financially and take the role of an observant from afar without any role in the shaping of the country.

      As far as the Diaspora youth enlisting is concerned, I think what should have happened starting 25 years ago was to invite Armenians from all over the world, those living in neighboring countries in particular, to come live in the liberated territories of Artsakh and surrounding regions to triple and quadruple the Armenian population there. They could have offered them free land to build and work in return for offering one family member to enlist. Even if they could have brought over half a million Armenians, out of let’s say seven million Diaspora Armenians, they could have created not only many fronts but probably close to an additional army of a hundred thousand. Imagine what impact this could have had in the region today. We could have had much stronger army and several times the size and with population in may folds involve in various industries helping and promoting the regional economy with plenty of jobs for people to invest their future. I think we have that opportunity today. I only hope current and future Armenian leaders are smart enough to make this a reality.