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Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Per the results of the snap parliamentary elections, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation will not be represented in convening of Armenia’s seventh National Assembly.

This is a defeat, however, not for those who voted us.

In this defeat we are observing the following:
1. The voter today gave his/her vote to an individual and not to an ideology or program;
2. A significant portion of the voting population is focused on a figure of an “internal enemy,” and shockingly do not care about the external and domestic threats facing Armenia;
3. The approaches by the ARF are understood by a minority;
4. The Artsakh issue as a political agenda is not being properly understood;
5. A National Assembly is being developed that does not have a succinct ideological or national character.

The short campaign also became important because:
1. We gained a realistic picture about our army of supporters who takes part in our fight. This army is small but real. Its decision is clear and not based on trends and its dictated only through an internal conviction and understanding. There is no uninformed vote an incidental voter.
2. We were able to debate and raise our concerns, counter dangerous mindsets and present our facts. At this juncture, our message was not heard widely and was discredited. However, we succeeded in presenting the realities from an unseen perspective, providing an opportunity for thought and analysis and to awaken people’s resolve. In time, our citizens who are concerned with the fate of our homeland the true meaning of the Artsakh issue will assess and compare daily realities with the concerns voiced by us and they will under about what we were speaking and raising the alarm.

We are grateful to the citizens who voted for the ARF.

We are grateful to our youth for their unwavering dedication and fiery energy; placing their spirit in our general efforts; aligning their lives with the most national and most responsible Armenian organization.

We are grateful to our ranks for their daily and continued work; their continued belief that has been proven year in and year out; their demands and critiques, but at the same time their discipline.

A chapter in history is closing and a new one will begin. We are entering this new chapter in history with a strong structure, with our dreams for the future and our commitment to fight.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation
December 10, 2018


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  1. Armenia said:

    ARF is out of touch with realities. Get your heads out of the sand and the clouds. The reality is somewhere in between.

  2. Zareh Sahakian said:

    The ARF simply does not get it!!!!

    In its statement above the ARF states “2. A significant portion of the voting population is focused on a figure of an “internal enemy,” and shockingly do not care about the external and domestic threats facing Armenia”

    Answer: WRONG. It is focusing on the internal enemy that will eliminate the external and internal threats

    ARF states “3. The approaches by the ARF are understood by a minority”

    Answer: WRONG. Better wording would be: The approaches by the ARF are rejected by the majority!

    As a hamagir of the ARF, I expect the ARF to come out with a self-reflecting introspective (perhaps another 5-point declaration), with the aim of identifying the colossal mistakes of the party’s party’s past that led to this humiliating defeat, especially painful when the election was held in a fair and free environment.