Putin to Meet Pashinyan Next Week, Calls Armenia ‘Closest Partner’

President Vladimir Putin of Russia during his year-end briefing
President Vladimir Putin of Russia during his year-end briefing

President Vladimir Putin of Russia during his year-end briefing

MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin of Russia said Armenia is Russia’s strategic regional and global partner. He made the comments during his year-end press conference Thursday, also announcing that he will meet Acting Prime Nikol Pashinyan next week in Moscow.

In response to a question from an Armenian journalist about how Russia would restore its policy towards Armenia after the elections, Putin said, “What should we restore? We have nothing that is broken, therefore there is nothing to restore.”

“Armenia is our strategic partner in the region and globally, it is a CSTO and EEU member. We have to develop what we have,” added Putin.

“We need to develop what has been created by previous generations of leaders. Historically the Armenian people are the closest ally of the Russian people in the South Caucasus, and I hope it will be so in the future,” he said.

Putin noted that it is necessary to move forward based on the realities in the world, the region, as well as from the needs and bilateral prospects.

“We will discuss this with Mr. Pashinyan soon. He is due to come (to Moscow) next week,” the Russian president announced.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    Richard Hovannisian wrote that because the “Russian armies were in firm control of most of the Armenian plateau by the summer of 1916, there was no longer any need to expend niceties upon the Armenians”

    That’s where we find ourselves again today. There is nothing to restore because Russia’s firm control doesn’t require any need to expend niceties upon the Armenians.

  2. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    Mr. Pashinyan must do his best not to loose Putyin support.
    Dr.Hermon Mihranian

  3. Antoine S. Terjanian said:

    “Historically the Armenian people are the closest ally of the Russian people in the South Caucasus, and I hope it will be so in the future,”
    How true! especially in view of Trump’s recent withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan.

  4. Tactical Armenian said:

    Good man Mr. Putin, a true leader with great intelligence and intuition. On a personal level Putin has always been our traditional ally, let’s see if any western Zionist owned governments says such a thing about Armenia, oh right they don’t. The EU is dead and the United States has less relevance and nothing to offer besides globohomo agenda and degeneracy

  5. HAGOP said:


    • Raffi said:

      Do not forget that Russia is selling its weapons to Armenia at a discount, it’s better that Russia sells to Azerbaijan than Israel, US, or EU countries.

      • joe said:

        Why is it better for Russia to sell them weapons? The US has sanction laws against selling to Azerbaijan as well as the EU. Israel already sells them billions worth. Again why is it better for Russia to sell weapons to be used against “its best Ally”/

  6. JOE said:

    Yes while selling Azerbaijan weapons used on their ‘best Caucasus Ally’. Also why didn’t Russia warn Armenia of the Azeri surprise April war? What they didn’t know? Of course they did. Talk is cheap. Actions are the real truth. Trust Russia very little. However trust the west absolute ZERO!

    • Raffi said:

      @ JOE: Armenia have NO choice, or he is with Russia or he is with the West, ”better neighbour next door than a brother far away”

  7. GB said:

    Dear Vlad, if you really think Armenia is the closest ally in South Caucasus, then why you do not let Armenians have their ancestral lands back from Turkey, recognize Artsakh as part of Armenia, null Stalin’s annexation of Nakhichevan to Axerbaijan! Afterall “Mother Russia” was responsible for the 1921 Moscow Treaty, where your KGB ancestors gave away half of the ancient Armenian lands to Turkic herds! Until then you are playing a political tune-up or a warning for the newly established Armenian Government!

  8. Vahram said:

    Ահա ճիշտ այս էր սպասուածը պրն Բութինէն: Վերջապէս հասկցաւ և ընդունեց որ Հայաստանի նոր իշխանութիւնը, Նիկոլ Փաշինյանը նախկին խամաճիկները չեն ու տարբեր ձևով հաշուի առնէ: Հայաստանի ապահովութիւնը և կայունութիւնը Ռուսիոյ և ընդհանուր առմամբ Կովկասի շրջանի խաղաղութեան համար գլխաւոր պահանջներէն մէկն է: Նիկոլ Փաշինեանի և իր իշխանութեան վարած քաղաքականութիւնը գնահատելի է:

  9. Ari said:

    Dear Mr. Putin,

    IF Armenia is Russia’s ‘closet partner’ then prove it by canceling ALL Soviet Era treaties with Turkey that legitimizes the keeping of stolen lands and properties by the Turks. And, help Armenia restore her legitimate Wilsonian borders.

    It’s time for Russia to choose sides and stop monkeying around with the Armenian Nation.

    • Raffi said:

      Unfortunately Armenia have nowhere to go, better neighbour next door than a brother far away

    • GB said:

      The land occupied by the Turks was known as the Ottoman Empire until 1922. Bolshevist Lenin made a deal with Ottomans and illegally sold Armenian lands in 1921. Today both Empires are dead, therefore any treaties between them are forbidden in International Law. Treaty of Moscow was signed in 1921 this is why Turkish new Sultan Rajab Oghloo rushed to Russia and ask Medvedev to honor Moscow treaty of 1921 in his favor.

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