Ankara Says No Yerevan Ties Without Karabakh Resolution

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mehmet Cavusoglu
Turkey's Foreign Minister Mehmet Cavusoglu

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mehmet Cavusoglu

Official Ankara, once again, said normalization of the Turkey-Armenia relations would be impossible without a resolution to the Karabakh conflict that is beneficial to Azerbaijan.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu made the announcement on Monday while speaking to students in Antalya about Turkey’s posturing on regional issues.

“It is necessary to be proactive to deal with some of the issues at hand. It isn’t just enough to protect only your interests. With the Karabakh conflict unresolved, neither stability in the Caucasus nor normalization of relations with Armenia is possible. We are going to be more consistent with those issues in 2019,” said Cavusoglu as reported by Ermenihaber.

In the conclusion of his remarks, Cavusoglu accused the Armenian lobby of “black propaganda.”


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  1. Jeff said:

    If it was just the Armenian lobby? Currently there is a group of lobbies actively working against Turkey. Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Kurds. You name it . Nobody wants a neo-ottoman empire.

  2. mgl said:

    Beneficial to Azerbaijan? Of course. But go to Hell you both Aderbaijan and Turkey.

  3. Raffi said:

    Armenia is better off with the border closed until the Genocide issue is solved, Turkey never honors it’s commitments, didn’t do in the past, will not do in the future, only ironclad agreements should be considered.

  4. Ararat said:

    This ugly racist Turk is another liar and manipulator just like his boss and terrorist-in-chief and Islamo-fascist mullah Erdogan. Their pro Azerbaijani statements have nothing to do with Azerbaijan whatsoever. This is all about genocidal Turkish interests. They have found a racist friend in homeless Tatar Azerbaijanis against their common Armenian enemy. If what this Turkish charlatan says was even remotely true they would never have initiated and sign the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation protocols. Why would they be willing to take such a drastic step, considered anti-Azerbaijani and treasonous by Azerbaijan itself, back in 2009 if we were to take what this opportunist hyena says as reality? Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan is a fallacy just like their famous “two states, one nation” scheme, a euphemism for their anti-Armenian pan-Turkism, is a fallacy. Two nations, one established illegally as a result of genocide and the other invented artificially, having nothing in common other than linguistically perhaps.

    This is all about Turkish proxy war on the Armenians through artificial Azerbaijan. The Armenian-Turkish borders were closed with no provocations from Armenia against Turkey whatsoever. This was done for several purposes. To use Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, seemingly in favor of artificial Azerbaijan, to get Caspian oil and other energy resources at dirt cheap prices. To retaliate against the Armenian nation as a whole, and against the Diaspora in particular, for vehemently pursuing Armenian Genocide recognitions around the world and succeeding in many. AND fearing the Armenian victory in Artsakh, with full international recognition, will lead to and start Armenian territorial demands against genocidal Turkey itself. This is the reality as far as I’m concerned not the horse manure this Turkish disingenuous imbecile has been shoveling!

  5. Serop said:

    I would dearly love to see Greece and Bulgaria close their border with Turkey just for 1 week and see how the Turks will then react
    These vile Turks wearing European clothing are the same vile Turks that butchered over 3.5M Christian from our Armenian Highlands & Anatolia

  6. joe said:

    Said the genocidal thief invader from the Asian foothills, who squats on Armenian lands pretending.. Armenia needs to secure ballistic missile technology and a clandestine nuclear program. It must make clear that any true long lasting ties needs to have a rightful and just resolution of the Armenian Genocide..

  7. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    You see my fellow Armenians how filty turks right away response to Azeri & Artsakh issue , why we are not saying turkey get lost from this talks , go spend time with syria. why are we silence , shut your long time enemy turk .

  8. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    Why Armenians are willing to kiss ass with east and west , say finally to them boldly we have no land to give to our enemy off azeris , bring forward azeri massacres in baku and sumgait , as our leaders our law makers should find other helpful agendas bring enemies attention some where else , why we still hibernating like bear , be lion and attack your meal from every side.