Baku Angry Over Pashinyan’s ‘Artsakh is Armenia’ Comment

Himet Hajiye, the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Azerbaijani President
Himet Hajiye, the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Azerbaijani President

Himet Hajiye, the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Azerbaijani President

Baku is angry at Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s comment that “Artsakh is Armenia” with the head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Azerbaijani President strongly condemning the statement, which was made on Monday during a rally in Stepanakert.

“Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijan. It is our historic and inseparable land,” said Hikmet Hajiyev, according to the Azerbaijani news agency Turan.

Hajiyev called Pashinyan’s comments “provocative,” adding that with such rhetoric Armenia’s leadership brings the region to the brink of a “serious crisis.”

“Let no one doubt that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity. Responsibility for the consequences lies with the Armenian side,” said Hajiyev.

Pashinyan spoke at a rally in Stepanakert’s Revival Square Monday ahead of the opening ceremonies of the 7th Pan-Armenian Games, which took place Tuesday in the Artsakh capital attended by thousands of Armenians from around the world.

During his remarks on Monday, Pashinyan also said “only Armenians can determine their own fate,” alluding to the potential of the Armenian nation in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora.

During his remarks, Pashinyan also referred to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution, saying that the goal of the talks was to “defend the achievements of the liberation struggle waged for the sovereignty and security of the people of Artsakh.”

“Any solution reached as a result of negotiations that will be considered acceptable for the governments of Armenia and Artsakh can only go into effect if the people of Armenia and Artsakh endorse it,” said Pashinyan.

Referring to Hajiyev’s comments, Artsakh Presidential spokesperson Davit Babayan told that Baku is distorting Pashinyan’s statement in order to further its dishonest goals.

“When the Prime Minister of Armenia was talking about the idea of unification, he was referring to the ideals of the nation and that which all Armenians of the world are aspiring to achieve,” said Babayan.

“This doesn’t imply dismantling Artsakh’s statehood. We, Armenians, want reunification, and we are not hiding it. However, we also need to take into consideration global, regional and geopolitical factors. From that perspective, the two Armenian states are strengthening their positions, and this allows us to resist many challenges effectively,” explained Babayan.


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  1. joe said:

    First anyone see the despot horse face lately? No mention of Aliyev in recent memory? Second, Azerbaijan lost a war it started. And here is no territorial integrity. It is not “historic Azeri land” as he claims. In fact the Asian foothills are Turkish historic lands. Those lands were liberated from the deposit regime’s rule arbitrarily given to Azerbaijan via the now defunct USSR in its ILLEGAL Treaty of Kars..These lands are now back to the multi millennia inhabited rightful owners. Those days are gone. Armenia needs a clandestine nuclear program. It needs ti indoctrinate the diaspora youth for additional army units and training. It needs to have its rightful eye on Western Armenian currently occupied by Turkey. Yes seemingly impossible goal but a rightful just goal non the less. NEVER FORGET THE AG AND THE THEFT OF THE ARMENIAN NATION. It continues today.

  2. D2 said:

    No matter who responds from Azeri position, you have to be logical & reasonable which one are you? Look at your record on your main land, Nagorno Gharabagh and Nakijevan you cannot burie your head in the sand and respond any how, yes sometimes you are able to buy some favours.

  3. HERAYER said:


    • Edward Demiraiakian said:

      As long as the Aliev clan is in power, Azerbaijan will never make peace. As long as there is a war on, the Alievs can steal money from the treasury. How? So many ways to get kickbacks, pay for wagon loads of ammunition that never arrives, gifting Alyevs daughter all the Gold mines in Azerbaijan, etc. The only time the thieving will be obvious is when the big war starts and brand new Azeri tanks will run out of ammunition, or petrol, food or medical supplies.

  4. Ararat said:

    This pseudo-Turkish Hikmet Hajiyev character who represents the artificial Azerbaijani republic is a bold face liar and a disgusting sheep in Wolfe’s clothing. I watched many of his speeches to unsuspecting American audience in which he cunningly advocates for peace but then you find out peace to him means a complete Armenian capitulation to artificial Azerbaijan republic. He portrays Azerbaijanis as victims and Armenians as aggressors. He talks about so-called Azerbaijani “refugees” but never once mentions several hundred thousand Armenians forced out of artificial Azerbaijan and their properties confiscated. He uses all the fake Turkified names of ancient Armenian cities and towns as if Armenians never existed there as indigenous population and that they are just another group living within artificial Azerbaijani territories. He is such an anti-Armenian two-faced snake that he even gives some locations within Armenia itself Turkish names. Given the fact that this conflict resolution is based on three main principles which calls for non-use of force, territorial integrity, and people’s right to self-determination, he only talks about and focuses on territorial integrity totally ignoring the other two. Furthermore, self-determination to him is nothing more than going back to the situation in Soviet times which means the continued occupation of the ancient Armenian provinces of ARTSAKH (Արցախ) and NAKH-IJEVAN (Նախիջեվան).

    This charlatan serves the fake president of artificial Azerbaijan Aliyev who himself is a well-known anti-Armenian chicken-hawk who considers all Armenians the enemies of artificial Azerbaijan regardless of where they were born and raised. He is a chicken-hawk because when his artificial country waged war on Armenians in order to continue to keep Armenian territories under its occupation he turned into a chicken and ran off to Moscow to hide at his ripe military age and when the war ended and in 2003 when he succeeded his late father, a former KGB agent whom Armenians brought down to his knees in 1994, and with pockets full of petrodollars started to bang on the drums of war to distract his impoverished, politically ignorant and gullible population from internal chaos and to preoccupy them with Armenians while he robbed the country blind.

    I think Armenian activists and experts in the history of the region should not remain silent and counter this scoundrel’s one-sided and negative portrayal of Armenians to fellow Americans and open their eyes to the lies and fabrications spewed against the Armenians by this and other cunning and racist Azerbaijani activists. Don’t give these anti-Armenian pan-Turkic fascists any space to breathe.

  5. stepan simonian said:

    One day the Azeris will pay dearly for destroying our cemetery of Khatckars in Nakhichevan.

  6. V.J. said:

    Mr. Hikmet Hajiyev, wake up to reality and choose your words wisely. Don’t let easy petrodollars to deceiving you.
    I would say:
    Let no one doubt that Artsakh will never/ever will be subjugated by any out-siders specially to a genocidal Azerbaijan.
    One word of wisdom:
    don’t make statements “with your tail up”, yet.
    The last time the world remembers, Azerbaijan with its mighty army and hired mercenaries savagely attacked defenseless Artsakh, yet Azerbaijan was defeated and it had to retreat with tails between its legs
    Next time Responsibility of any miscalculation and misadventures against Artsakh squarely will lies with your despotic regime.
    And next time you should worry about Baku rather than Armenian Artsakh.