Baku Tortured and Killed Armenian, Human Rights Court Rules

European Court of Human Rights ruled that Manvel Saribekyan was tortured and killed while in Azerbaijani custody
European Court of Human Rights ruled that Manvel Saribekyan was tortured and killed while in Azerbaijani custody

European Court of Human Rights ruled that Manvel Saribekyan was tortured and killed while in Azerbaijani custody

The European Court of Human Rights this week ruled that Azerbaijani authorities had tortured and killed Manvel Saribekyan, a citizen of Armenia, who was detained in a military prison in Baku.

Saribekyan, a resident of the Tetujur village in Armenia’s Gegharkunik province, was taken captive by Azerbaijani authorities in September 2010.

According to court documents, Saribekyan, born in 1990, was arrested in Azerbaijan in September 2010. His family says he inadvertently crossed the border in foggy weather in a nearby forest while looking for wood and stray cattle.

The Azerbaijani authorities accused him of being part of a plan to blow up a school in a nearby Azerbaijani village, the court documents detail. He was taken to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s Military Police Department in Baku and placed in a cell, where he was found dead in October 2010, with the Azerbaijani authorities subsequently finding that he had hanged himself. A forensic report was issued.
The body was returned to Armenia in November 2010 and the authorities there opened a criminal investigation. A forensic report found injuries on his neck, head and body. The Armenian Prosecutor General asked for legal assistance from Azerbaijan but as no reply was received the Armenian pre-trial investigation was suspended in December 2011.

In January 2011, Azerbaijani authorities ruled Saribekyan’s death a suicide, asserting that he had been held in proper conditions and that he had not been assaulted while in custody.

“The Court took account of the Armenian forensic examination, which apart from strangulation injuries, had recorded kidney, chest, lumbar, thigh and rectal haemorrhages as well as a head injury, all caused by a blunt object,” said the ECHR ruling. “Neither the Azerbaijani Government’s submissions nor the documents in the case file gave reason to question those findings.”

“The Court thus found that Mr Saribekyan had been subjected to ill-treatment in the form of severe physical violence during the final days of his life while being detained in the Military Police Department in Baku. The Court found that the suffering he had endured had amounted to torture and that he had suffered a violation of his rights under Article 3,” the court said in its ruling.

The court rejected a motion by Azerbaijan to dismiss the case, saying that the investigation into Saribekyan’s death conducted by authorities in Armenia was more thorough and included photographic and other forensic evidence, while “The Government of Azerbaijan had not convincingly accounted for how Mr Saribekyan had died.”

The ruling also said that Azerbaijani authorities assumed that Saribekyan had committed suicide and limited the scope of the investigation.

“There should have been a careful investigation into whether ethnic hatred had contributed to his death: he had been arrested as an Armenian citizen allegedly engaged in spying and plotting a terrorist act, something the personnel at the Military Police Department must have been aware of.,” the ECHR ruled, adding that the Azerbaijani authorities had not contacted Saribekyan’s family or the Armenian authorities.

In the end, the court awarded damages to Saribekyan’s family, the plaintiffs in the case. The court, in a six to one ruling said that that Azerbaijan was to pay the Saribekyan’s next-of-kin 60,000 euros and an additional 2,200 euros for case-related expenses.


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  1. sylva portoian,MD said:

    The scientist should find the gene of killing which exist in some ethnicities more than others …
    Like invention, creation, Art, Music.. exist in Armenians more than other ethnicities…

  2. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    This is what I am trying to make Pashinyan understand that Armenia is surrounded by hostile countries. Each look forward to destroy Armenia. The only country that can protect Armenia and Armenians is Russia not evil Soros. So Pashinyan must reason otherwise Armenia will loose it’s power. Dr.Hermon Mihranian

    • Raffi said:

      I agree, Armenians in Armenia have a complex of inferiority when it comes to the West, they don’t realize that most EU countries haven’t yet recognized the Armenian Genocide.

    • Raffi said:

      They haven’t realised that Soros is in the business of destroying countries to usurp their wealth, Pashinian should open his eyes and not act stupidly, he should remember to who his faith and allegiance belong.

    • joe said:

      The only reason Russia is there is because of the threat from Turkey..However Russia is Armenian screw light as it sells weapons to Azerbaijan and failed to disclose the April Azeri invasion. You want to run and trust that?. How about uniting as one Armenia for a change? How about Armenians everywhere, including all organizations form all over the world, stop stealing and violating other Armenians for change? How about Evil Israel working hard against Armenia? Evil Military Industrial complex that ignores despots and genocide perpetrators to sell arms? – Evil Oil industry that gives the despotic Aliyev a green light? Evil Russia etc?

  3. albert haroian said:

    This is another proof of cruelty and savage treatment of Azeri authorities. Condolences to his family.

  4. GB said:

    This is how newly converted Turkic herds learned from Central Asian barbarian Turks, how to deal with none believers!

  5. V.J. said:

    60.000 euros? really? Is this a joke or an insult?
    ECHR ruling is not even a slap on the hand,
    when the world didn’t care about the death of Gurgen Margaryan who was axed to death by subhuman Ramil Safarov, those savages were emboldened with such animalistic and genocidal action.
    those sub-humans must know that the by killing of Gurgen Margaryan and Manvel Saribekyan or any innocent Armenian will strength our resolute on ARTSAKH freedom.