Yerevan Slams Baku’s Military Drills During Global Pandemic

Azerbaijani tanks
Azerbaijani tanks

Azerbaijani tanks

Armenia’s Defense Ministry on Thursday condemned Azerbaijan’s plans for large-scale military exercises during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The defense ministry warned that Azerbaijan’s attempts to amass military hardware and manpower along the borders with Armenia and Artsakh will be seen as a provocation, which will “result in relevant consequences.”

Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces is planning to hold large-scale tactical military exercises beginning from Monday to Friday of next week. In announcement about the event, the Azerbaijani army has said that “massive artillery, air, and high-precision weapons will be fired at the enemy’s operational depth,” calling the exercises “offensive” in nature.

In a statement, Armenia’s Defense Ministry has drawn the attention of the OSCE, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office and the international community to the fact that the large-scale military exercise in Azerbaijan, according to established tradition, takes place without a prior notice.

“This is another manifestation of the neglect and gross violation” of agreements, the defense ministry said.

“Armenia’s Defense Ministry condemns the conduct of the exercises that exacerbate the security environment in the region, under the conditions of a global imperative for joint actions against the COVID-19 pandemic and despite the call for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to establish a global ceasefire,” said the defense ministry.

“We call on Azerbaijan to exercise restraint and respect its commitments to the international community,” added the ministry.


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  1. GB said:

    Axeri Tatar Turk dictator can not cope with Coronavirus pandemic in his Sheikhdom. He worry for his dictatorial regime, people may start anti-government demonstration and overthrow his corrupt government with an unexpected coup d’état by military. I won’t be surprised the corrupt oilman start a mini war against Armenia like 2016 four days war.

    Samething happening in Turkey where Rajaboghlu blaming Christians for his failure!

    • Raffi said:

      Azeris are fanatics and stupid, while Aliyev’s family enjoy lavish live by stealing countries wealth for themselves, they prefer to hate Armenians and be screwed by their leaders than be part of modern world and be free.

  2. ara said:

    let them know- we shoot to kill and questions not taken. we kill them or they continue- animals out of control- turkey pals they are over there-

  3. A shot said:

    Looks once again like year 1220 with Genghis Khan horde scouting our lands

  4. joe said:

    More proof that the Armenian Genocide continues and its up ti us to resolve it!
    1. Clandestine nuclear program now…
    2. Indoctrinate Diaspora Army Units. Train another 50k-100k plus ready in case of war.
    3. Insist on DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Artsakh rep being at the negotiating table from here on out.
    4. Start de-legitimize the elections in Azerbaijan itself with the Aliyev Regime as the “only constant in the stalemate”..
    5. Start talking of liberating more historic occupied Armenian lands in case of hostilities..(Even talk of liberating Azeri’s)
    6. Armenia needs to be more clever politically. WORLDWIDE..
    6. MOST IMPORTANT: Unite as ONE Armenia, Artsakh and diaspora..

    • Raffi said:

      I agree, remember THE POT WAS MADE OF PAPER “Khrimian Hayrig”. … Following the Congress of Berlin in 1878, where he led the Armenian delegation seeking reforms in the Ottoman Empire – without success – Khrimian delivered a famous sermon constructed around the metaphor of an iron ladle (‘yergate sherep”). He said that other nations at the Congress had asserted their rights like they were dishing themselves porridge (“harissa”) from a pot with an iron ladle, whereas the ladle that the Armenians were dipping into the pot was made of paper.