ACF Provides $165,000 to Lebanon’s Needy Armenians

The Armenian Cultural Foundation
Armenian Cultural Foundation

Armenian Cultural Foundation

The Armenian Cultural Foundation announced this week that through a community-based effort, it has been able to secure and provide $165,000 to needy Armenians in Lebanon, who have not only been grappling with the global COVID-19 pandemic, but have also suffered due to the economic crisis in Lebanon.

Since last fall, Lebanon has been experiencing one of its worst economic downturns in its history, which has seen the value of the Lebanese pound drop to all-time lows. Amid this crisis came the global COVID-19 pandemic which not only has threatened the public health of the Lebanese population but also has taken an even worse economic toll on the population.

The large Armenian community in Lebanon was not spared and many in the community are currently struggling to meet the basic needs for their every-day life.

Heeding the calls of the various Armenian organizations and institutions in Lebanon, the ACF cast a net to its long-time supporters and community members and was able to, in a short period of time, secure much-needed funds, which will be distributed exclusively to needy Armenian families in hopes of alleviating the stresses caused by the dual crisis.

The ACF is proud to report that even the strains caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic did not deter its generous supporters and contributors to respond in this time of crisis for our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.

In adhering to its mission to support Armenians and the Armenian community—anywhere in the world—the ACF has already dispatched the funds, which will be distributing the amounts to needy families. The ACF expressed hope that this humble gesture from the Western United States can ease the hardship our community members are experiencing in Lebanon.

Below is a list of the organizations and individuals that contributed to this relief effort.

ACF Burbank
ACF Fresno
ACF Glendale
ACF Hollywood
ACF Houston
ACF La Crescenta
ACF Montebello
ACF N. Hollywood
ACF N. Valley
ACF Orange County
ACF Pasadena
ACF San Francisco
ACF San Jose
ACF South Valley
ACF Torrance

Apelian Vicken
Aslanian Stepan
Atamian George
Atamian Zareh
Barigian Trust
Bedikian Lena
Bezdjian Garbis
Boyajian Hovsep & Elo
Bozoghlian Carlos
Eshgian Garo & Sossy
Fermanian Bedig & Maro
Garabedian Sarkis & Cima
Garboushian Vahan
Golden State Bank
Guedikian Raffi & Dina
Holly Martyres
Hovsepian Viken & Nora
Karapetian Berdj & Mary
Kohler Haygoush
Kradjian Raffi and Aline
Melkonian Varant & Hoori
Mesrobian Harout Dr.
Mimar Arman
Ourfalian & Ourfalian
Sarian Mike
Shadarevian Vache
Simonian John/ILDICO Inc.
Topalian Koko
Western Diocese
Yeretsian Khachik
Youredjian Hagop

Abajian Tamar
Aboulian Vana
Abrahamyan Taline
Adalian Jean & Maral
Aghajanian Norik
Aghazaryan Mari
Aghjayan Viken & Seta
Agopian Kaloust ^ Any
Andekian Maral & Alex
Apkarian Gassia
Arjian Vanouhy
Armenian Margaret (Maggy)
Artinian Araz
Artinian Hagop
Artinian Hratch
Asatoori Sarmen
Asatoorian Krestena
Ashkarian Kevork & Sonia
Baghdadlian Joseph & Hourig
Baghdadlian Silvie
Balian George
BEC Electric Corp
Bedosian Armik
Bedrosian Alma
Benlian Gladis
Berberian Onnig & Lena
Bishara Aline
Bodozian Armine
Boghossian Alfred & Rima
Clemens Ashkhen
Dakessian Bedros & Maral
Davidian Adrineh
Davidian Edwin/Abcarian Arline
Demir Nairi
Dimejian Hovig & Aida
Di Bonito Alfonso & Erika
Diablo Racing Inc.
Donabedian Hourig
Elbekian Sahag & Zarmig
Gabrielian Ara
Garabetian Lucie
Gharakhanian Jirair
Gharibian Neeree
Ghokasian Ailin
Go MG Partners Inc.(Foothill Mart In Tujunga)
Guedikian Mark & Houri
Hagopian Maro
Hamazkayin OC “Sardarabad”
Hovsepian Krikor & Magda
Harutiounian Avo & Zepur
IHSS Social Workers – Chatsworth
Issa Souzan
Kabaklian Insurance Agency
Kadian Hrach & Dzaghi
Karapetian Aida
Karayan Ida
Karchikian Silva M.D.
Kardzar Raffi & Nora
Kassabian Ardy & Courtney
Kazadjian Araxie
Kazandjian Araxi
Kazanjian Caroline
Kechichian Silva
Khachatryan Anita
Koshkarian Noyemi
Lebanese Arak Corporation
Mankerian Viken & Salpi
Manouchehrian Jora
Marselian Manuel & Siran
Mehrabian Anadid
Mekhdjian Maro
Melkonyan Roza
Moujukian Maro
Nazarian Hasmik
Nazarian Raffi & Zarmig
Nazaryan Merujan
Ohanian Seta
Ohanian Souzy & Rafi
Ourfalian Sevan
Pakradouni Roubina
Pakradouni Salpi
Reay Graeme
Rechdouni Aida
Reganian Adrine
Sarian Hovig & Suzy
Sarkissian Dina
Sarkissian Raffi & Maral
Sarkisssian Meline
Sarkuni Maggie
Sayegh Ohannes
SEIU Local 721Armenian Cauces
Semerdjian Kevork & Sossy
Sepetjian Ani
Sepian Vicken & Pakradouni Laleh
Shahinian Shahe & Sossy
Shalian Hermine
Shiklanian Serj
Shiklanian Silva & Balian Seta
Sipilian Paul & Clara
Stepanian George & Violer
Sukiasyan Azniv
Tavoukjian Viken
Tchekidjian Kevork & Susik
Tomassian Marina
Tomassian Rita
Tradee Co. LLC
Vartazarian J.
Yepremian Viken
Yeretsian Vicky
Zadoorian Meghedy
Zakaryan Armine
Zaki Sanda
Zarokian Anjelia


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  1. Remnant of the sword. said:

    A worthy undertaking, but would be wiser to expend funds to resettle Lebanese Armenians in Armenia and/or Artsakh. No future for Armenians in Lebanon, just like Iraq and Syria. Wake up people!

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